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22-06-05, 22:18

**Race Version plenum available $1200**

RB30 Street Version plenum $900 + delivery
RB30 Race Version plenum $1200 + delivery

Back to back testing has shown an approximate increase of 40hp at the wheels using the Street Version plenum. Proven time and time again to reduce lag and substantial increases in power and torque.

All plenums come complete with:
- blasted runners
- 5 seperate vacuum fittings for brake booster, fuel pressure regualtor, map sensor, boost guage etc etc more if you like on request
- throttle body plate to suit whatever throttle body you like (XF, Q45, LS1 etc) included
- studs, nuts and washers to fit throttle body of your choice
- logo engraved on all plenums

Extra's available are:
- Polished plenum from $150
- 80mm Throttle body $430, overall flow is up 20% on XF throttle body (TPS included)
- XF Throttle Bodies with TPS $70 (blasted clean) if and when available
- Billet fuel rail $230 bolt on with any style Speedflow fitting upto Dash -10. Only available with plenum purchase

Attached is a pic of what they should look like when installed. Any questions regarding installation, please feel free to contact me.

For those who want more specific info, on average, each port flows well over 200cfm @ 25" without any power porting what so ever.

Also have all the following engines catered for:
Ford: 4.0L single and twin cam (XR6)
Mitsubishi: 4G93/4G63
Nissan: RB20/25/26/30, CA18, SR20 (non-VVT & VVT)
Toyota: 1JZ/2JZ
Mazda: 13B/20B turbo

All work is guaranteed and fixed free of charge and postage costs paid for where applicable.

All work requires non-refundable deposit prior to getting started.

pm, email, sms or call 0403 279 000

22-06-05, 22:20
love your work champ:)

23-06-05, 10:04
will a standard TB or an XF bolt straight up? i assume not but just wanna find out for sure.

23-06-05, 14:21
just wondering what happend to your other plenums that you made in the past, the one with the longer runners?

23-06-05, 14:33
they look mint Ariel :) good work!

what happened to the short and long runner versions?


23-06-05, 19:33
i can make it to fit any throttle body you like.

as for the long runner plenum, dyno results and driveability with a short runner plenum made me stick with this design.

28-07-05, 19:08
Apart from the feeds on both ends of the fuel rail how is it twin feed? Is there a exit in the middle i can't see? Twin feed would mean a fuel feed from both ends and a exit in the middle to the reg like hks, sard fuel delivery rails. Awesome looking plenum btw.

28-07-05, 21:33
more photos with fuel rail

so what is the price on the complete plenum as shown in these pics?

28-07-05, 23:06
twin feed, one on each end and a return in the middle. most prob cant see it because it is black, but rest assured it is there. only need a y piece to adapt to standard hoses and a few more hose clamps.

05-08-05, 14:07
Price comparison, approx figures:
JPC - $1150 plenum only
Bresciani - $1400 plenum only
Mick Metalcraft - $1400 plenum only
Rajab - $1100 plenum only
JD Custom - $650-$700 plenum and throttle body

05-08-05, 14:25
Do you do an RB20 fuel rail?

05-08-05, 14:39
Have you or anyone used these plenums yet? What were the results...
Any cars running with them etc?
They look very nice mate.

05-08-05, 14:47
anyone got pics of this plenum in an engine bay?

05-08-05, 16:15
anyone got pics of this plenum in an engine bay?

i think shane (rb3-747) does

05-08-05, 16:23
ahh yep ive seen it but i think it was a earlier design

05-08-05, 18:45
browny - sorry no fuel rail for rb20 in stock. if you send me yours i am sure i could do the same thing for you if you like.

Wyndup - results have show hp increases and substantial torque increases. with my old car up 35rwhp on same boost/dyno ad torque went from 1060 ft to 1300 ft of torque.

yes shanes is the old design, but they have got even better in performance since then.

10-08-05, 13:08
get your car going Ariel as your rolling advertisement :p hehehe

these plenums are top notch! ;)


10-08-05, 13:53
get your car going Ariel as your rolling advertisement :p hehehe

these plenums are top notch! ;)


its coming.

new photos of plenum will be up in a week or so. No real changes to design, just better looking with less welds.

Also if anyone wants a chance to get $400 off one of these plenums, come to a Wollongong Dyno Comp. Look in the NSW section for details.

10-08-05, 18:09
ive got one off ur older style ones might update to these new ones soon. is there much difference between them.

10-08-05, 20:55
no not really just a more precise spread of flow between cylinders. since figuring that part out (still more to come though) i am concentrating on making them more uniform with less "parts to the puzzle" so its easier for the welder and easier on the eye.

10-08-05, 20:58
cheers for that. hey r these purge welded

10-08-05, 21:11
no just with tig and rod

10-08-05, 21:43
do u run your sheilding gas through the chamber while tigging it up to sheild penetration?thats purging

10-08-05, 22:49
You don't need to with alloy, usually only stainless. And most welds will be "filleted" so they will in the corner anyway, I've never seen anyone purge plenums or cooler plumbing, or intercoolers for that matter in 7 years in teh business, including some of the best names out there.


