View Full Version : Alby's Custom Powder Coating Service.. Pick up / delivery available

11-04-11, 14:28
Hey guys and girls..

Well working for the biggest powder coating company in Australia and as I also love my cars, VLCT inperticular I have been experimenting with coating various parts, covers and rims.
I thoughts it's about time I offered my services to the CT community.

Well enough chit chat, down to business.

Priceing is as follows.

Rocker covers: $50-100
Manifolds $80-140
Rims $50-70 each
Cooler piping sets $60-100

All depending on the amount of prep work involved with the job which will be quoted on a job by job basis.

I will also offer a pick up and delivery service for those of you that might have more important things to do.
(fees apply)

I have hundreds of colours available with pearl coats an option aswell.

Please remember that powder coating is not painting so colours will vary with name and brand. Matching colours to paintwork is near on impossible without a good sample.

I'm based in St Albans 3021 VIC.

Turn around time is 5-7 working days.

Here are some examples of my work.

So shoot me a PM, text or give me a buzz on 0413794660 if your interested or would like to know anymore about it.

Cheers Alby...

29-07-11, 16:26
Hey how long would it take to do my vlt rocker cover in black and send it back to hobart do u smooth them to

29-08-11, 18:40

Love my wheels thanks alby

29-08-11, 19:58
Hey mate, whats the strength of the finish like? I was thinking about getting this done to my cepters to stop the VLT hubbies scraping the paint off them when being fitted on and off

29-08-11, 22:17
RAW-GMH - Car looks really nice mate, a friend of mine saw you out on princess friday night and was admiring your car/wheels... lol.. Small world...

xAsh- - The finish is tough, probably more tough than being wet sprayed but in my opinion they would still chip, the force of the clips rubbing against the rim would be too great and they would be a tighter fit with the extra thickness of the powder coat.

31-08-11, 19:33
Lol yeah very small world

04-09-11, 13:56
is it possible to powder-coat plastic? e.g. interceptor center caps?

08-09-11, 06:17
Boostin01 - sorry mate but the only type of plastic iv seen powder coated is some high temp stuff but even then it was baking at about 110 degrees C, which is half that of steel.
So the answer is no sorry mate.

08-09-11, 09:43
pity your cant powdercoat wrinkle black :(

08-09-11, 13:37
pity your in vic :(

08-10-11, 10:17
Hey Alby, wheels came up a treat!