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09-04-09, 19:20
-This advertiser has people awaiting products. Until they are received I would be cautious when dealing with him.
-Once his current orders have been delivered I will let you all know.
-CT Admin

Hi everyone i would like to introduce my company to everyone on CalaisTurbo, ProTig Fabrications specializing in parts for RB30's and VLT's.

Here are some of the products on offer!

Custom RB30 Race intake manifolds ,complete with Billet 80mm throttle body

Custom twin feed 14mm fuel rails,
With either -an fittings or barb fittings.
$250 ($150 with plenum purchase)

Complete custom 3inch aluminum Intercooler piping, with silicone joiners and t bolt hose clamps. to suit 600x300x75/100 cooler and the above plenum
Intercoolers can be arranged for 220 extra for a 600x300x76

Under car aluminum surge tanks,
Complete with
3x -6an push on fittings, in choice of of either blue/red or black/silver
1x -8an push on fitting

Single outlet $325 twin outlet (comes with extra -8an too) $345

Or with barb push on fittings to use with hose clamps

Barb fittings pictured below

Custom Polished aluminum catch can made to suit where ever you like.
choice of barb or -an fittings, complete with filter choice of red or blue.
Barb fittings $200
-6an straight push on fittings choice of blue/red or black/silver $250

Fuse box one, -6an

Chassis rail one -8an

another -8an chassis

Custom alloy airbox Complete with lid
to suit either 4"/3" pipe or a AFM,

Custom rb30 rocker covers,
Number of choices here, these prices are you supplying the cover other wise add 50 ontop for a core charge,
1)-6an fittings welded on in std position $50 +post
2)Lines welded, Filled and linished with -6an fittings welded in std position $100 +post
3)Lines welded, filled and linished, old fittings welded up and linished flat, -6an fittings welded to the back of the rocker cover

Below is number two with -8an fittings and polished

this one is a work in progress, but has had the lines tig welded up, Holden linished off, factory breather holes filled, and then -10an fittings welded to the rear of the rocker cover. It is also useing 180degree -10an proflow push on fittings.

two PTE proflow -6an 90/120degree push on fittings choice of either blue/red or black/silver 60/70
can arrange to have these Polished, PoJwder coated or painted 2pac also for extra. And also larger fittings

Keep an eye on this thread as we will be adding more products constantly.
Pictures of all items will be up soon.

Contact can be made through either of the following
or call/SMS me on 0420314413 please no calls after 7pm but.
Cheers Trevor.


11-04-09, 11:32
will you be doing any packages with plenum/throttle body/fuel rail/cooler/piping to suit?

11-04-09, 11:46
:) .

11-04-09, 11:51
Plenum's and intercooler piping sound good. Do you have any pics of your products.

11-04-09, 12:17
cant wait to see some pics very keen on surge tank

11-04-09, 12:48
trev u sly prick lol i like your rocker cover ideas, i want pics dude....good luck

11-04-09, 13:18
Here is a little sample of ProTig's welding:

11-04-09, 15:12
trev u sly prick lol i like your rocker cover ideas, i want pics dude....good luck

i cant take credit for them you know that, talk to me on msn later i got a couple things to discuss with u :),

Thanks for the pics Tim :)

heres some more pictures of the lower control/trailing arms i did for Tim using ETM/duz360's brakets.

Will have pictures of everything within the next week,
sorry for the delays.

VLT 88
11-04-09, 15:50
keen for pics too!

11-04-09, 16:30
Some pics of the Intercooler piping
with this one the goal was to have the cooler completly hidden, the AC is removed and the cooler is a 600x300x76 with 3" inlet/outlet, the goal was achieved :)

obviously being custom piping can be made to suit with ac and the cooler hanging down.

Can i get some feedback on what people are most interested in as i will make a few of each so that they are in stock

Also this are custom parts so if u wish to have things changed around slightly that is not a a problem, so if u want bigger fittings or what not just let me know and ill adjust the price accordingly if needed.

11-04-09, 16:37
Is your intercooler piping a no holes type and are you willing to ship to NZ ?

11-04-09, 17:22
for the plenum as pictured above it requires one hole cut just in front of the battery tray, but if your willing to run a thermo fan i can make it no holes, may cost a little bit more sure to needed more bends.

unless your wanting it to suit std plenum? then i can do no holes easy. ill have to work out the cost difference as it needs more pipes/bends but would be done in a smaller diameter pipe (2.5"). I'll have to find out what shipping to NZ would be as i hadent factored international shipping into the 450 delivered price and id add the diffrence.

PM me with what you are after, ill look after you best i can.

cheers Trev

11-04-09, 17:57
cant wait 4 da pic's ill be getting some stuff aswell

11-04-09, 18:52
what is everyone most interested in?
as i will work on getting pics of those first.

if theres anything else anyone wants just let me know and ill make it up for them if i can.

11-04-09, 18:58
what is everyone most interested in?
as i will work on getting pics of those first.

if theres anything else anyone wants just let me know and ill make it up for them if i can.

interested in catch can where the fuse box would normally sit. When i smoothd the engine bay I removed the bracket that use to hold it. would i need this to fit your catch can?