11-08-05, 08:06
exactly, there is simply no need to

11-08-05, 18:42
sorry boys wasnt trying to knock your product or your knowledge. i was just trying to find out more on build quality. yes it probobly was a stupid question cause of the low pressures they will contain but i have seen a plenem split open at the weld seem. just thought id ask it as im a boilermaker/pressure welder by trade so i do have some knowledge on the subject but anyways this is a great product and its build quality is second to none and cheap would highly recomend it to anyone. thanks for your time

11-08-05, 19:39
thanks for that lowpsi.

all my works is guaranteed. if you or anyone has a problem with any of my products, i fix it for free. havent had a plenum split yet (even after being sent to customer via aust post lol).

11-08-05, 22:55
yes shanes is the old design, but they have got even better in performance since then.

WHA..... I want a refund, LOL.
I highly recommend these plenums..........even if I do have the older, less performance, less better one!!

11-08-05, 23:30
its coming.

new photos of plenum will be up in a week or so. No real changes to design, just better looking with less welds.

Also if anyone wants a chance to get $400 off one of these plenums, come to a Wollongong Dyno Comp. Look in the NSW section for details.

Im a little far away for the Dyno comp... but i'd still like a chance to get $400 off a Plenum! Maybe I can be your 1st S.A customer and wave the flag for CPC!!!???

12-08-05, 21:50
wyndup - pm me your car details and we will see if we can sort something out.

12-08-05, 22:07
These plenums are top notch. I got mine about a month ago and have just ordered a fuel rail to suit. I am 100% happy with mine and every1 that see's it has nothing but good things to say about it...

13-08-05, 11:33
how much extra rw power do these kits give?

13-08-05, 17:24
it all depends on setup. you will notice i have never quoted hp figures for that exact reason, everyones car is different.

the main reason for using a custom plenum is for the whole system to be less restricted compared to standard. having said that, there are benefits no matter what the your mods are.

15-08-05, 13:52
PM sent mate.

17-08-05, 14:14
Sent email about ordering plenums

These are sweet lookin things man, cant wait to get my hands on one...

17-08-05, 21:55
king-3l - email replid to.

19-08-05, 21:40
have you a pic of the fuel rail in a car?
im worried about the bend radius for the fuel hoses feeding it.
can you do em with 90's or feed nipples out the bottom like std?

19-08-05, 23:58
Here is a couple of pics for a ca18det for a customer in the UK complete with 80mm tb. Has seen 475rwhp (std stroke/crank) and is now hoping for 550rwhp.

Also one of an 95% complete sr20det, just missing throttle body plate plate. This is one for the s13 (low mount inlet), but they are also available for s14 (high mount inlet). It may look like a weird angle, but sits perfectly perpendicular (90 degrees) to engine.

20-08-05, 00:20
Nice work, cant wait to see the results of this against the other big name plenums though

20-08-05, 07:22
interesting they will be for sure. not only outright performance gain, torque and power, but also driveability which the owner of the test car has some issues with.

21-08-05, 18:53
have you a pic of the fuel rail in a car?
im worried about the bend radius for the fuel hoses feeding it.
can you do em with 90's or feed nipples out the bottom like std?

please if you have a pic, send it to me.

as this is not going in a vl, i need to see it in car to compare to my bay.

22-08-05, 07:13
brett_32i - email replied sent. will you consider swap with adj cam ?

07-09-05, 14:49
do u have a pic of it in a car??? eager to see
email it to if u could

07-09-05, 17:55
no sorry, just as is

07-09-05, 17:58
does anyone has one of these on their car? if so can u post pix?

07-09-05, 22:08
does anyone has one of these on their car? if so can u post pix?

Yeh I do, but it is the older designed one, so I won't post pics

Hey Ariel will you do a swap with me, my old one for a new one?

10-09-05, 16:05
Just wondering how these back to back tests you are doing are coming along? How far away are they?

10-09-05, 18:26
A manifold arrives to me on monday, I will try and arrange testing after the jamboree, as I have absolutely no time before that.


10-09-05, 20:36
Sorry about the delay, have had to get through a heap of local and overseas orders. As Kyle said, results will be available after Jamboree unfortunately.

QLD guys can have a look at these plenums up at the Jamboree on Kyle's stand if you like.

10-09-05, 21:32
It will sure be interesting to see how these different Plenums perform, thats for sure.

18-09-05, 14:12
seen these plenums at this years jamboree, i must say they are a work of art and look 10x better in real life then photos, keep up the good work guys! maybe one day wen i get enough money ill upgrade to one of these plenums.

18-09-05, 21:11
Bosch 036 injectors will still work fine with the fuel rail wont they? Wont need any modifying?

18-09-05, 23:18
Thanks Methz. Thanks to Kyle "6BOOST" for the display and polishing.

036's work just fine with the fuel rails.

19-09-05, 03:06
Manifolds look great in the flesh guys, if you didn't come to the Jamboree, you not only missed out, but your a pussy!! Naaaa, JK! Will be testing very soon guys, ust have to line up 1 other to get tested at same time and we're set. Car is undecided yet, manual would be good, but might have to promise Col the world to get him to do it on his.......


19-09-05, 18:42
Bosch 036 injectors will still work fine with the fuel rail wont they? Wont need any modifying?

?? Someone?

19-09-05, 18:47
see above

19-09-05, 19:23
Ahh, sorry. I even read that post. Somehow missed your last sentence. PM sent.

09-10-05, 20:09
sik_m8 - i have tried calling and pm'ing you and no luck with a response. do you still want the plenum ?

09-10-05, 20:45
Any pics of the new style in an engine bay??

