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22-06-05, 15:02
JD CUSTOM automotive
11 progress st mornington
5975 8688
0410 597 533

proud sponsor of the VL TURBO NATIONALS

full mechnical workshop
latest diagnostic scanners
dyno tuning 450kw dyno dynamics
ls1, ls2, ba-fg ford, hp tuners/vcm suite, wolf, microtech,etc
all repairs small or large
and of course full fabriction shop,
alloy welding anything made to order

just opened exhaust shop side of bussiness
can supply and fit any exhaust systems, mild steel, stainless,
hi flow cats, mufflers, extractors,
full custom made tig welded mandrel bent systems made to order


custom made plenums to suit- rb30, rb 20, rb25
6ltr volume
fully TIG welded
tuned length ram tubes
accepts std air bypass valve (optional)


$700+post with tig welds showing

$800+post sanded down and polished as below

polished piping kits includes all silicone hose, clamps etc $600

weld quality on 1.6mm alloy pipe

$250 polished catch can to suit lh or rh side
ba xr6 plenum fully cast alloy $1150
xr6 under car surge tank complete with 044 pump, fittings $895

vl under car surge tanks
$795 with hoses,044 pump all fittings
$300 bare tank
$440 tank and 3 fittings and hoses

no holes piping kits to suit plenums $650 with silicone hose clamps etc
gen 3 i turboed 468rwkw @10psi

22-06-05, 15:16
will you make ones for the RB25det ??

22-06-05, 15:22
yeh i also make them for rb 20 and rb25 i'll post up pics of all, same price

22-06-05, 16:46
pictures plz lad?

22-06-05, 19:31
here are some pics.....;)

27-06-05, 17:09
do these plenums fit without any modification apart from cooler pipes and throttle cable? such as all the standard idle control etc?

27-06-05, 20:27
very easy to fit just drill out the thread in lower half of runners so allen key bolts can go up though hole into new plenum base, idle air valve can be fitted to the rear(optional), power steering resverior has to be moved down a bit, use a walkinshaw throtle cable as they use a xf t/b std, holden still has them $45, and i can tap 1/4bsp holes in the base to suit fuel reg, boost gauge etc, let us know how many holes u want.

28-06-05, 21:12
some more in progress pics....;)

08-07-05, 21:48
have made up the piping for them, polished alloy,will get pics up soon

08-07-05, 22:27
have made up the piping for them, polished alloy,will get pics up soon

hi jamie, do u have a price on the piping yet? thanks dan.

09-07-05, 00:51
$600 polished piping hose clamps nd silicone hose, piping is to suit the hybrid type coolers getting round which can be brought for $220 on this site.

09-07-05, 07:34
how bout if i was to get a plenum and the piping? still same price or can u do some sort of deal?

09-07-05, 08:21
Or can you do piping for a standard plenum and hybrid cooler as all the other promised kits are full of crap.

09-07-05, 11:13
im buying a hybrid tube and fin cooler havnt found piping yet but if i was to buy this kit would it fit straight on no worries? what sort of perforamnce would this gain and with cops how would it work? is it illegal to have this modifyed?

09-07-05, 12:37
i will be pickin my car up today with the full kit i will take some pics and show u guys...;)

09-07-05, 13:09
what hp will these plenums be good up to?

10-07-05, 19:11
im very very interested where is JD customs loacated in melbourne?

10-07-05, 20:28
im in mt martha ph. 0410 597 533 jamie
not really into doing a piping kit for std plenum setup as there is allready guys on here that do them.

11-07-05, 09:20
Well theres two guys claiming to but no one has actually started selling them yet.
You might get in first.

11-07-05, 09:33
yeh jamie make standard piping kits...i dont need one but heaps of ppl do...and the other blokes who have promised them havent materialized...slackasses

11-07-05, 20:15
i will make up a kit for the std plenum setup, all ready can use the piping from this kit, from the turbo runs along skirt one hole under air box and out around to the left hand cooler entry, just make a new jig for the right hand side cooler to t/b will be 3" up over dizzy etc, be about a week to get ready will let u's know,

11-07-05, 20:50
I'll be keen and I know a lot of other people will be too!!

12-07-05, 00:44

12-07-05, 19:11

13-07-05, 00:50
do these plenums lean out at all? have they been tested?

13-07-05, 17:50

14-07-05, 14:38
yeah so whats the price on the piping and the plenum as a package.
so apart from a walkinshaw throttle cable, what else is needed to get this going. do u use the standard computer and sensors? i don't really know much about after market plenums but i want one, just need to know whats involved first.

14-07-05, 21:01
plenum and piping $1350 and i weld a bracket on the cooler pipe so u can use the std vl throttle cable.

