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11-02-10, 21:24
Located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs at Kensington, Leondis Racing is your local Speedflow dealer, with an in stock range of braided line, fittings, adaptors, weld on bungs and much more.


Our motorsport catalogue shows our full range of catch cans, surge tanks, oil and transmission coolers, silicone intercooler hose and more.

We also specialise in all areas of motorsport, including street, drag, drift, and circuit.

In addition, we also carry out all general maintenence and mechanical repairs for all makes and models.

We can taylor a package to suit your needs.

We have numerous vehicles over the 300kw barrier and regularly visit the race track with our customers.

Here are a few examples of some Leondis Racing vehicles:


And there are many more!!

We are known in the area as brake and clutch conversion specialists, so feel free to visit anytime, and if you have any questions we would be more than happy to help.

For all Leondis Racing & Speedflow enquiries please phone (02) 9662 6344
or call in to see our stock display at,
104 Anzac Pde, Kensington, 2033

Feel free to post any enquiries you may have on the thread and i will endevour to answer them as soon as i can.

12-02-10, 10:02
hey are you related to chris leondis?

13-02-10, 08:47
What kind of brake upgrades do you do for vl's?.

13-02-10, 10:44
What kind of brake upgrades do you do for vl's?.
yer im chasing the same question

13-02-10, 11:28
We have done numerous conversions pending on the braking setup required. Your VT upgrade is the most common conversion for a basic upgrade, including hubs, bearings, discs and calipers. For a larger upgrade to the VT we can fit the four piston caliper setup in much the same fashion as the VT (obviously larger discs), including hubs and bearings.
Packages are available
Call for more information on (02) 9662 6344 or PM me for pricing.
We can post conversion kits anywhere in Australia.

13-02-10, 11:34
pm sent

07-03-10, 15:43
Braided oil and water line kits now available.

This is a "full" braided kit including all fittings, washers, line and adaptors to suit top mount GT30/3540 turbos.


All lines are 100 series braided hose
Oil feed line is 200 series teflon braided line
All fittings are Speedflow.

This is a COMPLETE braided kit with everything you need to make all your water feed, oil feed, and return lines.
PM me with your email address and i will send you a complete itemised quote.
Kits are readily available.

Y-piece kits also available if you wish to return your catch can to the sump. All fittings and braid also available

07-03-10, 17:46
Steel and aluminium fittings are available (no stainless).
Have both style fittings to suit 100 series braided hose and the 200 series teflon braided line.
All fittings, adaptors, weld on's etc are in stock also.

10-03-10, 16:43
can u get bright shiny red silicone hoses for intercooler kits and can u get speedflow fittings that are ALL red, not red AND blue?

10-03-10, 19:39
Silicone hoses in red, blue, and black are available.
Speedflow fittings in custom anodised are also available as special order, and can be done in all black, all red, all blue, silver, and raw finish, or a combination of these colours.

10-03-10, 19:41
do you do a braided line and fitting kit for the vl t3 turbo inc. water and oil feed and return lines, can you send me a quote?

16-03-10, 18:45
PM sent.
Don't have a "kit" as such but am working on it for everyone.
Should be soon

25-03-10, 18:00
Have had many people enquire about photos on the 30/3540 "kit", so i have posted some up for everyone.


If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask and i will try to be prompt with my reply.

This kit is to suit 6boost manifold, meaning that there may be some slight fitment issues with the kit if other manifolds are used.

Hope this helps everyone.

31-03-10, 15:41
G'day, I need a price on the speedflow 1 way checkvalve for the bosch 044 pump (fits most bosch pumps) Cheers.

01-04-10, 05:38
-6 and -8 one way vavles available.
They are $57.72 ea + freight

01-04-10, 18:35
im keen on the gt42 oil return adapter and also the block fitting,

if you could let me know some details and providing the price is good i'll direct deposit ASAP

02-04-10, 18:45
PM sent

12-04-10, 19:27
what series hose do i need to run for pulp?
will be chasing a few bits and pieces for my fuel system shortly.
dash 6 &dash 8 sizing.

13-04-10, 07:30
100 series suits PULP fine.
Also have alluminium hard line with tube nut fittings which is a popular choice also.

25-05-10, 13:39
Gday do you do silver & black fittings?

Can you pm or post your email address have a fellow at work might want some pricing.

25-05-10, 14:05
PM sent

09-06-10, 16:16
how much is the gt 35 braided kit? i just got mine done locally this morning, bet your cheaper.

09-06-10, 17:59
PM sent E-Z

09-06-10, 19:33
100 series suits PULP fine.
Also have alluminium hard line with tube nut fittings which is a popular choice also.

What price can you do for me on the Aluminium Fuel line? Is there a kit available? any pics of the kit?
Sorry for all the questions but is the aluminium line good to use with E85 also?

10-06-10, 06:39
Aluminium hard line is fine for E85. The hard line comes in 12ft rolls. Tube nuts and sleeve are used on the ends to adapt dash fittings, for example, the 1/2 inch line runs the -8 tube nut and sleeve, so you can run the hard line from the rear of the vehicle to the front (perhaps the firewall), then adapt your braid to the rail. PM sent with pricing.

17-06-10, 12:51
how much for vl turbo oil and coolant lines on standard set up pm me or sms 0448677386

17-06-10, 15:32
Hey mate send us through some pricing on some ally hard line 1/2" also. Thanks.