11-10-05, 21:39
i will have one in a month or two if no-one else does as i will do it before i pull the engine out of my car.

give me a call if you want to see one in the flesh and i can come past and show you.

11-10-05, 21:53
ill try and get onto sik_m8 for you as he lives up here..

11-10-05, 21:56
thanks MadVK308 but he has since called me and everything is under way.

11-10-05, 21:58
No worries mate.

btw, you plenums look mint, once I carry out the modifications needed to warrant having one, ill contact you.

11-10-05, 22:07
no worries - just a pm, email or phone call away

vl ben
18-10-05, 17:40
do u do custem fuel rail's?

18-10-05, 20:40
sure do. $100 bead blasted or $120 in 2pac black

19-10-05, 17:08
How are these tests of all the plenums coming along? It will be very interesting to see which one spools up a turbo first, whether it be a long or short runner plenum.

19-10-05, 21:57
have to speak to 6boost about that as he is organising it, but hopefully they wont be to far away.

20-10-05, 21:50
Man o man, I wish I had of just bought a VL myself, I'd go and do all the testing tomorrw!! I have, SPP plenum, Rajab plenum, factory plenum, am just waiting to try and get hold of Brescianni plenum and JD custom. Then a car to test them all on.


20-10-05, 21:59
i have a factory plenum here is you like, but it is bare and also belongs to a customer but i dont think he is in a huge rush

20-10-05, 22:37
have u got any pics of the internal of these plenums?

25-10-05, 00:01
hey champ, ive seen sum of your work and it looks amazing!!!
interested to see if you got something for v8's
like a twin throttle body setup..... similar to a active manifold
or any other competitor brands but in your style!!!

can u get bak to me soon as im finishing the engine soon
and getting d car ready for the nats.

25-10-05, 07:28
for sure.
give me a call and we can discuss your options. 0403 279 000

18-11-05, 17:09
how u going, i am from wollongong, i was after a polished plenum for a rb25 and a 80mm throdle body. what is the best price u can do, i will pick it up

18-11-05, 17:22
price is $900 for the plenum and $400 for the throttle body.

19-11-05, 08:08
do you do one for rb26 with single throttle body and 12 injector rail

19-11-05, 21:59
yes i can do one for a rb26 with a single 80 or 100mm single throttle body.

As for the fuel rail, i will leave that to someone else, would you mean two seperate 6 inj rails ?

20-11-05, 08:17
yes as long as we can get an extra 6 injectors thats what i want!! how much for plenum with 100mm throttle body, does it have the runners as well? bolt up as is? thanks if it a good price i come down or ring you about one for my car!!thanks

22-12-05, 11:31
will be getting one of these off you next year

22-12-05, 20:11
i have just finished making 5 for stock.

so let me know and i can get it to you in a week or so

22-12-05, 21:49
Do you guys do custom plenums for 6 cylinder alloy head 4.1 ford crossflow motors?

If so, have you got any pics/prices?


24-12-05, 05:58
If you want an up close and personal with several off my plenums, they will be on display at the VPW stand. Will hopefully have rb25, rb30, ca18, sr20 & 2jz

24-01-06, 11:09
wats the new prices for them then?

24-01-06, 17:27
see original post

02-03-06, 22:26
pics of one on an rb30et please!!

03-03-06, 16:44
same as this but there is no longer a weld along the top. its now one piece. see other photos in thread to get the idea.

VLB-57A - hope you dont mind ;)

03-03-06, 16:54
everyone elses calais fronts lids line

looks nice!

03-03-06, 16:57
he had some serious prob's with his calais front, just ask him

29-03-06, 21:36
special for the next two buyers.

1 plenum
1 xf throttle body
1 delivery to your house
1 low price $850

29-03-06, 22:06
Crikey !!!!!!!

30-03-06, 20:06
1 sold
1 left

31-03-06, 09:16
I jst bought a plenum frm Ariel? Top bloke knows his stuff, and the workmanship is awesome....... really good plenums, top prices as well.....

02-04-06, 20:47
thanks Rob.

also have the twin feed fuel rails for sale if anyone is still interested, they are now $100 exchange (or $120 no exchange) plus delivery. bolt on to runners with only mod required being a brass fitting (supplied) and a bit of high pressure fuel hose and a couple of hose clamps and there you have some insurance for your engine.

these are recommended for any modified turbo engine. provide better fuel flow and distribuution to rear cylinders which are prone to leaning out due lack of fuel flow caused by the standard rail. proven to 500+rwhp.

sure beats spending $200+ for a billet one that does exactly the same thing with expensive speedflow fittings etc etc

06-04-06, 12:51
Hey mate, how much can you do one for, for an rb25.
Im after the plemum to suit the standed throttle body.

06-04-06, 18:34
i take it you are the one that called me today ?

06-04-06, 20:00
i take it you are the one that called me today ?

Yeah mate, thanks for the help.

Edit, I take it the one you have for 850 wont fit my rb25?

06-04-06, 21:30
nah sorry, just rb30

10-04-06, 16:38
you still got the plenum and throtle body deal going for $850? does it come with runners and fuel rail?

10-04-06, 21:16
sorry none left i actually sold three of them.

i can do it for $900 delivered without throttle body if you like. it does come with the runners and unfortunately the fuel rail is not included.