11-04-09, 19:31
normally i have a tab there and that is screwed onto the braket, then two other tabs near the rail that get screwed down. i can make the tab a longer so that it will reach down then it would just need a small hole and screw.

heres some progress pics of one im working on atm, im just waiting on the fittings to arrive for it.

will have pictures of it finished tuesday night,

pretty much this is what its like

11-04-09, 20:30
Keen to see some pics of the fuel rail.

11-04-09, 20:44

sorry for the crappy pic ill get a better one soon.

those PTE Proflow -6an 120 degree push on fittings are not included in the price but i can source them for extra,

11-04-09, 21:24
will those injectors fit a normal RB30 fuel rail?

11-04-09, 21:27
will those injectors fit a normal RB30 fuel rail?

no sorry they are a 14mm-14mm oring type injectors.

the above fuel rail will bolt onto std runners.

11-04-09, 21:39
and will the injectors go into those fuel rail and in the runners?

11-04-09, 22:30
yes thats correct

12-04-09, 22:55
the intercooler piping, is it to suit your plenum or stock?

and can it be made black?

12-04-09, 22:59
It is to suit my plenum but for a little extra can be made to suit std.

Piping can also be powder coated in any colour you wish.

13-04-09, 10:32
Trev made up the straps to suit the fuel cell I purchased from him. I havnt got around to getting them polished yet but fitment is perfect and it doesnt move a mm! ( (

13-04-09, 14:45
Haha, everything looks great Trev.

You already know I'll be wanting one of everything. ;)

13-04-09, 20:39
Hahahah thanks Tim :)
what ever you want its yours :P

13-04-09, 20:45
Any airbox pics yet?

13-04-09, 22:35
will have pics of one up sunday night at the latest.

aswell as the undercar surge tank

14-04-09, 16:11
definately interested in pics of the undercar surge tank.

14-04-09, 18:36
Will have pics up by the end of the weekend :D

14-04-09, 23:17
hey i am keen to see these rocker covers you have to offer

also with the catch cans can you make them to fit any other places if people dont wont to have to move their fuse box's

15-04-09, 13:10
do the injectors ur selling fit into std fuel rail??

15-04-09, 15:01
No, the injectors are 14mm O-ring types, not the hose tail type like VLs.

The fuel rails advertised in here will take the advertised injectors, and te fuel rail can also be used to convert to running these type of injectors.

15-04-09, 18:27
That is a good price on the injectors guys,i shopped around and payed $465 for a set.So $450 is a bargain.

15-04-09, 20:21
Pictures of the Finished catch can :)

should get pictures back on the weekend of it on the car :)

15-04-09, 20:35
That is a good price on the injectors guys,i shopped around and payed $465 for a set.So $450 is a bargain.

I couldn't find anything under about $1170 for a full set, so it's definately killer.

Trev, can you do the catch cans with the fittings on the firewall side, 90 degree bends? So you can run the lines to the rocker breathes along the firewall? Uber neat and shizz?

15-04-09, 21:13
yeh i can do that no problems would just need to make the tank a little skinnier,
but u can put 45's on these ones as they are now so they go to the firewall first. That's what the idea was withthe fittings relocated to the back if the head ruin all the suprisers :-p

15-04-09, 21:15
yeah ill get pics up as soon as its on my car. ;)

15-04-09, 21:22
I thought you'd have to do that, makes sense. Awesome stuff, will save a heap of room.

15-04-09, 21:24
Where's my rocker covers?

15-04-09, 22:08
Nice work Trev, I wish you all the best, I really do.

Now, I wouldn't mind seeing some of your own ideas and work instead of somebody elses ;) especially the "Race" plenum and that fuel rail pictured.

That particular fuel rail does bolt on to the standard na runners but take a closer look and you will notice on the plenum you bought off me along with that particular rail, that the mounting holes have been repositioned to suit that rail. It is impossible to use the standard mounting holes with a billet extrusion due to their size (and I have used more than a few different ones) if you want the correct angle for the injectors to seal properly. Hence the reason I do not sell rails seperately as the runners needs to be modified for it to can use that as another piece of free advice like the rest of it I have given you over the countless hours on the phone answering all your questions/investigations.

Trev (or anyone else) please don't take this the wrong way, I am actually trying to help you out so you are aware of what is actually involved. I could just let you go about it your own way, but like in the past I am happy to help out, you learn from my discoveries....regardless if you try to use my work and/or designs as your own.

I simply think, the more modified cars, the better.

Again, seriously best of luck.

Custom Plenum Creations
Designed............inhouse and by me and me only ;)

PS - no I won't bring up anything we talked about over the phone, im just going by what I see in front of me and thank you for the heads up to those who called/sms'd me regarding this thread.

16-04-09, 05:28
Where's my rocker covers?

LOL give me the samples and I'll make you a pair :-p

Ariel, that rail was the very first one I made after I stuffed the one up that you supplyed me ( it was 11mm and I changed njectoers to 14mm so I had to redrill it but went to big and wouldn't seal on a couple so I made another one) that is the first one I did but I am in the process of getting custom L brakets machined up so that the STD points can be used.