14-07-05, 21:30
what plenum? lmao

14-07-05, 22:53
do these plenums lean out at all? have they been tested?

BOOSTR ran 10.1 wit this exact plenum.
And so did iceblu86.

Jamie is a good guy and knows his sh|t.

Keep up the good work jamie!

14-07-05, 22:54
do these plenums lean out at all? have they been tested?

BOOSTR ran 10.1 wit this exact plenum.
And so did iceblu86.

there kick ass.

Jamie is a good guy and knows his sh|t.

Keep up the good work jamie!

14-07-05, 23:30
can you run these plenums wit std comp?

14-07-05, 23:39
do the epa like these?

15-07-05, 12:12
do the epa like these?

yuor up there in my toty vote thats for sure.

No modifed plenum chamber is acceptable by the epa.

Good luck with sale, cooler pipes look good too!

15-07-05, 14:11
do the epa like these?

wow man 15.6 1/4 mile that must feel fast

18-07-05, 15:22
its actually 15.5 or 16 second He's not sure. But news flash "lots of potential to be had"...

Nice looking plenums. Does $650 include delivery?

18-07-05, 20:09
$650 + post, $17 to nsw, if any one wants a plenum and piping call us for best prices, thanks for all the feedback there going good in a fair few cars getting round.

18-07-05, 21:13
so all modifyed plenum chambers are illegal?? if cop opens bonnet will i be ****ed? dats only thing im worryed about cause ill snatch this up straight away..

18-07-05, 21:16
depends what mood they are in?? if there gunna fu ck ya there gunna do it no matter what, most cops round my way arent to bad never did me when i had my car on the road, got full rego with one on the car!!

18-07-05, 21:27
hmmm, ill ask a couple mates dat work at car shops and see wat verdict is, cause i wanna buy one before i put cooler on at least do it all in one hit, wat power are these putting out?

18-07-05, 21:27
My JD plenum is fantastic.


VLT 88
18-07-05, 21:28
how much for one without the xf tb and pickup?

18-07-05, 21:31
im guessing it would sound alot better with these plenums to huh???

18-07-05, 21:49
$650 pickup

19-07-05, 13:16
Can I use standard fuel rail with this plenum? Cant see why not? How much to Adelaide minus XF throttle body?
And with drivers side (stainless) cooler plumbing, so throttle body to cooler pipe only? To suit Hybrid type cooler....
Sorry for all the edits!!!


19-07-05, 23:54
will i be able to run std comp with this plenum?

20-07-05, 20:36
can use std comp with this plenum just let us know and i'll make it so u can use std comp set up, wyndup sent u a pm

21-07-05, 16:25
im in the process of fitting mine up, have had a few little hickups holes not lining up etc but ended up drilling out the runners more and yes u can still keep standard fuel rail as i have just gota remount the malapassi of the plenum..I have the older design before this new design..over all there a nice plenum and tidy up the engine bay alot:D

25-07-05, 13:25

25-07-05, 15:13
What type of accelerator cable did you use quikvl? Any hassles fitting it up?

25-07-05, 16:16
just shorten your original accelerator cable from the pedal end its pretty easy

25-07-05, 17:05
Can you still run your cruse control with this set up ?
how legal are these plenums as i want one very good price.

25-07-05, 18:33
jamie has welded and lil bracket on the side so u dont have to modifiy the cable at all....and still has full adjustment

With the cruse controll, we didnt try to keep it because i wanted to take mine out so i can sit my catch can there....but to be honest i dont know how hard it would be...

25-07-05, 19:51
Thanks quikvl my cruise has'nt been working for so long i could do without it.

26-07-05, 11:31
Good question.....

26-07-05, 12:49
jamie has welded and lil bracket on the side so u dont have to modifiy the cable at all....and still has full adjustment

With the cruse controll, we didnt try to keep it because i wanted to take mine out so i can sit my catch can there....but to be honest i dont know how hard it would be...

you car looks mint exsepcialy how all the bumpers line up, is it black ora very dark blue?

26-07-05, 13:51
you car looks mint exsepcialy how all the bumpers line up, is it black ora very dark blue?

its a dark blue mate :)

26-07-05, 14:33
i can polish them up like in pics as i did quikvls one, $150 to polish it up the same, as it takes a fair while to get smooth etc, polishing shop might do it cheaper as they have quiker ways of doing it etc, just making piping kits to suit the std plenum setups first set be done by friday, $600 for piping polished.

