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15-06-05, 14:23
what would be the max gph for a standard stroke carby 304? im keeping the rochester carby if that helps?

also which elec fuel pump is the quietest one out there can they be quiet ive heard some holley ones and its like someone has a jack hammer going on in their car.


15-06-05, 19:14
id guess somewhere between 200-300 rwhp, all depending on what kind of internals, cam, head work, etc. Don't know too much bout carbies but i know there's a few diehards out there that have seen half decent numbers from the rochester carby, but finding a good tuner here in Perth is pretty hard.

Just stroke it Dan :P
I have brand new 355 rods & pistons for sale, you know you want em haha

I know Gav's torana (2 FLY) has made just under 300rwhp from his carby 308, but has had a fair bit of internal work, and pretty sure he'd be running an aftermarket carby.

15-06-05, 19:49
Depends how much power you are expecting out of the motor. Carter pumps are quiet and depending on how much power you will have, a carter black would be the best option. They free flow 100gph at 15psi, so a regulator is needed.

16-06-05, 13:36
yeah cant quite afford a 355 hey snowy would love to, so a pretty stout 308 is on the cards. already got a bottem end just need to work the top. ;)

cheers ELA-re that waas the pump i was actually looking at haha cool. thanks dude

16-06-05, 22:01
Oops silly me i misread "gph" for "hp" haha.

17-06-05, 08:11
I use 2 carter pumps (carby 15psi and nitrous 7psi) on mine, they are much more quite than the holleys pumps. The Carter Black 15psi handles 320 rwhp no problems....

17-06-05, 12:43
holley's are tooooooo loud. Had a blue in my VH, i felt sorry for whoever was sitting in the back :p

17-06-05, 18:22
If you are looking for over 450+fwhp, then probably the best pumps to get would be a mallory 140 or a BG 220. The Mallory flows 140gph, comes with regulator and is quiet. The Barry Grant flows 220gph, but uses a return line, so it makes the pump more efficient and wont wear it out as quick. Ive got a Holley Black on mine now, goin to piss that off and decide on one of the two i mentioned above