The race intake is similar to yours in the sense that it is a short runner design utilizing velocity stacks, however the main key differnce is that I am using a 4 radioused base insted of a flat one like yours, and as you know the velocity stacks are tapped, that's a big pain in the ass as the hole needs to like an oblong. But hopfully it should yeield great resultys in the flow department.

And regards to the phone convertsarions il remind you what they were about, payment/when it was arriving, Aac alignment, tps and about the fuel rail cause I uograded to 14mm.

And as for designs of my own I have been wanting to do this for quite a while now dating back to when the first under car surge tanks were made and then jdcustom beat me to the punch with his ones which were along the same lines as what I was designing but now his going to say that I stole his design also, or if you ask anyone that really knows me the heat sheids and air boxes that I was desigining and then brightline came in and released theirs , which is why I decided to put this thread up a bit premature but albeit a bit to late too. And put my social life to the side so that I can focus on the business yet with very very little profit ontop because like you I enjoy seeing modded cars and just want to makes people dreams of what there car to look and perform like.

The way I look at it the more people offering the parts the better as not only will it give them more options and bring the pricers down so they get more for their money.

16-04-09, 11:18
dont be scared to chop me out a couple of EFI 5L rocker covers trev :)

16-04-09, 11:24
kane i no where there are a set of turbo manifolds for sale for your car for cheap!!!

16-04-09, 12:31
would be great to see the flow results, i wouldn't mind comparing similar designs

totally agree, nothing wrong with competition, just like to see other peoples ideas and not my own.

Again, wish you all the best

16-04-09, 12:50
Areil would it be benfical to do them on the same bench? Ifso I'll send one up or can pm them to you once they are in, I was going to make a flat base one just to back to back test them, pm me of you like. My velocity stacks are 36x110 off top of my head are you using the same?

16-04-09, 12:51
remember what we spoke about trev ;)

16-04-09, 13:25
Oh I do all the time Ank ;-)
I haven't forgoten

Kane Add me to msn of your keen and I'll talk to you tonight. Quick qustion though do you know if any others are already on the market if Not I'll get base flangers cut if there is enough market for them.

16-04-09, 14:45
trev you have pm :D

16-04-09, 20:08
i have the same flow bench as areil??? as i put him onto the place that sells them, bring it down here ill test it for ya.

17-04-09, 06:15
PM's sent :)

17-04-09, 17:36
any pics of these plenums

17-04-09, 18:22
Hey mate check your PM's on your other account.

And at the end of the day customers don't really care whos designed what. They care about the price and quality each person has to offer. So whoever can provide the best of both would be the more successful.

17-04-09, 18:57
PM replyed :)

dont want to get pics up of the plenum till its been flow tested to make sure all the angles are correct for even flow :)

17-04-09, 19:02
Hey mate check your PM's on your other account.

And at the end of the day customers don't really care whos designed what. They care about the price and quality each person has to offer. So whoever can provide the best of both would be the more successful.
I think the person whos design was copied would care, no?

GL with it all anyway Trev

17-04-09, 22:07
well said....

Trev - dimensions, no way LOL. After 5 years of doing plenums, over 300 of them and approx 10+ different rb30's ones alone, I found things out the hard, read expensive way. Yeah plenty of $$$'s went into it, but the satisfaction of knowing you have done it all yourself can not be replaced.

36mm is the size of the runner all the way from the head to where the plenum bolts up. My bellmouths are designed to continue the same taper from the top of the bellmouth bead all the way to the entry of the head so that means modifying the base aswell, its not a simple weld on and forget.

Jamie's (JD Custom) is right, we have the same flow benches which compensate for variances in atmospheric conditions. Give or take 5cfm, there should be much of a variance.

18-04-09, 01:26
I think the person whos design was copied would care, no?

GL with it all anyway Trev

I never said they wouldn't care, I said the customers won't and would be more worried about the price and quality. But yes the person who designed it would care, at least it proves a good design if that's any compensation.

But to be honest I don't no who designed what so I can't say much :)

18-04-09, 01:35
well the design of that particular fuel rail has been around for years even before Ariel designed it it just hadnt been "adapted" to the rb30 intake manifold.

should have pics of the undercar surge and air box by sunday night.

18-04-09, 09:49
Guys, heed this as a warning. No one is attacking you in your own threads so stay out of this one and let Trev sell his products. If you have an issue with anything feel free to pm Trev or myself. Further antagonising will result in further action.

18-04-09, 15:44
thanks Brett :D

19-04-09, 09:44
Do you sell Angel Eye conversions for VL headlights?

19-04-09, 09:53
Nah havent made a set of those in years.
if your serious, you should be able to find some ccfl ones on ebay with the correct OD that will fit in, then just mount them inside the lense.

19-04-09, 11:23
this is the catchcan fitted. i am very happy with it trev did a great job will be buying from him again for sure.