26-07-05, 14:59
so the oens sirgeo posted before aint like the ones u are going to be using or not? aswell as the ones on quikvl's car?

also how much would it be just for the plenum (cold) side of the piping? (using hi mount)

05-08-05, 23:34
me and a friend in Townsville bought a plenum each off of you just before christmas very nice haven't had a drama yet well done

06-08-05, 08:53
You should make a plenum where you don't have to remove the battery.
I've seen a few custom ones that (with thermo fans) run down where the clutch fan usually runs and battery stays where it is.
I'd buy one today.

06-08-05, 09:06
hey buddy about 6 posts before u there is one of the plenums with a battery next to it isn't that good enough lol

06-08-05, 22:00 battery is still there...u have to just get the skinny ones..

09-08-05, 16:33
PM sent

09-08-05, 17:09
Hi does the pod filter pipe come with the pipe kit as in the pic's of the car.

15-08-05, 09:34
Thanks again Jamie.

17-08-05, 01:31
how does these run on a standerd ecu?

17-08-05, 19:47
u would need to tap more fittings on to it compared to mine...but i am sure jamie will put them under or at the back out of sight...

Got the power bug hey luke???..;)

19-08-05, 01:13
My jdcustom plenum is smick as ... i rate it. I will post up some power figures once I get it dynoed.


19-08-05, 21:52
heres a few pics of them

22-08-05, 17:54
Here is a picture of mine freshly polished. (

The metal polisher was highly impressed with the welding.

22-08-05, 20:02
nice one RB26DETT......hope it treats u good like mine did..;)
just need some shiny piping and hi mount and u have a sexy bay

22-08-05, 20:27
Going the low mount with my new turbo.

I am actually just waiting for the new manifold to be finished before I can fit it on.

23-08-05, 21:21
They look sh1t, I wouldn't own one.


Ona serious note, I have used 4 or 5 of these, mostly on RB25's, and have had excellent results, made 275rwhp with factory management on an RB25, stock turbo, unopened engine, stock manifold, just had VG30 exhaust housing, dump and exhaust, good cooler, plenum and fuel pump. Very impressed.

I believe they flow about 210 cfm also, remember SPP flow testing one at some stage....


27-08-05, 12:01
Here is a picture of mine freshly polished. (

The metal polisher was highly impressed with the welding.

mmmm is this the new design just that i cant see any welding ? was it folded over?

27-08-05, 12:24
The welds have been filed down and polished smooth.

04-09-05, 22:59
jdcustom are you interested in doing me a kit with plenum xf throttle body cooler pipping and with a cooler. just would rather get it all in one hit so i know its all gunna fit up with no rooting around? would i be able to leave my battery in the stoick spot? u seem to be the man from all the favorable comments


05-09-05, 12:11
thats what his kits are....the full thing...plenum, xf, piping, cooler, hoses and clamps..

05-09-05, 22:59
thanks man jdcustoms cleared that up with me lastnite. i will deffinatly be getting one when i sell the na

05-09-05, 22:59
thanks man jdcustoms cleared that up with me lastnite. i will deffinatly be getting one when i sell the na

07-09-05, 14:54
do u do these with the 80mm billet tb

13-09-05, 20:37
i can do them with the 80mm billet t/b but the throttle body alone is $400+ plenum.

13-09-05, 21:03
can you supply pics of the whole setup Jamie.

What alloy do you use for the piping?

13-09-05, 21:18
pics on page 2 on quikvl's car thats the whole lot fitted to his car, pipe is in 6061 alloy

16-09-05, 09:42
yuor up there in my toty vote thats for sure.

No modifed plenum chamber is acceptable by the epa.

Good luck with sale, cooler pipes look good too!

give me tool of the year anytime :p

16-09-05, 09:56
special offer, i'll include the turbo to air filter pipe and a pod filter for normal piping kit price.
bargain..theres a good 150+ value

19-09-05, 07:57
PM Sent

01-10-05, 11:06
hey mate the reason some have had the battery removed is because of the runners on the car i have na runners and the plenum sits much closer than the turbo runners and the plenum sits closer to the motor on a turbo set of runners no biggy. My car made 188kw with this plenum on a stock na btm, standard turbo and maniflod and a standard turbo cam running a wolf 3d ran 13.0 at 104.8 mph very happy with the results. Cheers mate good job

14-10-05, 22:41
hey mate how much is postage to adelaide, there sh#t hot plenums nice work mate

15-10-05, 10:50
I have the turbo runners so I just bought a thinner battery.

15-10-05, 15:00
posatge to nsw bout $20, qld $27, sa$20

15-10-05, 21:39
thanks mate

16-10-05, 11:02
have you done any of these where the standard idle control and ecu fittings bolt straight in.

16-10-05, 12:01
Yes, he has.


25-10-05, 19:38
are these still goin to be up for sale in a month or two?

28-10-05, 13:52
These have been for sale for ages and ages. Great product that has ben proven time and time again. I'm sure it will still be for sale for years to come :)

29-10-05, 13:25
can these plenums be fitted to skyline R33 gtst ??

