View Full Version : For Sale R31 Skyline *pics*

04-07-05, 15:38
R31 Executive
Red in Colour
7months rego
Engine Rebuild 50,000KM ago
321 000KM on the clock
Brand New 16" wheels/Tires ($1700)
4speed Auto
just been serviced
Great inetrior

the car is for sale due to the owner up dating to an R32, this car has a lot of potential and is in excerlent condition it is being sold throgh Christian at Howell Automotive the car is known there and is great reliable car and has no problems what so ever

Asking $3850 Negiotiable
PM or email for more details

vl master
14-07-05, 04:07
thats ugly bro you should at least lower that thing it is pretty high but anyway good luck with the sell

15-07-05, 14:21
its stock u fool, it looks good, ur look ugly vl master and i havent even seen u

26-07-05, 07:53
yeah it dose look higher than it really is in that pic but still its high and yeah its stock as a rock....its not my car im just selling it for a mate heres my car (http://)

08-08-05, 18:20

man the R31 oh yeah they should of made the steering wheel square

and the wheels

dont take offence
just joken

11-09-05, 14:25