View Full Version : twin carbies

26-05-05, 23:53
some time soon i plan onbuilding a holden motor 383 stroker using a vn bottom end with about 550fwhp and aiming for mid 10s for my vl calais
iv done some searches on the net but cant seem to find many topics on the benifits of having twin carbies
can some 1 please outline the benifits on having twin carbies for me

27-05-05, 00:12
personally i would say the advantages being ultimatley more air/fuel mix with the ability to tune each carby independantly thus being able to optimise power outputs efficiently. Twin carbies also look tough as, although depending on the setup clearance issues can be a problem under the bonnet.

Downfalls i would say would be the annoyance of having to deal with 2 carbies let alone the complications of getting one carby right. After countless hours working on my carby, I now hate them with a passion, although my motor wouldnt run without one,..I personally would go fuel injection.

27-05-05, 08:13
stick with one BIG carb, say a Dominator or Barry Grant, less hassle to tune and less to go wrong. I'd only think about twin carbs on a tunnelram, or blower!