29-10-05, 14:14
they certainly can :) also you can retain all the standard idle control gear as well which is nice.

29-10-05, 20:54
heres a pic of plenum and piping kit, can supply coolers aswell.

29-10-05, 22:15
Dont worry got a sick one coming

29-10-05, 23:31
Hmmm, now I wonder whose they are?? :D


30-10-05, 06:43
Here is mine set up.

I am using the turbo runners, so had to go with a thinner battery. (

09-11-05, 23:28
heres a pic of one with a billet 80mm t/b
also making plenums to suit 2.6 isuzu rodeo what most people put in geminis, and soon be released ba falcon turbo plenums

18-11-05, 17:28
how u going, what is the best price u can do a polished plenum for a rb25 and all the polished pipes to suit 80mm throddle body, need soon

24-11-05, 18:49
can do the plenum, piping kit silicone hose and clamps, and a 600x300x75 cooler for $1350 as pictured

24-11-05, 19:59
For $1350 is a standard XF throttle body supplied?

24-11-05, 20:24
if available at the time which wreckers around my way are out, there very easy to get avarage price $20-40

29-11-05, 17:05
hi just wondering if u have made a complete kit for the rb25det in a vl i want a plenum, pipes, cooler,is it the same price as the other ones
will the cooler fit with my ac as is *** hot in wa and dont want to take it out
is their anything else i will need to make it fit
sorry bout the all questions
thanks for ya time

04-12-05, 17:59
so it's like 1200 all up including piping

04-12-05, 18:58
plenum and piping kit $1100+post
coolers are only $150 from many places
$50 xf t/b

13-12-05, 09:20
does everything that is connected up to the standard plenum, connect up to your jd plenum?, or can it be made so that the breather hoses are kept and also the cold start up system?

also do thet fit up to the na runners?
thanks dude

13-12-05, 10:53
yes,yes,and yes
can be made up to suit either turbo runners or n/a, can take all std fitting etc

20-12-05, 21:24
can supply them now polished-
polished with welds$100
welds smoothed and polished $160

22-12-05, 08:34
wats the advantages u get out of this????

22-12-05, 09:17
hey quikvl-where did u put ur powersteering or did u rip it out, how much power do these make

22-12-05, 19:28
My car made around 370rwhp with one of these plenums.

22-12-05, 20:09
wats the advantages u get out of this????looks

hey quikvl-where did u put ur powersteering or did u rip it out, how much power do these make
do u mean the power steering liquid holder??...if so just screwed it down a lil further....easy as.
umm what u mean how much power???, there isnt a limit really...just what eva ur pocket can afford to do the rest of the car..;)

22-12-05, 22:02
Do you guys do custom plenums for 6 cylinder alloy head 4.1 ford crossflow motors?

If so, have you got any pics/prices?


23-12-05, 10:34
yeh i done one for a crossflow ford, ill try to find a pic

23-12-05, 16:53
Finally fitted mine! Pretty happy with it overall.. cant beat it for the price.

Only two gripes :

1) Deep markings from what appears to be vice grips or monkey wrench that has scared the alloy where it looks like you have gripped it to bend or hold it to cut or something.

2) None of the threads were cleaned at all, and it took about 40 minutes to clean all the thread holes and slowly putting in bolts to clean them up. Bolt holes all lined up bar one which was out by 0.1% probably, but had to basically take the whole inlet manifold off to fit the plenum to get good enough pressure on the bolt to force it on a slight angle at first into the hole.

Two minor issues that can easily be overcome next time (i would want these issues dealt with if i was to resell them to a customer though).

Would recommend them to anyone!

23-12-05, 19:24

24-12-05, 08:34
Did you try to polish them out?

24-12-05, 22:04
Most custom made parts never fit perfect, its the nature of modifiaction, let alone what is probably the cheapest plenum top available on the market, of which most people do what I have done with the 5 or 6 i've used, and just drill the hole in the lower half of the runner the next size up, stick six rags in the ports to stop swarf getting in, and job done with no fuss. It would be impossible to do absolutely perfect unless they were cnc drilled and tapped.

Tappin ally is a bitch, it galls on itself, you just gotta use a really sharp tap, hence the holes looking "dirty". And the jaw marks I would imagine are from the plenum being gripped in a vice when its milled on the bottom so it seals properly. There is no other way of gripping it to mill it, and if it wasn't milled, like they never used to be, people would be wingeing about them not sealing properly and not being flat. Just buff them out!


25-12-05, 09:39
hwhat runners do u recomend to use.
you make the plenums so u would know what runners are not only easyer to use but also beter.
would the na runners give any advantage.
when cash permits ill be getin me 1 of these.
thanks mate.