10-04-06, 21:49
where u situated. can u do rb25 plenum and fuel rail to suit the injectors i have. its a rb30 bottom rb25head in a vl calais. using xf throttle body what kind of money would i be looking at

10-04-06, 22:09
jst gimme a price and u can consider it sold

18-04-06, 15:04
hey sorry iv read through the thread twice now and i cannot find if it says anywhere if these plenums will work with the standard fuel rail?

18-04-06, 22:50
yes they fit standard na fuel rail since they are na runners and can be made to fit turbo fuel rail with some very minor mods, therefore, drtilling out bolts holes a little bigger

02-05-06, 19:59
edit - see original post

02-05-06, 20:43
looking good Ariel.
Would look mad if it was all polished or even better chromed.

02-05-06, 21:17
same as this but there is no longer a weld along the top. its now one piece. see other photos in thread to get the idea.

VLB-57A - hope you dont mind ;)
Of course not.

Guys these are a top plenum at a great price.

New plenums look even better.

02-05-06, 21:24
thanks Brad

am currently making a couple spare for stock which should be ready in a couple of weeks

02-05-06, 22:02
seen one of these at adams workshop look awesome im getting one this week but curious on what they flow have you had them tested?
anyway look better then in the photo's ariel good work and good price 2

03-05-06, 07:56
thanks ben.
i sure have had them tested. they outflow all plenums on the market that still retain standard runners.

03-05-06, 22:06
sure do, but nothing out of the ordinary just some bellmouths ;)
its all about thinking outside the square and having figures to back it up

20-05-06, 19:37
very happy with mine.. a great plenum

20-05-06, 19:44
yeh i want mine asap....hint hint :)

22-05-06, 07:38
dont worry ben, its coming. also fuel rail is done and throttle body hasn't turned up yet.

small price reduction for all those that haven't noticed. all new details on very first post.

22-05-06, 16:56
no worries its all good... been out the garage evry night freezing my ass off lol waiting to hear from kyle also

04-06-06, 22:26
some photos of the new one polished

04-06-06, 22:30
and with the twin feed fuel rail attached

09-07-06, 23:13
hey ISL33P, what does everyone do about the top radiator hose with your plenum, im finally fitting mine, but not sure how to go with the hose


21-07-06, 21:25
Small promotion to kick of some group buy interest. Six plenums for stock nearly finished. Lucky door prize is a free XF throttle body to 1st 2 buyers.

Once I have confirmation of all 6 being sold (by way of a deposit), you will get them for $700+ delivery - I just need a set of na runners sent in exchange for each one.

Billet throttle bodies, polishing, fuel rails are standard additional costs.

PM me. Last time they were going cheaper than usual, I done 5 for that price. I am happy to hold off on full payment and delivery, as long as i have a deposit, for people to come up the remaining amount.

PS - see my new signature :D

07-08-06, 18:51
I have this plenum on my car but one of his first ones he built car runs 330rwkw on 22psi picks up boost at 3200rpm hits full boost by 4200rpm very awesome plenum this is with a gt35/40 with a 1.06 housing good value for money

08-08-06, 23:16
Went down on Saturday to meet Ariel & leave a deposit . Top bloke and a Top product . Cant wait to get my new plenum .Should look good with the billet throttle body as well all bolted up in the Gemini . Dont stress Ariel , no pressure mate , whenever its ready .......Lol .

09-08-06, 06:42
thanks Geroge. plenum is cut and with engravers, so are the runners. I will be doing the bellmouths tonight and go from there. maybe a little earlier than expected.

09-08-06, 21:38
It's cool bud , like I said whenever its ready . I dont think I'll fit the motor until I get the plenum off you in case I have to modify the firewall further to suit . Gonna "TRY" to sit the motor as low & as far back without mid mounting it for better weight distribution .

11-08-06, 22:46
me and ariel have sorted out everything, i stick by my words he is a good bloke and i can't say anything wrong about cpc plenums as u wil see my car and his plenum in exteme magazine and street commodores mag, when it is finished as it has been organised already and it will be the ultimate street machine with the cpc plenum on the inlet and 6boost manifold on the exhaust

good luck ariel with your awesome looking plenums....

benny reay

12-08-06, 02:27
hey mate,
so you still got the plenum and XF throttle body for $700 + delivery?
If so how much:
- if you can provide the runners?
- billet t/b?
- polishing?
- Fuel rail.?

shipped to WA p/c 6024?

Very very interested. p.s the question about whether standard fuel rail will fit wasnt really clear. Can you give me an answer?

Thanks and much appreciated!

12-08-06, 06:39
Just looking back at your pics Ariel, you do some top work mate. Throttle response with the shrt runners would be crisp as I imagine?

12-08-06, 07:21
turbo3cyl - i am guaging interest at the moment for a group buy. send me a pm and we can discuss if you like.
yes i cam supply runners at an extra cost of $30 or delivery is paid for by yourself. yes the standard na fuel fits and the turbo fuel rail fits with some enlarging of the mount holes.
extras are:
billet throttle body $400
polishing $120
fuel rail $120

morepsi - thanks Dave. throttle response and reduction in lag is something that is simply not experienced on long runner plenums.

for example a gt35/40 with a 1.06 exhaust housing and a large 80mm billet throttle body making 25psi by approximately 3000rpm is simply unheard of. see dyno sheet attached.

12-08-06, 08:29
Brilliant stuff.
keep up the great work.

