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03-07-02, 18:12
hey im getting a loud noise when i use my brakes but it doesnt happen all the times any ideas what it could be ?

im thinking brake pads or the disks!!

when i first heard it i thought my exauhst fell off and was scrapping

Red RB30 Jet
03-07-02, 18:32
Mate, I'd say it may be time to change pads or re-machine the rotors, Are you useing a good quality brake pad such as bendix,Bosch or PBR there are alot of cheaper pads on the market that are manufactured in 3rd world countries resulting in a poor quality pad.
Or maybe a stone or something got caught between the pad and the rotor causeing the noise who knows?. :roll:

03-07-02, 18:47
hrmm yeah i'd agree there.. u might be rubbing metal to metal.. not sure..
the brakes will make loud whining noise when they are really hot and u should notice that there will be a vibration in the pedal, about the time they start to fade..

did u hear the noise when brakin from high speed. ?

just take the front wheel off dude and make sure theres still more that about 1.5mm of friction material on the pads.. check them all tho, cause the more they wear out the start to wear unevenly, one might have 1mm left on it and the other will have nothin..


03-07-02, 21:05
how new are your pads?
if they are new they will need bedding in. do this with simple easy breaking , for a fair amount of driving first. no heavy breraking. it wont be break fade causing this. the pad will be not quite facing the whole area of the disk , therefore its jumping on and off so to speak , your disk may be getting to thin and might be starting to warp etc (overheating and being to thin). just check there size , get remachined , new pads and bleed all brakes. should solve ya prob. also is the booster getting enough vacuum.

03-07-02, 21:50
What exactly is the noise? Is it a grinding? If so, atend to it straight away. If you change the pads as soon as you hear the grinding, you should be able to get away without machining.
I just put new standard pads on the back of my car, and they are noisy as hell..the pad material is too soft, and make a shocking moaning noise when hot.

Regards, Andrew.

04-07-02, 20:43
thanks alot guys

ive sorted the problem it was my front pads its all been taken care of nothing to major $50 problem sorted in 10mins
thanks for the concern