25-12-05, 15:56
I run Na runners on my car and have heard that there is a significant gain to running Na runners but like I said I have HEARD that :s

25-12-05, 19:20
I have Turbo runners on mine.

26-12-05, 15:33
Aren't turbo runners shorter than N/A ones thus giving you more clearance on the right hand side of your engine bay?
Have any flow tests been done on these to see which runners are better?
Do you lose any structural integrity by grinding the welds down?
I reckon one ground down and painted would look good also.
Brendan, how did you find the ft with yours? any dramas or leaks?

26-12-05, 21:04
No leaks, I just bought a thinner battery as my cooler pipes go right downthru where the origianl battery position was, also had to move the power steering pump.

I am very happy with mine.

03-01-06, 12:27
Do you have pics of one on an rb20, as i have very little clearence between my brake booster and stock plenum and im wondering if one of these will fit or not

03-01-06, 12:45
rb 20 one

Jet R31
04-01-06, 16:27
I am happy with mine, will get another when i build my other motor
with the 25 head. When did he start milling the bottoms?
Mine wasn't done and we had to take a reasonable amount of to be flat
No biggy

04-01-06, 17:45
brought my own bridgeport milling machine to do them, as i want them to be a easy fitup for the customers.

Jet R31
05-01-06, 20:40
Have you flowbenched the Rb20/25 plenums?

08-01-06, 16:01
have you made rb25 ones and how do they look and how can you make them look?

08-01-06, 17:42
heres a pic of a rb25 one, i can polish it as in pic.

08-01-06, 18:12
can you pm me a pic of the plenum alone and how much it would be?

14-01-06, 00:43
love the look of these plenums, they look tuff as, pm sent buddy.

14-01-06, 14:50
i will take 2 Complete kits, im the one that called you up b4, and msgd ya...

Answer your fone plz!

15-01-06, 11:55
Got mine the other day and was polished to a mirror finish. Having bougt 2 others in the past 3 years in the past i must admit the newer plenums have much improved in many ways. From the material used to the trumpets and even down to the welding and the milling at the base things have come a long way and i recon you are now on a winner Jamie.

15-01-06, 12:26
These are a great plenum guys for the price. I used one years ago, jamie was more than helpful and the car went on to run 10.5 @ 130mph with a simple setup.

19-01-06, 17:33
some more in progress pics....;)


why are the trumpets different length ? is there any proven results it works better this way the inside of the plenum ? as compared to no trumpets on the inside of the plenum ?


19-01-06, 18:08
tuned length, makes each runner the same length, flows more air though the bell mouth than no trumpet at all, proven fact, take a look at some of the big dollar manifolds out there, all have a raised bell mouth intake, f1, indy cars, touring cars,etc

19-01-06, 18:38
They'd be absolute poo without bellmouths...knew a guy years ago that made his own plenum and didnt use bellmouths...was very doughy and unresponsive.

20-01-06, 08:05
tuned length, makes each runner the same length, flows more air though the bell mouth than no trumpet at all, proven fact, take a look at some of the big dollar manifolds out there, all have a raised bell mouth intake, f1, indy cars, touring cars,etc

Ok thank you for that , so i gather the 2 center runners are the shortest as in cylinders 3 and 4 intake runners and then 2 and 5 cylinders right up to the longest runners 1 and 6 cylinders.

Judging from the pictures it seems there is some shrouding of the trumpets to there neighboring ones or is the picture deceiving.

Nice work the plenums you fabricate


20-01-06, 12:25
nah each trumpet still has its full top they just sit over the top of other ones bout 15mm clearence between them, yeh 2 centre runners are shortest, 2&4 are next then 1&6 are longest runners

20-01-06, 13:25
Got any pics of one of these on a rb25det? (in a vl)

21-01-06, 09:33
You mean like the picture of the RB25 in the Vl about 10 posts before yours on this same page??


Jet R31
21-01-06, 17:35
Just made 378 rwkw on 23psi, pump fuel today
Another interesting thing, is the map sensor for the microtech is
is spot on with one of these manifolds all the time, and on the bresciani plenums, it fluctuates everywhere around the mid range, air flow is a funny

31-01-06, 22:35
will u sell the plenum to run on stock ecu with all the fitting needed to plug all that **** into an just the cooler pipe from the t/b to the cooler bye nechance?

01-02-06, 21:12
yeh can make it so it takes all std iac valve etc, cooler to plenum pipe $200, plenum $600

03-02-06, 16:37
Thx Jamie
Just got all my goodies, the welding on the plenums look great!, i took my plenum to my local polisher and me and him agreed not to take the welding marks of becuz its so Pro,

Nice Job mate!

