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02-03-11, 06:25
For a forum member LSX garage is offering special deals for the month of March ONLY.

VT-VZ 5.7 Mafless tune $500.00
VT-VZ 5.7 Mafless tune & OTR supplied and fitted $990.00
VT-VZ 5.7 Drive drive out Cam package + OTR $2900.00
Cam grinds are custom grinds from CAMTECH in Sydney, the choices are as follows
LSX-MS1 Mild street 1- can use with standard convertor or manual power from 1800-6500 (same grind as previously in my WK) can still use MAF, works best with OTR and full system returns good economy works well with standard compression

LSX-MS2 Mild street 2- Power from 2100-6800 rpm, can use standard convertor on autos but not recommended, works best with 3000-4000 convertor, OTR, 1-3/4 headers, high flow cats and twin system works well with standard compression

For more cam options call or PM me.

For Ford owner deals on X cal3 and custom tune.
(must phone for pricing)

10-03-11, 11:24
Got my otr fitted plus a mafless tune done yesterday by Brett. Couldn't be happier with the ways things went, I highly recommended LSX garage to anyone who is looking for a work shop that doesn't f**k around and gets the job done properly!

20-07-11, 22:07
I've used the camtech stuff before, they have a great lobe on them and make some good power.