12-08-06, 11:15
Thats magic Ariel , top stuff . If mine makes 350 hp I'll be wrapped . Thats an easy 10 sec pass in my car . Im sure once the boys see my new plenum , you'll be gettin alot more calls from up my way . My mate is keen as to get you to do his 1 for that twin cam 1 I was telling you about . His mechanic has told him it will make 550 hp atw on a c16 tune . Anyway , it's good to see a small time fabricator put out a magic product with figures to back it up , despite the d##khead's out there who wanna put a top bloke & product down coz they want sh#t done for next to nothing . No need to mention names ...... Keep up the good work Ariel .

12-08-06, 18:06
thanks for that.

just to clarify the graph, khp is with the car in 3rd gear (auto) 1:1 around about 3000rpm if you calculate it.

13-08-06, 07:34
Dont forget, for any problems with my plenums, new or old, see the original post.

"All work is guaranteed and fixed free of charge and postage costs paid for."

The above is there for a reason and so use and abuse it if required.

turbo3cyl - check your pm.

i have one for sale at the moment $800 polished and delivered.

25-08-06, 19:16
thanks for all the enquiries, plenum on special is SOLD.

28-08-06, 22:24
are there many people interested in a group buy? wouldnt mind saving $200 lol


29-08-06, 07:33
I'll start a list and if anyone wants them, I will just add them on much like the Argo rod group buy.

Group buy list
kris vl
need powr

29-08-06, 14:54
Yeha put me down!!!

29-08-06, 19:23
stocka added to list.

only need 3 more

01-09-06, 19:21
how much to do a rb25 1 ive hurd good things about these plenums

02-09-06, 07:11
slimvl - they are $900 + delivery which is usually around $20-$30 and i need a set of runners as exchange. if you like i can put you in as part of the group buy and you can save yourself $200 :)

attached are some pics of the latest one i done for SPOOLN.

there are a couple of pics with a q45 throttle body and it also retains standard IACV. standard water hose can fit with it being cut down and twisted 90deg.

any other questions, please feel free to ask.

02-09-06, 19:38
do u still do long runner's, a lad on sau showed me pics of his (ben i think) and his had the long runners.
i would love to take u up on the group buy but at the moment im still weighing up options. at the moment your geing a big thumbs up from me.
and i would want a 80 mm bilet tb cos they just look hot.
thanks for all your help ill keep in touch shuld any more questions arise.

02-09-06, 21:25
is that this photo ? if so you are looking at over 500rwhp on just 21psi :D..........these are short runner style. you would be totally surprised at how responsive this car is with the 80mm throttle body and plenum and absolutely beautiful car to drive all contrary to what people "say" but have nothing to prove it with.

i have tested both short and long and the results for short runner are far better than that of the long runner plenums.

03-09-06, 02:12
can you do em to keep the idle control(aac) etc...
also how are they without the cold startup system?

or aren't these control devices needed?

can you do em to keep the idle control(aac) etc...
also how are they without the cold startup system?

or aren't these control devices needed?

03-09-06, 07:30
yes it can retain the factory sensor. i have done quite a few like that without any problems. a plate is made up on the back so it can be bolted up just like factory.

03-09-06, 11:18
thanks mate yea that is the same pic. im just sorting out the botomend/topend b4 i go and buy a plenum just doing the homework to find the no b/s ansers and what plenum seams to be the best 1 to get.
if u think the short runers will be the go then thats what ill go with.
i think that if i used your plenum and a 6-boost manifold id have, from what ive hurd a prity responsive setup for the size of the turbo.
and 500 rwhp yea that would be fun. i beleive that bens setup is only a 2.5 so with the 3L i shuld have a bit more responce aswell.

03-09-06, 12:15
bens is actually a 25/30 with the cpc/6boost combination much like the rb30 of the dyno sheet i put up earlier, but thats an auto.

04-09-06, 07:53
thats cool then i didnt think it was 3L but yea thats even beter atleast i know what im dealing with. but yea ill keep in touch about the plenum mite even get it earlyer. time will tell.

04-09-06, 10:28
What throtell cable to u use with your manifold with an xf throtell body!

do u retain the standard xf brackets for the cable!

04-09-06, 18:39
yeh i sure do.
you may just need to cut the actual cable down a bit so it fits where the xf brackets sits.

04-09-06, 19:14
is that group buy still going. how much do you want for a deposit?

04-09-06, 19:19
sure is, i will put your name down for it. payment is usually 50% upfront and the remaining 50% prior to delivery.

just waiting on 2 more people for it.

05-09-06, 06:43
Cool. So how much is that with the xf throttle body and the plenum polishing?

05-09-06, 07:24
XF throttle body is $70 and polishing is an extra $120, so all up $890.

06-09-06, 17:11
Come on guys i want my plenum! Who doesnt want to save $200?

06-09-06, 17:56
pm sent to regan, kris vl and stocka.

13-10-06, 06:05
For all those that have been in touch, I am starting another group buy. I need 5 confirmed so I can sell them for $700 each.

Thought i would give everyone one some more notice this time around. Delivery time will be sorted out after speaking to all those interested.


13-10-06, 16:15
hey mate just wondering how the manifold is going?

