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24-03-09, 18:23

For any Enquiries or Question, feel free to call me (Phone: 0401 187 414)

-Product 1

Stainless Steel Airbox that has been designed to keep engine temperatures and dust away from your engines Pod filter, resulting in lower engine temperatures and longer time between Pod Filter cleans. A Standard Airbox normally sell for $250, but for everyone on we are advertising them for $210.

Our Airbox's are the Best Quality, Value, and Workmanship on the market, (also with the most options to suit each individual application). With our contoured baseplate that meets up to factory sheetmetal, fully welded 304 stainless steel construction, option of removable lid and cold air induction pipe. We challenge you to compare our airbox design to any other on the market and you will see/understand why we are currently the best. Read Bellow for more infomation

Note: You have a choice of 3-inch or 4-inch Pod filter mouth.

Our Airbox has been designed to simply bolt into the factory mounting points of the standard airbox, and Airflow Meter. (No Modifications required to vehicle)

Airbox has been designed to encorporate drag use, once passenger side headlight has been removed, the Airbox is designed to catch cold air around your air filter, resulting in more performance from lower intake temperatures and higher cold airflow.

Add a lid to your airbox to keep 'unwanted' inspecting eyes off your pod filter, and add an additional heat and dust barrier off your air filter

A Cold Air Intake is an extra option for your Airbox (added $60) that will increase the performance of your VL by the direct flow of cold air to your airfilter, also resulting in cooler engine temperatures. (Intake Diameters can be either 3inch or 4inch)
Note: A Hole must be cut through metal work, but has been designed in a specific way that once original Airbox is refitted to vehicle the hole cannot be seen.

To sum that up to make it simple:

-Standard VL Stainless Steel Airbox $210 (Outside Walls in a Brushed Stainless Steel Finish)
-Polished Outside walls of airbox (as pictured) = $60
-Removable Lid with allen key bolts = $60
-Cold Air Intake Pipe = $60

Note: for the guys and girls not running a airflow meter, we can fabricate 3 or 4 inch pipe instead of the airflow meter mount for no extra cost.

We are Happy to post Australia wide, we'll charge postage costs at a case by case basis to prevent overcharging people, or undercharging ourselves.

The Airbox fitted up

-Product 2
The item is a Stainless Steel Exhaust heat sheild designed to suit the standard VL turbo exhaust manifold.

The exhaust heat sheild has been designed to replace the ugly/ordinary looking original one, in my experience most of the original ones have been lost, or are cracking and falling apart.

The heat sheilds are $259 and include nuts, bolts, and washers required for mounting. (DIRECT BOLT ON FITMENT)

Once again we are happy to post Australia wide at a case by case basis so no one is over-charged and we are not undercharged.

26-03-09, 09:38
Ok cool. The airbox would look pretty sweet with a lid on it. I will let you know when I can get one and try it out.

26-03-09, 19:56
I have Whiteline parts on my car.

Oh, sorry, BRIGHTLINE...

29-03-09, 17:36
how much for fuse box trim seperate?

14-04-09, 21:32
can you mount a 044 directly to the surge tank have you got any pics with it all hooked up.
cheers Luke

14-04-09, 21:48

is the fusebox trim, the whole lid in stainless or just the top bit?

also, do u supply the whole lid or just the top trim if it is a trim?

and is there a pickup option, and if so where from?

14-04-09, 21:53
For the first month we will be throwing in a stainless steel fuse box trim with every purchase, obviously it doesnt do anything other than bling up your engine bay (For more pics of our items visit
pm sent

15-04-09, 20:42
no worries mate let me know when you have it.
cheers Luke

22-04-09, 10:15
that looks mint any pics of it fitted? whats it worth?

22-04-09, 11:37
Looks sweet Jeremy I'm stoked!
I'll be sure to get some pics up of it installed.

22-04-09, 12:02
that looks mint any pics of it fitted? whats it worth?

also interested in how much would like 1 of these.

23-04-09, 09:57
I'll get one up in a couple of weeks :)

03-05-09, 20:33
A couple of weeks is up, any pics?

03-05-09, 20:58
not yet, car is still in the workshop

11-05-09, 21:37
Also interested, keen on the istalled pics

11-05-09, 21:56
this is the only one I have at the moment, wil get more higher res pics once the car is out of the workshop..
Very happy with the airbox, it's a quality peice of work!
Click to enlarge


14-05-09, 19:13
No worries dude, I'll be sure to get some pics up once the engnie bay is 100%

28-05-09, 16:08
Just thought I would post up these pics of the sexy box man. Let me know if you want me to post up more. All I did was cut the intake off to fit the pipe properly and welded the pipe to the box directly. Nice work with the box mate.

29-05-09, 22:21
yes and no, seems alright when dosing and when it doses loud, you dont tell as much but it seems like when you are dosing its echoing a bit more, sounds almost like darth vader or something :P or something that would be on star wars :P

04-06-09, 18:40
pm sent

04-06-09, 19:56
Mr vl,
do you make the plate that go's over the top of your radiator, it looks like your car has one, and one of your id tags is missing :)

14-06-09, 13:28

Almost finished, just another one of the smick airbox ;)

15-06-09, 21:03
looks good m8, u're doing well with it.

15-06-09, 22:12
love ur rocker cover lol tahts the 3rd one ive seen ive got one same :D rare as ;)

16-06-09, 07:39
Cheers dude :)

22-06-09, 10:31
Pm sent.

08-07-09, 11:39
Pm Sent

15-08-09, 13:11
Bay is completed, to say I'm stoked with the airbox is an understatement ;)

16-08-09, 02:58
I really like that airbox setup!

