View Full Version : v8 bt1 for sale

02-05-05, 11:23
This sounds like a very nice potential buy... its not mine, i just found it in the trading post... i was looking for a vl for about 5-6months and never come across one of these and now there's this for a good price and it hurts!!
So if anyone is after a v8 vl especially a bt1 this could be worth a call/look!

COMMODORE VL BT1, 1988 seriesII, auto, V8, c/lock, alarm, p/s, a/c, LSD diff, drop tank, white duco, Calais features, subwoofer, (RPI129), $3,500ono (0401)226011, Coburg.

02-05-05, 19:03
damn, $3,500, what a steal - pardon the pun!