17-06-10, 17:50
Sorry VXV8,
Haven't got a kit developed yet for the standard VLT setup. Will keep you posted, or if you know the particular fittings you need i can price them for you.

---------- Post added 17-06-10 at 17:52 ----------

Alloy hard line in 1/2 in (-8) is $45.93 inc GST for CT members for a 12.5 ft roll + delivery. Also have the tube nuts and sleeves in stock.

17-06-10, 19:37
I've noticed that most of the braided hose fittings are red & blue. Do you supply silver or chrome coated fittings.

17-06-10, 19:39
Custom anodised is available. Black fittings are available and also your choice of raw finish, silver, of a combination if you like. Eg: black/raw, all red, all blue etc.

01-08-10, 18:44
Have had a few enquiries about the oil drain y-piece, so i thought i'd post up a few pics for you all.
This enables you to return the oil from your turbo, and catch can.


Both the screw in and y-piece are in dash -10
Screw in is 3/4 npt -10 $17.30 + postage
Y-piece -10 $48.50 + postage

10-08-10, 19:36
what size fittings are used for the drain, -8 or -10?

11-08-10, 20:22
Dash 10 is used for the returns

12-10-10, 13:31
hey peter, you dont know me but i know of your work, im a good mate of Lee at PAS. i run the volvo work shop in Mascot, just wanted to say you do some amazing work, well done!

12-10-10, 16:19
Cheers for that.
A lot of time and commitement goes into all our projects so its good to hear some great feedback.

12-10-10, 18:44
ill be seeing you shortly im picking up a vl i bought in melb in a couple of weeks ill be getting some work done, ill swing past over the next couple of weeks thanks bud.

26-11-10, 16:20
As some up and coming events draw closer, we have decided to have a pre christmas sale to help people get there cars up and running with some finishing touches.

Speedflow Braided line and Fittings have been heavily discounted, so feel free to pm or call for pricing.

Some pricing is as follows to suit 100 series rubber braid:

Dash 6
straight hose end $10.60 ea
45 & 90 deg hose ends $26.50 ea

Dash 8
straight hose end $12.50 ea
45 & 90 deg hose ends $30.80 ea

Dash 10
Straight hose end $17.30 ea
45 & 90 deg hose ends $38.50 ea

Top mount 30/3540 braided kits are also discounted

These are just a few in our stock range, so pleae feel free to enquire about other hose ends or fittings.

Pricing does not include postage.

These discounts are till christmas only, so make sure you get in quick.

25-12-10, 20:52
Bought parts off Peter the other day, very good prices, replied to my emails right away, great service. Supplied me with anything I needed to setup my catch can, turbo oil n water lines. All speed flow fittings n braided lines. I recommend him to anyone that needs fittings, braided lines etc. He also supplied me with a catalog of everything he sells, will be ordering more parts in the near future.

11-01-11, 09:48
hey mate can u supply a speedflow fitting or adapter to suit the RB30 rocker cover breathers so i can fit a 90 degree -8 or-10 or do i have to use the weld on fittings? also can u send me some pics of your catch cans cheers

11-01-11, 16:12
I generally use the weld ons for the rocker covers in dash 10 and i can also supply the fittings to suit.
As for the catch cans, i will send you a pic.

17-05-11, 07:58
Hey guys,
while cleaning the workshop i realised i don't need the RB25 cylinder head i have here.
It's off an r33 skyline.
I have the cylinder head, complete with valves, springs, retainers, and standard cams.
I have the exhaust manifold also, but no other accessories such as rocker covers, cam gears etc.
Make an offer if you like and you can pick it up from the shop.


19-05-11, 20:30
$100 and ill pay the freight to adelaide.
mob: 0430507683

19-05-11, 21:47
lol - thats just nasty

Looks in good nick Pete, should get more than that for it.

20-05-11, 18:31
I'm chasing a little more for it. It's come off a running car but i would obviously get it serviced before putting it on a block.
With freight i dont mind just as long as the courier picks it up from the shop and its all paid for prior to pick up.

jet lag
31-07-11, 20:50
do you do oil filter re location kits mate for the rb30?

01-08-11, 06:55
We have the oil cooler kit blocks but not the relocation blocks. If you manage to find the relocation block, we can supply fittings to suit.

01-08-11, 07:46
would be worth getting a few cnc machined up out of billet alli, would cost about $80-100 each

got me thinking it might be worth drawing one up in inventor later

08-08-11, 18:42
Another satisfied customer. Peter is very easy to deal with, I would recommend him to anyone wanting top qaulity service.

08-08-11, 23:33
highly recommend peter (Rb30 Braided lines ready to go for your high mounted gt3540r with all the fittings you need) Great service and ill be seeing him again shortly

04-10-11, 16:12
whats the price on the 35/40 high mount lines and fittings kit please mate.

04-10-11, 22:56
im interested to know as well thanks

05-10-11, 06:33
PM replied to both CSL FLY and PUMBA

05-10-11, 11:34
would also like a pm for the above to please

05-10-11, 16:09
PM sent

05-10-11, 16:13
my inbox is full and cbf deleting msgs..

cheers for the pm price is good will be intouch.

08-02-14, 10:06
guessing youre not in business anymore?? if so, Im chasing a factory oil return fitting, that screws into s2 vl engine, cheers

09-10-14, 10:11
Hey mate I'm after a -4 oil feed line setup for my journal bearing gt42.