19-04-09, 19:08
Thanks Matt :)

Btw is that an orig colour or been resprayed?
looks awsome and the bay is spotless aswell :D

couple pics from today couldnt get a vl down to the shop so the surge tank had to wait,

Also first prototype of the Airbox was made but a few changers will be made and will have another pic up of the new design tomorrow night.

btw if any one wants this one im selling it off cheap at $110 delivered, with mounting tabs, fully welded up and polished. its to suit std afm and 3" mouthed pod filter.

Also progress pics of a custom intake manifold getting made up for a customer (car was un-drivable so had to have lots of measurements done lol)

So tomorrow night will have pictures of the finalized air box design :)

19-04-09, 21:03
yeah been resprayed not the factory coulour its a gun metal grey. keen to see pics of an air box finished and fitted.

19-04-09, 21:55
Even though I'm good mates with you Trev, that catch can looks immaculate.

You know I'll get one when it's time, with the mods to it I mentioned earlier. =D

20-04-09, 20:18
hey, does your under car surge tank suit a wagon, if not can you fabricate 1 and rough pricing.
cheers caine

20-04-09, 20:37
I'm making one to suit a wagon if the sedan one does not fit it. Just need to get the cars down to the factory. Wiki have a surge tank ready this week and the wagon one also if differnt.

The airbox a done haven been home yet to post a pic should have some up in about 45min :-D

Also price would be the same caine :-D

20-04-09, 21:40
I'm making one to suit a wagon if the sedan one does not fit it. Just need to get the cars down to the factory. Wiki have a surge tank ready this week and the wagon one also if differnt.

Also price would be the same caine :-D

Pics of the new airbox

20-04-09, 21:42
does the lid come off?
also any pics of it fitted?

20-04-09, 21:51
will have pictures of it fitted in the next couple days,

lid is welded on as it looks neater then having lots of bolts ontop,

will have tabs on the outside, or for people willing to take the front headlight out, will have 3 holes drilled so the std mounting points can be used.

the air filter clamp is done up by a 12mm access hole in directly underneith.

this one still has to be polished.

20-04-09, 22:05
should look the goods once fitted but i wouldnt mind one with a removable lid.would make it easier to fit and change filters. ill try to think of a neat way to have a lid. good work trev

21-04-09, 14:47
Thanks matt, just let know what you want and I'll look after you :-)

21-04-09, 18:23
would you be able to get some pics up of you plenum?cheers danny

21-04-09, 20:18
i should have pics up late next week of the plenum sorry for the delays

pics of the airbox polised

22-04-09, 21:04
i want an intake pipe made up for a stock t3 to airbox

ive got 3 kilo's of peanuts

24-04-09, 03:40
hey mate have any picktures of ure plenums there not showing up... cheers

05-05-09, 14:23
Bump for plenum pics!

06-05-09, 21:28
Get your finger out and get pics done...

better yet, get one finished, and put it on my car and then take pics ;)

11-05-09, 17:58
Ahaha, sorry for the delays guys, my plenum chambers had a delay at the metal folders, they should be all rolled up at the end of the week, and should have pictures next weekend.

I'll have a new design airbox coming out very soon, alot more user friendly.
The front will be curved so that it follows theradiator support panel perfectly, the air box will mount using the STD mounting positions but tightens from underneath as the lid will be welded on. And a 13mm access hole in the lower section of the airbox to do up the hose clamp for the pod filter. Should look the goods in the bay as I wasn't happy with the straight edge aganst the curverd one of the radiator support panel just didn't look right and also means you won't be able to see the pod filter at all in the engine bay.

11-05-09, 20:21
Also keen for undercar surge tank pics

14-05-09, 22:26
looking forward to seeing plenum pics also =]

15-05-09, 15:54
Ill get some up asap.

heres rocker cover and intake pipe i did recently

22-05-09, 12:13
rocker cover looks mint.

26-05-09, 12:17
any pics of rocker covers with the fittings welded onto the back? and can you do these in a -10 or -12 ?

26-05-09, 13:29
still no plenum pics?

30-05-09, 11:35
Some pictures of a dump pipe that i did for a my99 WRX

sorry about plenum's been to flat out with other jobs that take priority atm

30-05-09, 13:14
The WRX pips looks neat saw it last night along with the sound! Immac :)

30-05-09, 22:57

31-05-09, 10:43
does the battery need to be moved when using your plenum and piping kit?

also if getting the piping kit and cooler does it come with brackets to mount the cooler? do you have pics of how its mounted?

and bump for plenum pics =]

31-05-09, 12:54
battery can stay, but will need a slim one,
did you want the cooler to be hidden or hang down?
if hidden AC needs to be removed, and i will supply brakets.
and if you wanted it to hang down like in your display picture, it just mounts on the panel under the headlights like all other coolers.

also pm sent.

31-05-09, 13:31
Wheres my intake pipe and when you fixing my 3inch you assjew. dot dot ?

31-05-09, 13:35
when i can touch your ass ;)

when u bring the car to the factory :P

31-05-09, 15:27
Exhaust well do then! :) mr PRO fig... tig.. LOL.

Are you going to make up any rad covers?

