View Full Version : vl rochester carby need re build

08-02-05, 21:24
i own a vl calais with a warm 304 in it still running rochester qjet which was brought out to about 650 , the carby is now out of tune and needs a rebuild
any suggestions on where to get it built some where in sydney area, im looking for some 1 who realy knows alot about them and knows how to build them good because there not the simpliest carbies to build
was going to get mr carbies (mal rose) but he no longer does them
any help is greatly appreciated
thanks guys

09-02-05, 07:57
Give Sams Performance a call

10-02-05, 07:06
have uou had 1 done there or know of sum 1 who did, what did u think

10-02-05, 07:54
I have not had one done there but I have heard of people that have gone there and been happy with the results. I had mine rebuilt by a guy in Melbourne, I can give you his number if you want. I stuffed around with mine for a few years playing with bit's and changing stuff. I wish I have sent it away when I first bought the car and I would never had had all the problems I did....

10-02-05, 17:46
ok thanks alot

10-02-05, 17:55
What exactly do you mean by bought out to 650? They are 750cfm standard.
Ive never used sams performance but from what ive heard at many forums over time they are just about the best at tuning these carbs.
If all you want is a rebuild kit put through it then you can do it yourself, they really arnt hard to rebuild.

12-02-05, 11:34
no they are 650 standard, i ment brought out to 750cfm _sorry bout that_

12-02-05, 23:47
Quadrajets are all 750 standard.
Except for some larger 800> ones.

13-02-05, 21:00
but are you sure that the aus 1s are the same as the usa 1s

13-02-05, 21:09
like some one said sams performance in padstow are rochester specialists 97723105

15-02-05, 22:08
sorry i may b wrong bout the size of the qjet have recently been told by a mate that they are 750 std. sory bout that
have found some 1 to do my carby
supposebly a genuis with qjets and would highly reccommend them...
carburettor services at burwood on p.matta rd
thanks guys

16-02-05, 19:04
Quaddy on a 304 is 630 cfm standard. They are also advertised as 650's

16-02-05, 21:45
piss it off and put a holley on it pieces of crap l hate e'm

16-02-05, 22:10
piss it off and put a holley on it pieces of crap l hate e'm
qjet when properley modified and tuned will piss on a holley all day long!!! :p

17-02-05, 22:25
they are actualy 730 std to be exact and a qjet when tuned probly is a shi+load better than any holley
can be brought out to 800 cfm
problem is finding some 1 to tune them
carburetter services in burwood is the way to go can tune / rebuild any thing

22-02-05, 17:56
well show me a car that runs 10 s with 1

22-02-05, 17:59
and then tell me how much it cost to set up.U gota no how to tune them to there alot easyer the hollies to get power out of wat u got my apinion any

23-02-05, 08:18
Pigsy there are cars around running 10's with a Q-Jet. Mine runs a low 11 now. Certain Holley's are easier to maintain by an inexperienced person but not necessarily any cheaper. It only cost me $400 to get mine setup properly. A Holley 6777 double pumper rebuilt would cost about the same maybe more. Plus mine still also has all the original pollution hooked up to keep to local constabulary happy and better fuel economy.

23-02-05, 23:00
mate of mine is getting a 355 motor built should have bout 460 at motor w/o nos and 560 at motor with nos and is running a qjet hopes to do a 10!!!!

01-03-05, 20:57
l got a 700 dp on a 308 l built with some godies in it it gets 400ks out of 65lts same as my vl and it cost me 200 s/h its just a personal thing l just dont like them and it gets floged everyday

24-03-05, 13:24
I had my Q-jet 650cfm rebuilt and tuned for 280$ .. some1 got riped...

29-03-05, 20:36
yer u did

30-03-05, 09:38
laf... u think?

30-03-05, 09:55
q-jets are a **** of a carby

31-03-05, 08:28
they arnt hard to setup... just play with it

01-04-05, 09:27
get a holley, more people know how to tune them better..

01-04-05, 13:42
q/j's are ****

01-04-05, 14:23
why are they ****? someone give me a good reason as to why they are **** and not just because they are harder to tune because that dont mean s**t.

01-04-05, 15:10
What he said.....!!!

why are they ****? someone give me a good reason as to why they are **** and not just because they are harder to tune because that dont mean s**t.

Ran a new PB of 11.2 with my QUADRAJET carbed motor at Heathcote 2 weeks ago.

02-04-05, 09:48
just put on a holly or dont be a tezzy and buy a BG demon..

12-04-05, 19:23
When they are in good condition a rochester is the only way to go,when someone tells me put a holley on it I just shake me head :confused: