View Full Version : Driving Events??

27-08-04, 13:39
Hey does anyone who lives at the good end(south) know of any driving events coming up. Like the one held at baskerville ages ago where they had 200m sprints and timed laps. Or if there is going to be another Dyno day soon?

30-08-04, 21:39
heres a hint...cos we up the top can drive, and have cars that actually go, the driving events are up here, symmons regular track days, tarmak, hillclimb at burnie....
hahaha just stirring, i'm sure your car would munch mine, but still, bring it to tarmak, i wanna see her go!

30-08-04, 21:54
I didn't say we dont have events, I wanna know if there are any soon:)

For the tarmak I have to get a few things sorted first but Darby has a new engine for the cortina(should be ready soon) so I will proberly go up when he and Mark races.

02-09-04, 13:25
It's not a "Driving event" but there is a custom car & bike show on at the Hobart city hall this weekend.
I'll be checking it out after work this Friday night.


02-09-04, 16:48
Ill check out the car show saturday night :D should be interesting.