BTW: Will Deal with again, work is so High Standard. and well worth the money!, just waitin on the XF's to be sent down to me and u will see the pics of my car completed with the whole JD Cistom Kit on!

04-02-06, 05:34
when custom plenums first became popular, i read that the greater capacity of air initially available (being 6L in this case), gave the car better torque(low down power).

though later i have been reading by people on here that having one of these plenums makes the low down torque worse, but instead gives it top end power.

can you please let us know which is true, as i just want low down torque more than top end power.

or does it benefit both?
also how do you change your oil filter without taking plenum off?

04-02-06, 12:55
benefits both,torque and top end power, can change oil filter no problems with plenum on.

04-02-06, 15:02
Just waitin on my XF to be sent up to me, and my plenum to be polished and i should have my car bay pics up!

04-02-06, 15:12
JD with the rb25det plenums, do u need an aftermarket ecu for them?

05-02-06, 12:40
i wouldnt think so phill.....u are only changing the shape of the plenum when u think about it....thats if all std iac valve and vacs etc are connected....

05-02-06, 14:33
yeah i know but its for a rb25. But i want the plenum sooner because its not that expencive but then im going to get a microtech

05-02-06, 15:33
PM sent mate!

05-02-06, 16:15
sent ya a few pics, and can be made to take all std iac valve etc for rb 25.

05-02-06, 21:09
hey how much for a polished plenum with throttle body and the work for rb30et?

06-02-06, 15:10
i just got my plenum polished by my local polisher, turned out Great!...

will host pics soon!

06-02-06, 15:19
here is a quick snap shot of my local polisher work :p

Jet R31
07-02-06, 16:53
Phantom T, use the NA runners if you want, works well,
And a plug check reveals that this plenum gives a even burn to all cylinders.

07-02-06, 20:46
heres a pic of the new mandrel bent piping kits im doing to suit these plenums, and im not suppling the xf throttle bodys anymore with the plenums, too much hassle chasing them up.

09-02-06, 08:10
this package looks great.

has anyone got any compared power figures ?
say standard plenium on 10 psi then this plenium on 10 psi ? ect
or maybe torque increse figures ?

09-02-06, 13:29
I did too many other things to mine for a fair comparrison.

14-02-06, 19:10
just wondering if i can get one of these plenums to bolt up to rb20 in a vl and have it built to bolt up to as much of the factory ancillaries as possible and what mods i would have to make. oh yer to suit xf tb and i will get my own intercooler piping made up

18-02-06, 21:21
im gonna have to go one of these kitscause i just fitted the au thermos to my car and theres not enoughf room for the piping to come up near the dizzy so with these new piping kits do u cut the hole for the piping near the power steering pump

19-02-06, 13:44
i dont supply the xf t/b's anymore with these plenums, they are still drilled and tapped to accept a xf t/b

22-02-06, 20:15
can you keep the standard tb?
how much without xf tb?

01-03-06, 21:50
i just finished my engine with a jd custom

01-03-06, 22:44
thats look nuts boosted wagon nice work

06-03-06, 16:49
boosted wagon: looks nice, what did you do with the battery?, and is that the standard throttle cable holder?, how did you mount it?
is the hole cut under the battery or on the side bit?

06-03-06, 17:59
that wagon is nuts...stalls em up...skates the whole street!!

06-03-06, 18:23
he relocated the battery to the rear of the car and from memory the holes in the section near the battery tray

07-03-06, 21:34
yeah the battery is under the car between the petrol tank and the rear bumper reo but it is acessable from inside the wagon as for the hole its where the tray used to be the trottle cable is standard vl one and the cable mount is standard xf i just adjusted it at the pedal and coz im using the xf t/b i droped all the idol crap that the factory vl use even though im still running standard computer ithe all the factoy stuff on it i couldnt get the idol under 1500rpm but now it sits about 800rpm

07-03-06, 21:42
do you need to use a highmount setup with this plenum and pipeing? any pics of lowmount

08-03-06, 20:18

This is my setup.

08-03-06, 20:18
Sorry about the size of the pic.

08-03-06, 21:14
Looks Good RB26DETT..

just need a quick Engine bay detail, and it will look HOT!

good Work mate!

09-03-06, 03:36
rb26dett: did you cut into side of wheel arch or go down between the radiator?

09-03-06, 14:29
Looks like he's gone into side of wheel arch.
Im about to fit mine man and ive taken battery out and am putting pipework through area where battery used to be...

09-03-06, 19:29
Went thru the wheel arch.

09-03-06, 19:32
Looks Good RB26DETT..

just need a quick Engine bay detail, and it will look HOT!

good Work mate!

