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30-06-02, 15:46
There's been some discussion in here about converting single spinners to limo's on vl turbo's, anyway, trying to avoid 700 odd dollars for a new lsd centre, ive been having a look at other options.
One of these is a minispool. They get advertised for $100, unfitted obviousely, but was wondering if anyone knew how hard they were to fit, whats involved etc. Also the pro's and cons of getting one.

Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Another option ive heard of is locking(welding) the diff, any thoughts on this?

Thanks, joe

30-06-02, 15:57
Whoops arent i an idiot, read all the diff posts, XEPT the one about the minispools, :oops: any ways i read it now. think ill get a spool, if i had an auto id be a bit hesitant, but with a manual it should be fine. funny thing is, i have a na vl witha single spinner but it does lsd burnouts for some reason, diff must be on the way out. it recently just spun a crank bearing also (wonder why?)

oh well sorry for wasting your time

30-06-02, 16:11
ur diff oil might be down becoz it limos with a single when the spider gears heat up, mainly due to not having the oil there to cool them

30-06-02, 16:51
whats the difference between a minispool and a full spool ???
sounds like full spool is a bigger version of a mini spool - is this the case???

30-06-02, 17:41
a mini spool locks the 2 axles together replacing the spider and planetary gears...
a full spool locks the 2 axels together by replacing the WHOLE centre (crown gear and all).

30-06-02, 19:19
save up for the lsd, should cost about $600 installed. minispool is cheaper in the short term but they're a pain the butt. chews tyres, cop trouble, tricky (dangerous) in the wet!!

01-07-02, 15:13
lockers put a **** load of pressure on the driveline, and wear the tyres down a **** load, specially round corners. lsd is the way to go, it works out cheaper in the end.

02-07-02, 19:32
if ur after the whole locking feature of the diff, cant u get torque and speed sensitive diffs ?

i suppose this would cost but yeah !!

i wouldnt go the minispool either man, inappropriate for street use ey..
noisy.. as in cherp cherp all the time, possibly dangerous in wet/ and dry.

negatives far outweight the positives for one on the street.