31-05-09, 18:31
maybe later on mr bogalishous

31-05-09, 21:29
any pics of the airbox fitted?

and plenums sound they are going to be mint bro cant wait till you finish it to see pics =]

Cheers Matt.

01-06-09, 07:11
Hey Matt thanks, not of the newest design, I have some of the 2nd type but I'm not happy with how it looks, will get some of the new design asap have to get the curve right on the radiator panel.

eats 8's
01-06-09, 18:13
more pics of rocker covers with fittings keen azz

02-06-09, 08:07
i should have a -10an one with lines filled in, holden off, and polished back from the polishers by the end of the week.

02-06-09, 13:41
Pictures of the installed intake pipe Protig made. I will have pictures of the rocker cover installed on the weekend. The intake and engine bay need a bit of a clean but cbf. It looks really good in person as well. ( ( (

03-06-09, 21:13
Sneak peak of the plenum ;)

Oh btw looking really good Shaun :-)

04-06-09, 10:20
Oh btw looking really good Shaun :-)

Thanks mate, looking forward to the rocker cover going on as soon as i get that catch can installed :)

07-06-09, 11:02
another catch can still gotta get polished, this one goes betwen the fuel lines and the battery, just above the chassie rail.

07-06-09, 11:13
Ill get some up asap.

heres rocker cover and intake pipe i did recently

Did u weld that intake pipe?

07-06-09, 11:46
yeh, i did?

07-06-09, 12:43
good stuff....wouldn't mind seeing some close-ups of those welds on the catch can.

07-06-09, 13:13
I'll get some in the next couple days as it's at thefactory still

07-06-09, 13:22
yeh, i did?

Was that from when u were first startin out? No offence mate but they are a mess. Please dont take offence constructive critisism. You are don the vlct community a boost. ;)

07-06-09, 13:54
Yeh that one I couldn't get nice welds on it dunno what was up with it. Think it was because I didn't clean it all before I welded it and it was contaminated , I actualy gave him a credit note for that.

07-06-09, 14:59
Hey mate. How's the airbox and plenums coming along?

Also are you going to do any heat sheilds at all?

07-06-09, 15:21
Pictures of the finished plenum up on the weekend,

Airbox I have to get to the vl to get the stencle made up so that it follows the radiator support perfectly

Yeh I'll be doing exhuast heat sheilds I'll be making some up but still deciding what way I want to do them, I'll have one style made up next weekend

Let me know how you go when you get the date

07-06-09, 17:19
sweet as bro. cant wait to see them =].

and yeah dw i'll pm ya as soon as i find out.

07-06-09, 20:41

i wanna intake pipe

and a heat shield made up for a stock setup

u can use my ****box to show ur parts

13-06-09, 01:08
I had Trevor modify a CT26 flange to a T51 outlet flange and it came up a treat.

Good customer service, always willing to have a chat about cars and mods - I'll be back for more work once I get the turbo and wastegate mounted :)

15-06-09, 20:47
any progress with the under car surge tank for wagons?

17-06-09, 18:59
u dont make alloy fuel cells do u? if so how much

17-06-09, 19:06
hey mate can i get a price for a catch can to be made. can u make it to hold 500-700ml just a completely sealed unit will be good ill make the fittings. thanks

21-06-09, 10:01
hey mate, how'd ya go with the plenum?

21-06-09, 10:14
its done, just waiting to get polished

21-06-09, 11:01
also curious for undercar surge tanks for wagons

21-06-09, 12:42
im keen for a polished and lines welded rocker cover with the fittings on the back for the catch can just wanna see pics first :)

21-06-09, 14:10
any progress with the under car surge tank for wagons?

also curious for undercar surge tanks for wagons

Ill get onto it this week i have a wagon at my disposal atm,

im keen for a polished and lines welded rocker cover with the fittings on the back for the catch can just wanna see pics first :)

will have one done in about a week or so.

hey mate can i get a price for a catch can to be made. can u make it to hold 500-700ml just a completely sealed unit will be good ill make the fittings. thanks

PM sent

hey mate, how'd ya go with the plenum?

getting polished this week :)

22-06-09, 18:08
sweet as cant wait to see finished pics :)

22-06-09, 21:28
after its polished...

put it on my vl to take pics

23-06-09, 18:06
lol what, and then conveniently leave it there ?

25-06-09, 22:51
half polished, half blasted, just for a different look. ignore all the sh*t on the runners, thats jsut coz i didnt wash my hands after work, got a bit excited and started playing with it (THE PLENUM!!!)

trev can get better pics up tomorow, just thought i'd give you all a sneak peak first ;) ( ( (

25-06-09, 22:57
not to bad travvvyyy

26-06-09, 07:23
Thanks Ben :-D

That's the bigger fcking Elmo i've ever seen!

cheers ank, should see you tonight too.

26-06-09, 23:06
Looks good champ :)

27-06-09, 10:02
lol what, and then conveniently leave it there ?

then my bonnet latch brakes

27-06-09, 21:26
What advantages/differences are they from a CPC plenum??