13-10-06, 19:52
been of on holidays all last week and have a conference in the city next weekend so this weekend will be pretty busy.

coming along good. all the runners are cut down and polished. base plate has been made. bellmouths have been ordered and sheet will be dropped off to be engraved on monday. then its just a matter of forming the plenum and getting it all welded up. sounds like a bit, but its not really.

photos of this one will be up for everyone to see. RB26 made from scratch and can be made to suit a car with or without individual throttle bodies and to top it all off, a 80mm billet throttle body.

17-10-06, 15:26
pm sent, may also be keen on the 80mm throttle body

yeah count me in for one of these plenums as well as the throttle body, do i require a different cable or can i simply use the one i have currently??

17-10-06, 19:46
thanks julian. standard cable can be used, although shortened which is very very simple to do for anyone. no major tools required.

need a few more for the group buy and then i can get them under way.

24-10-06, 22:28
OK, group buy two is complete as I have they 5 needed. Anyone else before i go ahead and start making them ?

24-10-06, 22:34
aerial i can organise the three as you know for you if there are 2 others keen on a group buy we can arrange something

24-10-06, 22:42
All sorted. 5 orderes have been confirmed and just waiting on deposits to start getting them under way.


07-11-06, 19:18
need_powr - plenum is ready to go, just waiting for remaining $$$ for delivery. here a couple of pics of it except the fuel rail of course

12-11-06, 17:22
i just thought id say that i saw these plenums for the first time today and i was very impressed with them.
they are a really nice product ariel,congrats ;)

12-11-06, 20:51
thanks leigh, much the same can be said about your work

hopefully the weather is kinder next weekend, i could do without the humidity

03-12-06, 19:10
Just a small update. Have included all the types of plenums I have done and projects underway.

Ford XR6 turbo - currently in discussion/development with a reputable Sydney workshop and it looks like they will be a complete bolt-on replacement to the standard item (no more restrictive factory runners)

Mazda 13B turbo - already designed and fabricated and will be in contact with workshop owner for installation onto his 9sec car.

Toyota 2JZ - i have made several of these but i am working on a bolt-on unit, so no exhange is necessary and the car will be on/off the road in a few hours. Will be tested on a car currenlty making in excess of 480rwhp on only 23psi

05-12-06, 19:29
hey all, received my plenum today which was custom made by ariel for my redtop eccs rb24det, the best thing was that he didnt even borrow my car he just listened to what i wanted and made it to the exact description! perfect job, perfect craftsmanship, thanks ariel!


05-12-06, 21:10
hey all, received my plenum today which was custom made by ariel for my redtop eccs rb24det, the best thing was that he didnt even borrow my car he just listened to what i wanted and made it to the exact description! perfect job, perfect craftsmanship, thanks ariel!


RB24. Is it a genuine one with the carbys? or a RB20 with a 26 crank?

07-12-06, 19:26
no carbys mate, that was the factory china based cefiro engine
nar mine is an rb20 with rb26 crank etc

07-12-06, 21:25
glad you are happy with it and thanks for the feedback. hope the rest of the car goes together just as well.

09-01-07, 19:30
Well it seems like its that time again. With well more than 5 people asking for when my next group buy was next during my visit to the Summernats where i had a small display, I have decided to get some numbers together and get everything sorted for it.

Fabrication will begin early-mid February with them expected to be completed by early-mid March. This give you plenty of time to get your deposit sorted. This time I will not begin without confirmation by way of a deposit as I have stuffed myself over by promising prices and then people pulling out.

Minimum number required of 5 buyers
$700 per plenum
$120 for mirror polishing
$120 twin feed fuel rail (highly recommended, and that's not just me saying it but by any decent engine builder/tuner) painted in 2 pac gloss black
$400 for 80mm billet throttle body

Any questions, please feel free to ask.


09-01-07, 20:36
here a few pics of other recent ones i have done


09-01-07, 20:37
.... and RB26

09-01-07, 20:43
ok, already have one confirmed, just waiting on deposit.

just a small reminder. if you dont want to pay for delivey of the plenum, send me a set of na or turbo runners and i will cover all postage costs.

09-01-07, 21:58
rb 26 one looks good what do the runners flow??? pm me if ya want

10-01-07, 09:18
thanks Jamie. they flow somewhere between 25-35% better than factory and more consistently between them all.

reminder re: group buy - getting numbers together at the moment

14-01-07, 06:34
ok - 2 maybe's at the moment and still another 3 available

14-01-07, 22:03
does this offer include RB25DET intakes?

15-01-07, 11:35
unfortunately not, but if there is enough interest for them i will be happy to do a group buy for them aswell, that is rb20/25 combined as they are pretty similar.

plenty of people were asking for them at the summernats, a heap more than last year. if i had them there i would have sold a couple at least but i made vl's ones instead.

28-01-07, 07:36
Just another example of ones I do. These are for CA18's and I just made 7 of them for a group buy in SWEDEN !!!

Webber - Slight change of heart, I am more than happy to include the RB20/25's in this group buy.

28-01-07, 08:05
cant wait for mine ;)

28-01-07, 12:54
those CA plenums look real good Ariel
nice work

28-01-07, 21:36
yours is coming very soon Leigh.

Troy - thanks for that. You will be surprised how much benefit these provide to the poor ol'd CA's, really wakes them up. Have seen massive gains in hp and torque on cars, both here, US, Europe.

28-01-07, 21:47
cool man.
grab me a 100mm throttle aswell please

28-01-07, 21:53
will do but they usually take a little longer than the 80mm's, you don't mind ?

