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pos vl
27-08-02, 17:45
hey fellaz
my mate is going to get a 5 speed conversion done to his na vl and he's goin to get a gearbox specalist to do it just wondering wot a good price is so he dosn't get ripped. and cost for parts supplied and parts not supplied?
and it in the SE queensland area
thanx guys :D

Jet Pilot
27-08-02, 18:00
i think my mate just paid around 1600 - 1800 in north brisbane and they supply all the parts.. this was done in clontarf... much cheap to do it urself but then again not everyone can...
the wreckers in that area (redcliffe) sell the complete coversion kits for $950,. that was about 6 months ago.., so thats somethin to go by... for labour etc...

27-08-02, 18:07
hey .. can you please post in the correct forums.

28-08-02, 01:12
my mate paid $900 for his conversion kit (which i now have in my car). I believe it was an extra $600 to get it fitted, being $1500 in total supplied and fitted. If you can do it yourself, and have a weekend to kill, thats the way to go.