27-06-09, 21:49
Well i cant say if it flows more or less but i will release full details on mine once its finalized(independently tested), then its upto CPC to release his details(tested by him self i believe), other then that, cheaper price and looks ( you be the judge if it looks better/worse?)

i will be doing a group buy at a cheaper price, once i get the final design.

Price comparison betwen mine and CPC

CPC Race, with 80mm throttle body, billet fuel rail, Polished $1950 plus shipping

Mine, with 80mm throttle body, billet fuel rail, polished $1400 plus delivery

the group by will be around the 1k shipped,

also offer full intercooler piping kits, with intercooler(or can source your own)

28-06-09, 11:41
very nice indeed. i'm def up for one of these, but wont be for a little bit yet, still got more fines to pay 1st.

28-06-09, 16:52
please don't compare this with mine....there are too many differences....coincidentally too many similarities as well

ps - all my flow testing is done independently, my flow bench is still in pieces

28-06-09, 17:22
Yeah guys, they're both independant advertisors with their own products. For one of them to directly say their product is better than the other's is anti-competitive behaviour. It's up to you what you buy guys.

Looks great Trev!

28-06-09, 18:06
nothing wrong with competition but you just cant compare this to mine ;)

28-06-09, 19:24
any plenum can be compared with any other???

28-06-09, 19:31
yeah ok lol

28-06-09, 19:57
Bit of a lovers tiff here.. hahahahah!

Looks good Trev, lets hope yours flows good.

Ariel did you get your fixed up after they kept leaning out? Did you re design them?

28-06-09, 20:14
lol leaning out...which plenum/car are you talking about ?

28-06-09, 20:32
I just scrolled thru the pages and the stuff looks real good. Have you got any pics of under car surge tanks.

28-06-09, 23:57
nothing wrong with competition but you just cant compare this to mine ;)
bit of a price difference. they both look good regardless who made them just depends what people want I guess.

30-06-09, 09:16
totally agree, no doubts about that..i suppose it comes down to originality of design and who has actually put any thought into or has it just been copied ????

30-06-09, 11:03
man havent you got your own thread to post in?

If there is a breach of copywrite, sue him. If not, STFU

30-06-09, 11:07
thats what i was thinking kane!! seems isl33p is going out of his way to give it to trav instead of trying to improve his own design

30-06-09, 12:23
any pics of rocker covers with the fittings welded onto the back? and can you do these in a -10 or -12 ?

Still waiting for a response or even an acknowledgment of my post, over a month ago! Hope this is not a indication of your speediness with manufacturing and sending them out !

30-06-09, 12:26
call his mobile he works during the day then has a hour + train trip home so if you send him a txt he will get back to you after work :)

30-06-09, 21:00
Still waiting for a response or even an acknowledgment of my post, over a month ago! Hope this is not a indication of your speediness with manufacturing and sending them out !

Sorry about that i must have missed your post,

-10 and -12 not a problem

heres pictures of a -10 one,

they are 180 degree fittings, something i was toying with in my mind and thought id give it a try, normally would use 90degree fittings,
i orig made the rocker cover to use 90degree fittings then, but space seems to be right to clear the firewall. that will be painted alpine white.

also im not sure if i will be offering the rocker covers fully polished anymore, as some of the castings are really bad and asoon as you start to weld porosity comes up, (lil holes in the metal) looks fine before its linished/polished, but after it doesnt look the best.

30-06-09, 21:07
trav you working tomorrow ?

30-06-09, 21:10
yeh be there from 630-1730,

30-06-09, 21:14
maybe you should get off at huntingdale and get raptor to pick u up and ill give you the gtr part

also bring me some aloy thats at least 5mm thick big enough to make a flang for a t/b??

01-07-09, 05:49
I'll get it off you this weekend, and give you some 10mm-15mm thick alloy

probly Friday night or sat day?

01-07-09, 13:27
maybe you should get off at huntingdale and get raptor to pick u up and ill give you the gtr part

also bring me some aloy thats at least 5mm thick big enough to make a flang for a t/b??

sms me ill drop round after work, i work in brighton man .

07-07-09, 19:03
Anyone got pics of the chassis rail catch can fitted to a vehicle?

07-07-09, 19:24
Undercar surge tanks? Price/ Pics Cheers Steve

10-07-09, 21:41
pm sent


10-07-09, 22:31
Anyone got pics of the chassis rail catch can fitted to a vehicle?

i've been waiting for customer to get back to me with them.


i will be making on up with -10 fittings but it will be in a VN.

Undercar surge tanks? Price/ Pics Cheers Steve

PM sent

pm sent


PM replyed :)

also newest rocker cover i did -10an option 2 fully polised

11-07-09, 00:35
Love sent. :p

Weld me a 350rwkw beast? Forgive me, b'day drinks.

11-07-09, 00:36
make me a sheet metal ball bag

25-07-09, 17:45

28-07-09, 09:47
hey trev...try get some pics of ur plenum in the bay...some nice big ones so we can see wat they look like :D

good job on everything man

28-07-09, 13:14
frced 6 where u been all this time

08-08-09, 21:21
hey mate can you pm me the best price you can do 4 a plenum and fuel rail 4 me thanks?!

