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07-08-02, 01:09
Hey guys,

Just wanting an opinion,

I am thinking about putting a R33 gts-t skyline rear end complete under my vlt. IRS, stronger viscus LSD, adjustable camber, adjustable coilovers, larger twin spot brakes, HICAS (RWS, not that it will be used), and i should beable to run wider tires, 245's. I have one availible to me for a reasonable price and i'm a fairly handy engineer.
I'm building the car for street/semi-race.
I've checked it out and basic measurements show it should fit and is within a couple of mm hub to hub.
It's been done before and the car past engineers (artical on but it lives near me, a mate has worked on it!

What do ya's think? waste of time? Interested?

It would be cool :)

07-08-02, 08:32
If its not going to cost you too much go for it... I would be different and would be alot better all round to drive.. and launch!! :D

07-08-02, 09:13
its been done before, but using a cefiro IRS setup (japans maxima i think)

few pictures and what not there. IF you were to do it, you would have to be extremely careful, and i mean laser precision. If your off by a few degrees, the car could spinout, or not travel in a straight line, etc. Not good when you want to use it as a drag/track car.

Also, there would be other factors to look at, such as brakes and studpattern. you might have to change the whole brake system, or key components, to get a good feel and not loose stability under brakes. Donforget that the r33 has a different studpattern to the holdens, so you would have to sort out how your still going to retain the holden studpattern and so forth. maybe some engineered hubs etc are the go for this.

Judging from the pictures on that website, you would have to cut out all suspension mounts, and weld new ones which have to be very precise. If your handy with CAD, you might want to play with that first, just so you can get a simiilated effect

It aint no wakl in the park, but if you got the cash and motorvation, it might be worth it.

Also, just because the vl has a live axel, you might find that a ALL ROUND suspension package might be better, with less hassels than this IRS Rear.

Consider all options before you start unbolting and cutting metal out !

Why not buy a 200 dolllar vl wreck thats had it in the front hard, so you can play around with the rear and design it better if you do go through with it. Better spending 200 bucks on a stacked vl, than having to reshell because the precision of the eye and the design wasnt viable.

Food for thought, and i hope your hungry!

07-08-02, 10:37
..whats the advantages of IRS in a high performance car? How come the V8 supercars and top drag cars ditch the IRS for a solid axle diff arrangement? Are you really going to get a better set up for the amount of work involved?

07-08-02, 11:39
Dont bother with HICAS either. Theres no point having it thier if your not going to use it, and if you werem youd need a sepertae ECU setup I beleive.

07-08-02, 14:06
Thanks for the input guys,
I checked out gweeds site and i'm pritty sure i'll go ahead now! :D
As for my brake sys, i already have nissan 4 spots from a 300zx, the r33 rear brakes look the same as 300zx so i'm chasing the master cyclinder from 1, then i will have the complete brake sys!
I know bout the stud pattern from when i fitted the front brakes.
Buying a wreck sounds like a great idea, just a matter of finding one cheap enough!
One of the big motivations for doing this is the strength of the nissan diff, since i'm building a RB30DETT i don't want to have to replace a 4 pinion LSD to often, i can replace a whole nissan diff for a few hundred!

Thanks again 8)

08-08-02, 23:25
that would be great!!!!!!
i was surprised how easy it looked on that site. Although i am sure it would be far from simple it is a unique and interesting mod. Make sure you keep us updated if you go ahead and let us know of any headaches you encounter.

Good luck if you persue it. ;)

13-08-02, 02:18
87 calais i know of a guy in newy who will do this conversion for around $6000 its alot of money but it comes fully engineered and coil overs and eveything supplied

13-08-02, 15:37
What about getting hold of an Opal Senator IRS set up?? These are the ones Brocky used in the Aero & Director and is also fitted to the Monza.

13-08-02, 22:22
87 calais i know of a guy in newy who will do this conversion for around $6000 its alot of money but it comes fully engineered and coil overs and eveything supplied
maybe another day ;)

14-08-02, 15:58
i cant beleive gweedo actually turned his car upside down with that thing!!!
i would be sooo **** scared!

i larfed so hard when i first saw that pick but imagine how much easier everything would be if the car was upside down?!

no more sore arms and guessing in the dark!