View Full Version : How strong is my gearbox?

20-06-02, 15:54
When i bought my VL Turbo it had been converted from a auto to a manual. Instead of using the original turbo box, they used an RB20DET box from a R32 Skyline. That gearbox is now history and i have again had to put one of these boxes in (lack of money and availability of turbo box in Adelaide). Some people that i have talked to say that its a **** box and others say that its just as good if not better than the turbo box.

Can someone help me out here and tell me how strong my box is? :?

20-06-02, 18:56
They are complete pieces of ****, no offence intended, they are not designed for the power of a vlt and they are cheap and nasty like the motors they come off. A vlt five speed will set you back about $900, maybe start saving for one when this one goes. They are bloody strong and shift really nicely..

20-06-02, 22:26
If you really wanna go hardcore, chuck a supra box in ..... prolly gunna have to do something like that myself after the intercooler is put in.

21-06-02, 07:09
make sure u put in a supra turbo box not a n/a box the turbo box is more $$$ but alot stronger than the n/a, the n/a box is still good but not as good as a turbo one

21-06-02, 21:03

Here in NZ, the Skyline R32 GTS-T (RB20DET motor) comes with a VERY strong manual box! The manual box outta the GTS (RB20DE) is ****e - blown a lot of those, but my workmates and I have a turbo gearbox (from a RB20DET) behind a 866hp engine, and its never had a problem or made any weird noises!

25-06-02, 20:27
the VLT box is the 81 mm box fitted to late 300ZX.
in nissan speek they were RS581A commonly used in
navara/patrol etc but with 4.222 to 5.429 first gear ratios.

the new number FS5R30A 3.325/4.061 FIRST GEARS OPTIONS.
but i havent checked if the internal swap over to the old type.
the big problem was that the vl used a long transmision.

25-06-02, 21:43
DUZ THAT MEAN THAT WE CAN START USING NAVARA G/BOXES 4 A SUBSTITUTE 4 AS VLT BOX ??? A mate had a navara ute with an rb20 det in it ...went well .... it had a HUGE front mount cooler , hybrid T3/4 turbo , EMS computer & on 19 psi ..... HANG THE **** ON !!!! Anyhow , sorry to get offtrack , it used the standard navara box,tailshaft,&diff ...... he blew the box once though , as it was the original 300k box .... :) ;)

26-06-02, 19:09
I dont know but.
a import rb20/25det box my guess would be cheeper.i sold a r31 rb20det box to a friend for a VLT calais out of a got a hiding and had noisey front bearings [and still does].this had a braced casing but was the 71 mm box.
but if you had a dead vl box then you could use 300ZX/navara/urvan/patrol, donnor parts.
if you experts out there can tell me,as i havent drag raced etc[only rallying].for my conversions i go for a wide ratio box and tall diff ratio.
ie a normal VL has a 3.2 first,i use a 3.5/4.2 and a 3.45,3.36, my last VK 3.36 and a 4.2 1st,0.9 od.this allowed slow travelling without the VL hop.the ratios are even spaced except top.this is as i do a lot of highway stuff with the shopping center crawl.i drive heeps a cars doing services and i dont understand the logic of using closest ratio in a road car.
the original raios in the first release VL were 3.5 1st 0.75 od but these are rare [correct me??] for aust.