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01-12-04, 21:21
hi guys, i just past my P's, so know i can start doing up my VL berlina, i was wondering if any of you guys could tell me where a good place to go to in Hobart area for a good exhaust system is, and what to ask for, as im not very sure about exhausts. i want it to be fairly throaty, so any help would be much appreciated, also if any of you guys have had one done, how much did it cost you?


01-12-04, 23:18
if u want throaty get a cannon and be a ricer, if u want some extra power i heard 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust with extractors (if not turbo) and gutted cat? i think thats about 700 depending on second hand or new.

02-12-04, 08:28
yeah mate go a 2.5" exhaust with extractors.
Or save for a turbo conversion if you're gonna eventually do it you may as well not spend money on the NA and put it towards the turbz.
Try Tas Suspension & Exhaust in Lampton Ave Dwnt Pk, (62724155) they'll do you a good deal.

02-12-04, 08:35
thanks guys, i will eventually get the turbo, its just that the standard exhaust on it is rooted and i wanted to sound a bit better than it does for the time until i get a turbo fitted up.


02-12-04, 13:06
Don't forget to leave some money over for rego, it's due xmas day :p

04-12-04, 18:34
dont gut the cat, just leave it or go hi -flow cat, no1 understands this is no good and creates a massive amount of turbulance in the system.

if you doubt my theory get onto google n research fluid mechanics, it is a similar principal to exhasts.

my friend got a mandrel bent 2.5 inch pipe off ebay for $300 or so i think. if you want throaty just run one strait-thru muffler and no resonator. it will be plenty loud enough. just look round u will find something. hope ive helped

05-12-04, 16:58
hey DEVL25, how u know my rego is due on xmas day, lol.

05-12-04, 17:11
hm... im in the same boat. Exhaust is gonna be my first mod. What Exhaust will produce the most HP and has a nice hum to it?

06-12-04, 09:32
........Try Tas Suspension & Exhaust in Lampton Ave Dwnt Pk, (62724155) they'll do you a good deal.

Ditto, go have a talk to Michael or Kevin ;) tell em i Chris from Colrain sent you! :D