The outside of my car looks like this

****ters rule!!

Sorry for pic size again.

10-03-06, 10:25
Haha, I had those hubbies on mine for a

12-03-06, 15:21
might sound like a stupid question, but...

do u have to relocate ur battery with these plenums?

if so, will a smaller battery fit and what have people used?

asked a few other people with no help

yeh so ur help will be most appreciated


12-03-06, 15:28
ive seen them with battery still in the same spot, they can make the piping go down sitting next to the body rails

13-03-06, 11:12
Mine has the battery in the same location, I just bought a thinner battery.

14-03-06, 05:43
mike: my set-up has battery there, its a lil smaller but still all fits....

15-03-06, 08:18
mike: my set-up has battery there, its a lil smaller but still all fits....

curtis, who did ya piping?

i have used the supercharge battery b4, what battery you using?

15-03-06, 18:55
jamie did the piping too......mine was the first kit made...then template was made off mine...

im not sure what battery it is, just a skinny one..

i dont have that anymore because i bought new one which is in the boot...;)

15-03-06, 19:20
heres new piping kits

16-03-06, 13:40
Hi im arfter one of your plenums but i live in New Zealand would you send one over here ofcouse ill pay the postage? Cheers

16-03-06, 13:45
Hi there im after one of your plenums but i live in New Zealand will you send one over at my cost? Cheers

17-03-06, 19:46
can do the plenum, piping kit silicone hose and clamps, and a 600x300x75 cooler for $1350 as pictured
are these full kits capable of running 300rwkw or have they been proven to run 300rwkw
i no the plenums have been proven but combined with the cooler in this deal is there any numbers???

17-03-06, 20:14
If the hybrid cooler kits and standard manifolds can run 9's then I'm sure that jamies set-up will be good for well over 300rwkw :)

17-03-06, 21:22
in 2 weeks we can tell u if it can handle 300+rwkw...

but just look at VLGOD ect...

18-03-06, 20:48
JET R31/JETGRLs RB30ET R31 made 385rwkw with one of these plenums and a GT42 so yes I think they are more than capable......

21-03-06, 13:53
cool bikkies
thanks guyz

27-03-06, 16:07
heres a few pics of the ba falcon turbo plenums $800 polished as in pics

31-03-06, 00:54
hey mate how much for a plenum to suit vlt with xf throttle body? also will i need to mod the battery position?
cheers mark

01-04-06, 16:39
hey guys .. i want 1 !!!!

but i dont want to loose my cruise ( life + fine + fuel saver )

anyone actuly know if u can setup with the cruise control?

01-04-06, 19:25
heres a pic of the cruise control hooked back up small mods needed to make work but doable

01-04-06, 20:59
isnt that morgs car BYBYE

02-04-06, 13:04
so wat needs to be done to make it work ? sumthing anyone could do ?

02-04-06, 13:05
oh yeh i almost forgot to ask, there no need to cut into the bonnet frame is there

02-04-06, 14:08
no need to cut bonnet, cables most likely be shortened to fit the xf cruise bracket.

02-04-06, 14:23
if i was rich id get one of your plenums, sucks been broke *hates life*
nice work though love the plenums

and crutis's car turned out well love the work

02-04-06, 21:11
yeh its gettin there nick..
and yes i will ask for u...;)

02-04-06, 21:27
cheers bloke

03-04-06, 19:17
these things look awesome...
i dont know much about plenums... but i am interested in this complete kit..

so questions..

1. i can use this with a std ecu?

2. if so, you can make a plenum to fit all the plugs and stuff on it?

3. right now i have a 600/300/76 cooler and enough piping to stretch to adelaide.. so this kit would benefit me, right?

4. how much would you charge for a complete kit, everything polished, to fit all the ecu stuff, and to fit the standard TB, to be picked up?

03-04-06, 19:46
1, most can be used with standard ecu, im pretty sure the jd can be used with standard ecu

2 some of the stuff has to be modified as the jd are using ford xf throats, so TPS plug is different, and other stuff like idle speed motors and other crap doesnt get used... so i dunno wats the go there

3 i dont get wat your on about

4 that i dont know the price

03-04-06, 21:51
Hey mate I was wondering if you have ever sold one of your plenums to someone for use on a NA motor ? If so what power did they make if you know :S or could find out :D

Anyways cheers on the good work my plenum goes sweet as :D

03-04-06, 21:51
Hey mate I was wondering if you have ever sold one of your plenums to someone for use on a NA motor ? If so what power did they make if you know :S or could find out :D

Anyways cheers on the good work my plenum goes sweet as :D

03-04-06, 21:58

and the figures i cant tell till end of may

22-04-06, 13:07
What bottom runners do you use with these kits? N/a or turbo ones or can you do both? Do you know if there is much difference in power/torque?