28-01-07, 21:55
haha i wont be going far without it ;)

28-01-07, 22:05
no worries, i'll order it as soon as Adam is back from o/seas

28-01-07, 22:17
please put me down for one ariel as discussed in the sms.

29-01-07, 13:25
thanks George

29-01-07, 14:21
Hey Ariel, Put me down.

1 Plenum + Mirror Polishing + Twin Feed Fuel Rail

Thanks Champ!

29-01-07, 16:01
Good to see a few more people gettin into these plenums!!

Recently got one myself and they are an awesome bita gear!!

29-01-07, 19:02
Thanks everyone.

So far these are the people and all rb30's

one last spot for anyone interested.

PS - a few people have mentioned they have the money for the deposit and the rest will be coming soon. I don't have a problem with that at all, I know what its like to try and save some $$$'s so feel free to put a deposit and make the remaining payment at soon as it is possible for you. prime example, I have one sitting here for the past 3 months !!!

29-01-07, 20:37
Ariel just PM me some bank details and a total price ;)

29-01-07, 21:31
I'll will do a complete pm to everyone once its all sorted, I prefer to let everyone know at once to keep it all organised, makes it easier to keep a trace of what's happening.

Quite simply, deposit is 50% and the other 50% prior to delivery. If there is a total of 5, prices are:
plenums are $700 each + delivery
polishing is $120 each
twin feed fuel rail $120 each
80mm billet throttle body $400 each

To save on delivery, send me a na/turbo inlet, and I will pay the delivery of your plenum for you.

Any questions, just pm me.

ok, just confirmed the last one. will send a group pm tonight to confirm numbers and from there if everyone is still ok with it, i'll get the deposits underway and go from there.

plenums have already been started with two complete and only three to go. so chopefully it wont be too long.

i'll be in touch tonight.

Thanks again to everyone interested and i will do another one in another month or so.


31-01-07, 11:03
Pm sent

31-01-07, 12:28
Thanks Jason. Just waiting on replies from 2 others just to confirm a total of 5 for the group buy and we can get it all underway.

I'll keep everyone updated.


Just an update, have confirmed 3 sold for sure and have had one person pull out, so there is one spot back up for the taking. Just waiting on the 5th person to give me the go ahead or no go to confirm price and we can go from there.

01-02-07, 21:26

Common guys!

01-02-07, 21:38
yeh im really looking forward to this peice of art, its money well spent i mean its $700 now thats value for money

03-02-07, 07:46
i'd be in for an rb25 intake

04-02-07, 12:00
Thanks EVL.

I am just waiting on one reply to get the final go ahead.

AKUZED & VLHOOD - your plenum's are pretty much ready, just some minor final touches required and theywill be ready for delivery.
Furryfrog - i am just waiting on the welder to finish it off.

04-02-07, 12:31
these plenums are awesome (got one on my berlina) people always comment on how good it looks and how pro it is - and awesome prices! (if anyone wants pics let me know)

05-02-07, 08:46
awesome Ariel can't wait :)

05-02-07, 11:26
No problem, tell the last person to hurry up :D

05-02-07, 11:49
thanks dimples ;)

OK...the latest is - EVL included for RB25 and just waiting on one more to give everyone the $700 price. Have a couple of maybe's, and just waiting on confirmation from at least one to get everything underway.

06-02-07, 21:15
OK, looks like i have found another two to replace the others. Just waiting on one to give me the go ahead and then deposits/payments will be arranged and time for me to get down and the garage


Finally all confirmed and a pm is on the way guys.



09-02-07, 11:19
pm sent money be put into your account tonight

11-02-07, 13:59
may have a spare spot as i have had no response from one of the guys interested.....for those 4 already confirmed, price will not change regardless.

13-02-07, 10:39
deposit paid

13-02-07, 22:38
Thanks Andy. Your plenum is ready for pick up on the weekend. PM sent

Jason, your plenum is also ready for delivery. PM sent.

13-02-07, 22:45
any torana ones floating about? ;)

13-02-07, 22:49
it is definately with Adam at the moment, but i have also dropped off 4 others there so hoping it may be done by this weekend, if not the following one.

Leigh i will give you a call tomorrow about the s13 rb25

14-02-07, 05:44

14-02-07, 15:37
Money will be put into your account tomorro.

21-02-07, 14:09
Can't wait to get this plenum.
I'll post up pics once, i get it.

Thanks Ariel!

21-02-07, 22:08
andy, it will be on its way ASAP

AKUZED - attached are some pics of yours which left today. Andy yours is the same but no 80mm tb.

23-02-07, 17:14
Got it today lookms great pics be posted once it is installed

25-02-07, 06:47
glad you like it

26-02-07, 21:41
Wouldn't have any pics to suit the R32 RB25DE head?

I'd assume an Rb20det suitable plenum would 'look' the same apart from the end of the runners being slightly larger for the rb25de head.

As you know ISL33P I'm all for the performance benifits of short runner plenums on the rb25/30's. I've seen it with my own eyes, they do wonders for the power curve. :)

I'm in the market for a plenum and you have been fiddling for a couple of years now sooo......

26-02-07, 22:05
Hey Cubes, you are 100% right and its dyno proven for short runners do absolute wonders for torque curves.

