View Full Version : Removing non standard steering wheel ?

27-08-02, 10:24
Need to get aftermarket steering wheel off.. not so much the wheel but the actual boss, to replace indicator stalk. however the dudes at the suspension joint had the wheel of after they did a wheel alignment, and upon reassebly.. using a wheel brace, they did the nut up so tight its now even impossible to yank ot off, just bends the steering wheel... (looks bad anyway)

is there anyway I can get it off ?
will I be able to use a steering wheel puller on the boss.. or are they only good for genuine holden wheel ?

27-08-02, 10:38
You will probly have to use a stering wheel puller, there are all sorts of way to get them off but if your not carful you willknock your front teeth out, some people recon put your knees up on the dash and pull like **** some people say wiggle it, butthe only proper way to do it is with a "puller" go down to your local workshop they should have one, get them totake it off then put it back on (not too tight, not too loose) take it home and do your indicatorstalk thingy, then put it all back on properly.
WARNING: be very careful if you drive with the steering wheel loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27-08-02, 10:42
ta bro.. will have to go find a puller..
a good pull with the hands was all it used to take.. damn mechanics ~!!

27-08-02, 10:49
a good pull with the hands was all it used to take.. damn mechanics ~!!

Your leaving yourself wide open for a joke there mate :D :D :D

27-08-02, 10:53
are u stirring **** with me man.
yeah u wanna start a bit keyboard warrior action with the old exchaser !!!

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27-08-02, 13:45
:D nah man, nah man. I dont wanna fight. :D
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27-08-02, 17:53
I got my steering wheel remover from autobarn for about $10. It gets the boss kit off easily. To hold the thing that you put the bolt down onto to get the steering wheel off, i just put it between the boss kit, and the steering wheel, then put all those little bolts back on that hold the steering wheel on.

Hope you can understand that, because it was farking difficult explaining it. lol

good luck.