23-04-06, 12:48
Hey mate just wondering how mine is coming along?

23-04-06, 16:05
sent off thursday, be there monday ,tueday.

24-04-06, 18:06
received my piping kit today. looks fantastic. will post pics up when its all fitted.

thanks again jamie. excellent service.

09-05-06, 22:59
almost ready for mine mate cant wait

30-05-06, 17:06
here is my engine bay...

everything that is custom under the hood was made by jamie...(apart from strut caps..;) me for those..)

been a great help puttin my car together and gettin right package...

car made 317rwkw and went 10.88@127...

still using jd plenum and the cooler and piping kit...

30-05-06, 17:25
Looks mint man!

30-05-06, 17:46
hurry up and get it back on the road!!! will have some more dyno tests before and after, just a plenum, piping kit and cooler, car is completly stock.

30-05-06, 17:51
no need to hurry me up.....

just look at ur datto and vlct..:D

then i will see u at heathcote..:D

04-06-06, 13:36
quikvl: Nice engine bay man, it looks extremely neat.
What runners were used on your plenum, n/a or turbo?

04-06-06, 21:13
turbo runners.....

Jamie will post prices soon...;)....wont u.

he has it atm making more so he can take more pics

04-06-06, 21:55
raditor alloy cover as in pic above, $100 polished alloy

05-06-06, 23:28
here a few pics of std plenum piping kits will work out price and post it up
is 2 1/2" from turbo to cooler, then 3" from cooler under raditor up over dizzy to t/b, all mandrel bent polished alloy.

07-06-06, 22:12
that looks very tidy, when u set a price can you pm me. im very keen

08-06-06, 14:14
hey jamie just wondering how my plenum is comin along cos this is all i need to start my new motor

08-06-06, 18:04
in the post tomorrow, should be there monday.

13-06-06, 10:54
Piping kits looking good Jamie, nice work man.

13-06-06, 17:39
price increase for plenums now $700
they have been the same price for
4 years, and the price of alloy has gone up a fair bit over last 6 months.

also price on the std plenum piping kits is $900 polished piping, intercooler, silicone hose and clamps

14-06-06, 09:37
$700 is still mega cheap.. to give you an idea on how much the price of alloy has gone up recently, all alloy wheels/manifolds etc from the USA have gone up close to 30% almost!!

20-06-06, 23:20
hey if i get one to run a stock vlt computer and after want to change to an aftermarket ecu is it easy to adjust? how much now that price has gone up for the plenum piping and cooler? cheers

20-06-06, 23:55
yeh very easy to hook up with std comp, can just blank it of with aftermarket comp later, plenum, piping kit and cooler $1350

21-06-06, 22:10
one note jamie dont take offence but something has to be done bout the holes for the plenum lining up to the runners

i have had big problrms along with other peoples complaints getting mine to line up im ok i have alot of tools to get me out of trouble

something to consider anyways

took me about 30 mins of ****ing round, setting up the drill press and marking all the holes

21-06-06, 23:48
should be stuff all to make them line up, i run a 10mm drill though the threaded holes in lower runners and thats it, i bolt them to a spare set of runners i have here everytime i make them??? ill post some pics up tomorrow

22-06-06, 10:44
Mine fitted with a minimum of fuss.

22-06-06, 20:10
heres a bottom section i bandsawed of the std plenum to use as a template i bolt these onto everyone i make, just fitted a couple last few weeks to cars and fitted straight up didnt even take runners of car, last pic is the n/a one bolted to plate and turbo one sitting beside it.

23-06-06, 00:17
do u make $700 plenums to suit the rb25 inlet manofolds

23-06-06, 10:30

13-07-06, 21:40
how much for a low mount one???

PM me please

14-07-06, 08:48
Can you give me a price for a custom plenum to suit standard ECU and turbo runners, standard throttle body (I can modify later) and the pipe from cooler to throttle body. Cheers

14-07-06, 19:17
std runner plenum $700
cooler to t/b pipe $200

15-07-06, 20:53
How do you get the standard ECU gear to fit the plenum. I bought a different plenum design off another designer off here ??? and he promised it would suit standard ECU but he was just joking....

Can you explain how you do it or include some pics. I'm keen to get one otherwise.

18-07-06, 20:46
well at the back of plenum...all the STD attatchments fit.

everything thats on STD one is put on ur one..

i will look for pics of mine STD set-up

19-07-06, 08:43
would be keen to see those pics.

19-07-06, 12:49
would also like to see some pics of the rb25 one with all the standard valves and hoses on it?

23-07-06, 16:16
What differences are there with using the NA runners or Turbo runners with this plenum??