Here is a couple of photos of rb25's i have done. They may look familar as this is the same plenum on Spoolup's car, which has been busy getting it sorted and updates in the rb30 r33 conversion thread on SAU.

I am just doing another two at the moment which will have the base angled similar to the rb30's to help with strength but more benficial is the flow increase...massive.

I am starting to get an idea of how they all work, but there is still a hole heap more to learn...hence the flow bench coming along nicley to help me out a whole heap more....hopefully progress will never end.

02-03-07, 18:34
Thanks champ!
Received the plenum today!
Awesome piece of work. Feedback Sent!

02-03-07, 19:04
good to hear it turned up, keep me updated

07-03-07, 20:23

07-03-07, 20:59
haha someone was excited to receive their plenum, u ripped that box like it was your birthday!

07-03-07, 21:15
Plem on and a few other goodies post some pics once i get the car tune and back on the road..
thanks again

08-03-07, 08:27
haha someone was excited to receive their plenum, u ripped that box like it was your birthday!

lol that's not even the box!

11-03-07, 07:22
good to see some progress pics...keep me updated

18-03-07, 23:40
hi mate whats the price on a custom plenaim with exchange runners , do u use n/a runners if so would you work out sum sort of deal if i sent you a few extra n/a runners as well iam also interested in other things as well pm me if interested in sum sort of exchange thanks mate

19-03-07, 16:54

just need abit of cleaning up the bay and a final tune thanks again

19-03-07, 19:30
vghsv - pm is on its way

akuzed - love the black rocker cover

PS forgot to mention a big thanks and congratulations to Anthony, VL GOD, for going 9.16 @ 150.8 on Wednesday 14th Feb using the same plenum that everyone else gets when ordering for a RB30. No other mods or power porting required to make the power and run the numbers.

23-03-07, 20:34
I was looking at his plenum out the creek a few weeks back looks nice and theres the proof in the pudding race proven too.Keep up the good work ISLEEP.;)

23-03-07, 21:46
thanks Yeha must have been having a looky looky at VL GOD

02-04-07, 11:28
r u still making these plenums?

02-04-07, 16:07
i sure am ;)

02-04-07, 21:21
quick pic, thanks again ariel top work, and thanks for the t/b :)

04-04-07, 20:26
glad you like it George ;)

06-04-07, 15:17 (

just thought i would throw up mine that ariel made for me couple of months ago, been awhile but finally on the home stretch, just have the dump/front pipe to do and then hit the camden bypass for a road tune lol!


06-04-07, 15:32
hey brad, not a bad fit conisdering i never seen the car :)

07-04-07, 08:09
here is a pic for all those that wanted to see one in the engine bay.

this one has the works, 80mm tb, polished and twin feed fuel rail - thanks AKUZED

07-04-07, 21:19
little pic of mine in the engine bay put it in readers rides also.

runs awesome waiting for a tune @ trp this weekend


07-04-07, 21:23
very nice Ben !!! adam told me the old radiator was a POS

07-04-07, 21:29
yeh cant beleive it!!! brand new found out on the dyno :(

got original in now and std fan setup, does the job

vpw will be getting that 1 back on tues

07-04-07, 23:00
let me on how it goes

09-04-07, 00:26
ben how did dom go tuning it after you changed radiators adam told me about the alloy radiator. sometimes stock things work best. wait for my new black calais coming out should be adams shortly.

09-04-07, 15:26
hey ryan sorry to hear about ur accident good to see u r getting a new weapon for the streetz!

haven't had the vl back there yet with easter so will be back this weekend running somewhere about 15 psi just to be safe for now as everything is fresh

then after i'll see him with a tank of c16 and see how it goes :)

talked to ariel today he sounded keen to see what it makes so i'll post it up after the run

again best lookin plenums looks awesome cheers ariel

10-04-07, 13:38
hey mate my mate is now interested in one of your plenums for a RB20det in a R32GTS-4 but wants to retain standard TB can you PM me a price and any info thankyou

10-04-07, 18:01
hey mate just wondering im lookin at gettin 1 of ur plenums for my vl..for the piping to hook up do i need my battery relocated?

10-04-07, 22:26
E-Z - pm on its way

calturb87 - no, just a small oddessey battery

18-04-07, 23:53
A big congrats to Maatouks Racing - VL GOD - for tonight making it Australia's quickest single cam untubed VL with a 8.96 @ 146 MPH !!!!

Just goes to show you dont need big names or dollars to do it right ;)

27-04-07, 22:40
Just added this pic to the first post to give people an idea what the installation would and should look like.

Repositioned power steering reservoir, using all standard lines, just simply relocated with a basic aluminium bracket and a small Odyssey battery save you moving the big sucker to the boot.

As you can tell done by the boys at Motortech Racing in Wollongong.

PS and dam does this thing pack a punch ;)

28-04-07, 10:25
Looks tuff Ariel...
Would you happen to have/know the part number for that battery?


28-04-07, 11:04
i wouldnt have the slightest sorry. give motortech a call they will be happy to help out.

i was under the impression they were all pretty much the same. i am sure a local auto electrcian will be able to let you know what one suits the vl best. you might be able to even find it somewhere on the internet.

30-04-07, 22:47

how different are these pleniums to the early ones u did,

and what the performance gains getting out of the bigger throttle bodies?

On the one i brought from u i'm making 15psi buy 3500rpm and then goes up from there, with just the xf throttle body