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28-07-11, 18:11
Tassy spotted thread

01-08-11, 09:56
saw a really nice eucombine blue over silver 5.0 vl calais in sandy bay yesterday. plates were something along the lines of GMH 087 or something.

anyone know of it? is the owner on here? looked really nice

01-08-11, 18:16
Yeah i know its a old fella who drives it mint as. I bought a mtb off his son the other week and he rocked up at my house in it. its real nice

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And he son is on here he doesn't use ct i don't think

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This is the one u scene.

jet lag
03-08-11, 20:48
spotted a white vl with a blue front gaurd, pink playboy seat covers with a commodore racing sticker on the front windscreen driving through ravenswood ,dunno if it was turbo or not

03-08-11, 22:22

08-08-11, 10:23
I scene a really nice vl calais white over silver mint as

11-08-11, 22:19
Dark orange/red vk in kingo yesterday. White S14 down the channel today

12-08-11, 19:47

jet lag
12-08-11, 20:36
the white over silver calais did it have tinted windows and vy hsv wheels??? if so its my old one was a 2 owner vechile when i got it and low kms very very mint if it was , regret selling it :(

13-08-11, 01:16
Is that the one in the paper at the moment for 15k?

13-08-11, 19:33
yeah i pretty sure it did have hsv wheels on it was mint. I didn't know their is a vl for sale in the paper for 15k

jet lag
13-08-11, 20:21
yep thats my old one in the examiner and he dropped it to 12k now in todays paper

13-08-11, 21:55
Is it on ebay or trader ? or just the examiner whats has it got done to it ?

jet lag
13-08-11, 22:06
na just the examiner, was stock apart from 3 inch exhaust and a pod, dunno wat sought of condition its in now though havent seen it in a while, i know the guy the bought it off me though, friend through a friend