View Full Version : Good Carby Tuner

24-05-05, 19:04
Ok guys im looking for a guru carby tuner in Perth. I am still running the orig carby and it has all been re jetted etc etc but the 3 people who have tuned it so far have made a dogs breakfast of it

TUNER 1: Car ran sweet on idle and at low rpm, as soon as i mashed it flooded up and coughed and splattered

TUNER 2: Car ran like it had a blown 400 chev on idle, ran like crap (i didnt pay him for his work, he is trying to take me to court)

TUNER 3: Recon the carby and very happy with is work, except car runs super rich all the time and all i can smell is fuel

Come on guys you must know someone who you have used and are happy with



26-05-05, 18:13
i dont know what he is like at tuning and im not going to recomend him but he does do a lot of rods that are running carbies. pretty much he knows exactly what he is doing and all that work for him are mad rev heads. the work shop is maddington head factory. i guess if ya call him up and talk to him before taking ya car their maybe you might feel he may be the one to tune your car.

he did take for ever with my car and what was to take a week ended up taking 2 months. but he did come thru and have to give him credit for that.