08-08-09, 21:28
PM sent :)

08-08-09, 21:45
hey mamo i need that aloy man flange time man ill give you the 26 intake part you need also to USE

16-08-09, 08:30

16-08-09, 15:17
LOL @ you last night trying to polish..

Can we schedule friday @ the factory?

16-08-09, 16:21

yes, yes we can

18-08-09, 21:52
hey man

could you chuck up some more pics of the fuel rail?

23-08-09, 20:14
any process on the new airbox designs? or the exhaust manifold heatsheilds?

23-08-09, 20:51
Wow top work man yer intrested in a heat shield set the firewall one and turbo heat sheld chromed or polished to the **** houses please :)

06-09-09, 13:14
Got some photos of my intake pipe Trevor Made up last night for me.

Put them up champ :)

10-09-09, 20:23
any one got pics of the plenum fitted

13-09-09, 15:15
thanks for today trev! all i gotta say guys is trevs service is awesome and his a top bloke! more then willing to come out and help out! looking forward to getting the piping all up and the heatshield cant wait!

13-09-09, 19:02
do u make intake pipes (afm to turbo ??? also do u have or know where i can get a 600x300 (or bigger intercooler core

13-09-09, 19:57
hey man,could i please have some measure ments of the oil catch can thas sit where the fuse box sits.thanks

13-09-09, 20:35

what measurements do u want to know?

15-09-09, 18:39
the length of the box

15-09-09, 19:13

i can customize it also to how ever u want

17-09-09, 13:47
Nice pipe, looks clean in my bay!

Soon he will have them ready to go off the shelf sort of thing guys!

17-09-09, 16:48
can mandrel bent 90 degree bends for 30 bucks each from s.a marmo if your buying a heap at a time it would be worth it the donuts are pos

17-09-09, 17:25
Mandrel bend are all long radius, to do intake pipe u need short radius bends trust me I'd much rather use mandrel bent sections but it's not somthing that is possible with stock low mount and factory airbox

25-09-09, 21:59
some more pics

25-09-09, 22:02
marmo ill get you the details man you can get tight 90's ;)

25-09-09, 22:26
like 50mm CLR tight in 3"?
as all the 3" stuff i can find is like 100mm+ clr

would be a big help :D

26-09-09, 21:42
would u post the fuse box catch can to WA, if so very keen, just gotta get a few things sorted first, then will enquire further :)

27-09-09, 07:23
yeh postege is not a problem

05-10-09, 19:04

And a sneak peak of my car with a customers plenum test fitted

on the customers project car

05-10-09, 19:18
just a bit of constructive questions....The TB isnt pointing too high is it?

05-10-09, 19:21
nah clears easy :)

08-10-09, 15:39
are you able to do a no holes kit to suit the plenum still?

09-10-09, 21:04
Yeh can do a no holes cooler kit for it :)

09-10-09, 21:34
marmo how thick is the sheet metal 3mm 4mm?

10-10-09, 12:31

10-10-09, 16:20
marmooooo u doing surge tanks at all? pm me man

10-10-09, 16:59
Is there a reason the TB points to the sky? Wouldnt it be better suited at a downward angle?

10-10-09, 19:53
it looks good like that if it pointed down it would change the whole shape of the plenum i think that shape of the plenum looks tuff!

10-10-09, 23:28
resone for the plenum sitting like that is that its sitting square with the engine i didnt want to make any compromises in flow,

Yeh Srb, pm sent :P

11-10-09, 00:24
marnoi i need you to come do my tank fore my water to air man

12-10-09, 17:57
3mm, what if my motec exhaust back fires and popes the intake..

12-10-09, 19:00
Well then bend over and apply lube.

Yes it could split with a nitrous back fire but better IMO then having schrapnel flying everywhere and mostlikly the tb would be open and not much would happen if it was a minor one "hopfully"

But like I said earlyer comes with a garrentee on the welds, how ever on the event of a nitrous back fire I think it would only be fair to ask that the owner pays postege IMO but can all be sorted out at the time

12-10-09, 19:30
i would not offer that with nitros man not even hypertune does!!

13-10-09, 18:04
can u make trumpets? pm me ;)

13-10-09, 18:23
Im guessing you need the battery removed with that plenum??

13-10-09, 18:36
Pro747 I'll pm you when I get home

Matt, u can fit a slim line in there, and I'm pretty sure with a custom tray a STD will fit too I'll double check for you

13-10-09, 18:56
cool cheers mate.

13-10-09, 19:11
just checked only slim one sorry :(

13-10-09, 19:36
bummer im after one that can leave the battery in the standard position.
thanks anyway mate

13-10-09, 21:21
the rocker covers u have in the picture ( the one with the breathers in the rear ) can u make me one and have it polished if so please pm me a price cheers

17-10-09, 18:55
will a standard size battery be able to be used with no holes piping with this plenum?

