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31-05-05, 16:53
quick questions example when you do stock mods to a VL Turbo straight away intercooler, reg, exhaust and big boost

what can be done to a V8 without rebuilding the motor?????

31-05-05, 16:59
Carby, Extractors, exhaust, manifold, ignition....

31-05-05, 17:01
what sort of a question is that come on.

well you can add a supercharger but not too much boost.

you can add exhausts, cai, there is lots of things you can do.

31-05-05, 17:03
oh yeah some cool stickers add a couple of HP aswell

31-05-05, 17:05
lol i was gonna say blower, but most ppl that ask these questions just want "Quick and easy HP gains"

31-05-05, 17:06
what ya reckon stock VL 8 put in cam, full exhaust sys, work the carb what power you reckon???????????

31-05-05, 17:09
not much.... best bet is cam/manifold/exhaust/carby/heads

Will free up a fair bit of HP

31-05-05, 17:15
depends on what cam and and how the car is tuned that will give you power. my engine is very mild got some unknown billet cam, higher compression and a exhaust. and i have 170 rwhp. so not much at all power. although its tuned for fuel economy not power out put. but if you get a big lumpy cam and get a tune for power then you will get much more power. but wont be a very smooth ride

31-05-05, 18:22
bahahah u dont buy a v8 for a smooth ride, what are you ghey? j/k :P

31-05-05, 18:37
how could anyone get used to or even enjoy a daily driven car thats so friggin lumpy thats it sounds like its gonna stall.

anyway joke taken.

31-05-05, 18:39
Especially if you got a shift kitted auto in it........

31-05-05, 18:46
For an efi V8 without cracking open the donk you would chuck the power steer and clutch fan go the thermos and whack on the old extractors and twin cat exhaust into a three inch dump pipe into single 2.5 out back,then you would mod the bottom of the airbox by swiss cheesing it with a drill then you would take it to a dyno shop and have him make you a custom memcal.

31-05-05, 18:51
Mate I think he is talking about the carby 304..

I agree about the thermos though

31-05-05, 19:06
He doesnt say,but with the carby its been covered before,stuff like exhaust,rochester blue print and match port the inlet manifold as well as the thermos etc,the good thing about the VL304 is the heads,small valve unleaded,still a V8 but not such a guzzler like a VK big valve head.

31-05-05, 19:23
Vl heads all came out with l34 size valves & induction hardened seats in the v8's it was only the vk's that had the smaller valves for the auto's, manuals had l34 or 1.94 in/1.6 ex. [talking about black motors pre efi]

31-05-05, 19:31
i heard somewhere that the VL v8s were the biggest guzzler of all the holden V8s dont know if its true. though just what i heard

31-05-05, 19:45
i heard somewhere that the VL v8s were the biggest guzzler of all the holden V8s dont know if its true. though just what i heard
Thats true because of all the emissions they had to have for the early developement of ulp.There an abortion to look at [motor] because all the emission hoses & crap everywhere.

31-05-05, 20:29
Nup small valve V8 VL

31-05-05, 20:34
Nup small valve V8 VL
Thats bullsh1t and if you want any proof send me your email addy or post up your info/proof

31-05-05, 20:48
got my heads off the VL v8 at the moment. its big valve

31-05-05, 21:00
call a engine machine shop they will confirm that all factory VL heads are big valves

31-05-05, 21:10
I concour....

01-06-05, 08:31
VL heads are definitely Big Valve heads...

01-06-05, 14:55
When I brought my VL 5.0 it was a 122kw stocker and I was sure it was a small valve donk with an auto,the last time a carby donk had big valves was the VK with the manual,except HDTs,I am pretty sure on this :cool:

01-06-05, 15:04
nup vl's all had big valve heads.

01-06-05, 15:33
Well the VK Calais 5.0 auto I had was a small valve the VL Calais auto 5.0 I had was small valve,the VL GROUP A I had was big valve,Newcastle holden reckon stock VL 5.0 were small valve and so did HDT in revesby when I rang them,stock 5.0 only came in auto with small valve unleaded heads.

01-06-05, 15:57
As i already said vk autos came with small valves, manuals & brocks came with big valves in the vk series. But vl's all had big valves.

Anyway can see i'm going no where so you believe what you will & i'll do likewise.
Back to the topic i'm sure he never asked the question about v8's to have this sh1t clutter/confuse his thread.

03-06-05, 07:13
I have factory Large valve VL Heads, they are LV2 Heads. :)

07-06-05, 21:46
Just had my VL heads off when rebuilding it a few weeks ago and they are the large valve variety ( car is a VL 87mdl exec). I would have upgraded them if they werent .


07-06-05, 22:16
How much power can you get out of a stock 5L with cam/exhaust/heads?