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15-01-10, 10:11
Sorry guys, no longer have time to be doing this for a while.

15-01-10, 16:27
what type of porting options do you provide?

i will be getting you to make a box for my two earthquake DBXi-12D

not sure if they need a ported box or not havent botherd to look, have a off the shelf thing atm and its got massive bass but i feel it could be better

any pictures of one you've made?

do you provide the terminals for the box or what method do u use?

also what thickness MDF do you use? and typical weight of box?

cheers Trev and all the best with this new venture im sure you will go well :)

15-01-10, 19:53
PM'ed ProTig.

16-03-10, 18:11
Hi Champ,

I am currently looking at importing an KICKER S18X D2 SOLO from the states. Just wondering if you would be able to make me a sub box for it? (Its going into a BA)
I am not too worried about price therefore I want the box to look neat and presentable (carpeted etc)

Also what type of box do you recommended for maximum performance for this sub? (ported, sealed or bandpass?

cheers in advance.

17-03-10, 09:40
Have you got some examples of what you done , Maybe interested

17-03-10, 10:12
Im looking to put a slimline sub in the passenger footwell of my navara, is this something u could do?

17-03-10, 11:59
Hi guys, what would you recommend for a cheap/decent quality sub (preferably in a box) & amp combo for under $350?
Also how much would it cost to make a typical sub box for a 12" sub?