View Full Version : info wanted about RACEMATIC

23-04-05, 17:38
ive recently bought a second hand racematic which seems to be a glorified version of a v8 trimatic, im just wondering what it would have done to it as i have a vk bt1 that ive built to have an estimated 500 rwhp and i dont want to have the hassles of blowing the gearbox the first time i drive it when i get my license back next month. any info would be greatly appreciated.

25-04-05, 07:39
Call Hugo at raceglides and Ask him, he will have built it. :)

25-04-05, 11:06
A racematic will contain,
V8 input shaft
6 friction Top Clutch
7 friction 2nd Clutch
Billet Steel Low/Reverse Piston
1 added needle roller bearing
Reduced rotating mass
Valve Body options- Semi Auto, Full Manual or Transbrake

25-04-05, 18:54
thanks heaps for that.