19-10-09, 11:38
trev the piping fits! awesome job man! cant give you enough thumbs up for ur job and service! this guy is awesome! i wasnt sure it would fit up but it does lol! all i need now is the heatshield and 4inch 45degree pipe for the air intake off the turbo ;)

19-10-09, 18:42
haha marcin, your were fair keen to get those pipes on huh? didnt mess up your front bar on my driveway too much last night did you? i cringed when i heard it

20-10-09, 10:21
Just got trev to make me a plenum with ls1 coils mounted underneath, custom catch can, throttle body and fuel rail. Awesome work! Great prices too! The inlet is a farkin big one, i hope it fits in a 31 engine bay.... time will tell!


20-10-09, 13:09
lol nah ben bars fine only rubs just a lil bit lol im used to it now :( its a pain in the a s s

23-10-09, 17:13
you got a pm

Peeekn 86
17-11-09, 21:07
got any pics of your undercar surge tanks ?

17-11-09, 21:13
are you adding your own brakets to hold the fuel rail on ? the ls coils are a nice fit under there are they bosch coils man what are they worth ?

woops edit i can see the brakets now there SOO polished i couldnt see

18-11-09, 05:03
Not to sure what brand as such they are but they are LS1 coils, so I'm guessing they would be Bosch?

Seem to be pretty popular I'm making another plenum ATM with them mounted under it.

Re surge tank I haven't had time/ the need to make one yet but should be doing one soon I'll update thread when I do :-)

18-11-09, 16:58
can you send me a couple of pics of the undercar surgetank as im needing one to start putting my car back together,
Cheers, arron

18-11-09, 18:15
hey Arron, making one up this weekend ill post pics up then, pm me for my best price ;)

18-11-09, 21:17
i'll put up some pics of all my goodies after i get them to show off your good work :)

18-11-09, 21:35
as will i

18-11-09, 21:38
"3)Lines welded, filled and linished, old fittings welded up and linished flat, -6an fittings welded to the back of the rocker cover"

i want this, but i want the holden symbol left on and painted black rather than red.

Pm me a price

i will supply rocker cover also

18-11-09, 21:57
could u post pics of the surge tanks. interested to see what they look like.

20-11-09, 12:41
Hey i mailed the rocker cover off to you today mate, still waiting on the PM from you with your bank details though. so let me know and ill chuck the cash in! cheers

20-11-09, 12:53
whast the price for a smothed and polised rocker cover?

20-11-09, 13:08
he's doing me a rocker cover cheap as, the lines welded up, fittings relocated, and painted, for $135 + 5 postage return. i rekon thats a good price as ive seen them sell on ebay for 200+

smoothed and polished i imagine would be cheaper

20-11-09, 13:21
i dont think so alot more work in smoothing and piolishing

24-11-09, 19:32
Ill talk on msn ank

couple things latly.

new design Intake pipe for vlt, have a jig made up now so fast turn arounds :)

and a better picture of the the fusebox catch cans :)

24-11-09, 20:13
items look very familiar, thanks heaps for those parts, there wicked, now i've just got to fit them on.

24-11-09, 20:18
No problems only felt it was fair :)

let me know when u do :)

24-11-09, 20:19
welds on the catch can look good champ

24-11-09, 20:23
Undercar wagon surge tank is the next thing im after Protig? PM me a price

25-11-09, 04:27
On a wagon thebrake line is right next to the filter so that's has to be moved out of the way( easy job)

28-11-09, 07:04

Peeekn 86
01-12-09, 19:43

Cheers for my surge tank ^^^^^^^^^ looks awesome

01-12-09, 20:53
hey bud wat would i be looking at price wise to get the followoing made up to suit a super6 vx calais
*power steerin bottle
*rad overflow
*and a catch can that mounts to the passenger strut

cheers james

02-12-09, 20:13
Hey guys just letting you all know from now till newyears day there will be a 30% off everything sale.

to be fare this 30% doesnt apply to prices i've already quoted as i've done my best on them already for you :)

and also i will be donating a catch can of the winners choice(to suit what ever car spot they want) to sirgeo to give away as a prize as a raffel

Cheers TCJ

02-12-09, 20:18
top stuff mate. ill have a browse through the thread and see what i want.

02-12-09, 20:54
hey man do u do timing covers at all???
i want one chromed to suit rb30..

and a price on ur overflow bottles plz for vl

02-12-09, 21:10
PM sent :D

03-12-09, 07:26
You shall be hearing from me closer to christmas ;)

03-12-09, 14:59
Looking forward to it :-)

50% deposit it enough to secure the these prices

03-12-09, 15:34
Are you able to fabricate some stuff for me that isnt for a vl? Pm me bro


03-12-09, 16:28
Are you able to put up pics of your plenum piped up in an engine bay

03-12-09, 17:45
Yeh will do when I get home :-)

04-12-09, 17:35
hey mate im chasing a catch can but i dont wont one that goes where the fuse box normaly does! what else do you do??

04-12-09, 18:09
anywhere you like or can think of :)
can do one behind the front bumper if you like, and have it hidden? or under your plenum?

06-12-09, 15:26
underneath plenum would be nice but theres not much room im using a jpc intake what have you made before and do you have any pics?? cheers brendan