16-12-09, 21:56
just thought i'd post this for the time being, got my airbox about a week ago, looks great and we dummy fitted it, will be posting up picks in a month or so when all the pipes have been fabricated and everything is plumbed up to show how good these things look.

16-01-10, 15:26

new heatshield installed, very happy with it, looks awesome. thanks alot

20-01-10, 21:18
dang i think i might have to get 1 of them 2........

22-01-10, 18:03
am very happy with the purchase thanks mate. yeah i got mine from jd customs but they need to be stuck down. some ones that like clipped or just slid over the 3 bolts from the struts would be cool. so you could just take them on and off easily.

28-01-10, 20:24
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28-01-10, 23:55
hey mate have u got strut tower covers made up?

29-01-10, 04:55
How much for the ehaust het shield extended down to cover up a bit more of the turbo ?.

29-01-10, 18:44
Wicked man . Could you make like a "u" sleeve that rests on the turbo piping?.

31-01-10, 21:19
hey mate do you do no hole intercooler piping?

02-02-10, 23:30
make up some strut tower cover smate, some sexy ones :P

15-02-10, 20:04
Hey, excellent.

If you could show me one fitted to an engine that would be great, or else send one over and ill test it out for ya. HaHaHa.

But honestly, fit me one up on an engine and ill consider one if im happy.

18-02-10, 10:01
I'll have one of these shortly :D

18-02-10, 15:45
hey, are you able to make catch can where the air box sits
thanks gerry

19-02-10, 13:44
anyone got any videos of their car with the air box fitted would like to hear what it sounds like

20-02-10, 21:01
Hey Guys and Girls

Heres a few pictures of the NEW designed heat shield installed on my engine. Also all mounting holes were in perfect spot fitted like a glove. A+++ looks fantastic.

23-02-10, 22:52
VL TURBO NATIONALS would like to a big thanks to Brightline for coming on board with some prizes at the event.

He has also secured a trade stand and will have products on display and for sale on the day.

We have updated our website with your logo and link.

Thanks again for your support!

Events Organiser

01-03-10, 22:43
hey dude u made any strut tower covers??

04-03-10, 06:38
Hey Jeremy

As far as i know that air breather on the catch can has to return back to the intake manifold where the original piping was connected to from the rocker cover to the manifold.

As i ran a breather and my car idled really low when it was warmed up.

04-03-10, 10:13
this stuff looks really good so how much should i bring to the vlturbo nations als with me i recon i will want 1 of evrything lol

23-03-10, 17:53
Hjey dude what can I use to polish my shield when I install it cause I got finger prints on it?.

How much to have the vt to vl seat things too lol?.

23-03-10, 18:21
I can vouch for the welding job of my seats. They do not budge, shake or rattle one bit. Very happy with the work done

Here are some better pictures of it. _n.jpg

27-04-10, 14:17
Will those airboxes work with the stock style bend off the turbo intake and how much are they again?.

27-04-10, 14:24
im pretty sure they dont have a pipe to the standard setup and that airbox yet but they will.
but when they are ready ill be getting one. how much will the radiator covers be and will they come polished??

28-04-10, 09:18
are you still planning on making a pipe that replaces the standard intake pipe because i dont have the standard pipe and have my airflow meter in a different spot??

86 gmh
28-04-10, 13:00
hey mate just wondering if you have ever made up a cover that goes over the air inlet for the a/c / fan . Theres normally just a black plastic cover that sits over it.Something done in stainless would be pretty sexy.

28-04-10, 19:14
The brightline girl you had there on the weekend is dynamite.

VLT 88
28-04-10, 19:16
agreed!!! already commented on facebook, but damn! u know those moments u buy something because the girl selling it is mint? happened to me at the nats with your radiator cover lol

28-04-10, 20:03
When's your next event? haha. Easily hottest female within 100km of the weekend.

28-04-10, 20:13
you have a very fine looking misses definatly caught my attention haha,

28-04-10, 20:35
Saw your products on the weekend. You have some nice stuff for sale mate.

28-04-10, 21:31
Could you do one to suit HQ V8 ?

28-04-10, 21:57
Do u make the rad covers for a vr ss. Also after a catch can to suit a vr ss to go in the position where the factory airbox goes. Need one to cover the 100mm hole I cut under it since I now gone to a single plane manifold.

28-04-10, 22:03
Saw the products on the weekend, looked great. Glad I picked up a radiator cover trim on the weekend! Just have to get around to fitting it...

28-04-10, 23:11
agreed!!! already commented on facebook, but damn! u know those moments u buy something because the girl selling it is mint? happened to me at the nats with your radiator cover lol

haha gold

28-04-10, 23:20
whats are the bank details tiger ill taker a rad cover they are fking smashing baby!

29-04-10, 02:00
Might pick up one of the radiator covers in a couple weeks I think , they look sik

07-05-10, 22:11
Hey Jeremy

Sorry I haven’t contacted you sooner but as you could probably imagine I have had a lot of loose ends to tie up and some long awaited family wanting a small piece of my time.

But Id just like to take this time to say a HUGE thanks for your support with the Inaugural 2010 VL TURBO NATIONALS. Your prizes and efforts were greatly appreciated by spectators and the winning contestants alike.

Once again without your help and your out on a limb attitude to support the new event, along with others just like yourself it definitely would’ve made our first year just that little bit harder.

The reviews we have received from people Australia wide have been very positive and people are already asking where and when the next one will be held. We look forward to holding the event in 2011 and hope that you too would like to be a major part of the next!

We have no hesitation in recommending yourself and business to anyone within the VL community and abroad. Till then speak soon and we wish you well with your business enterprise.

PS. Your display at the Nationals was beyond belief. Top job mate!

Regards Steve

17-05-10, 19:16
hey mate
thanks again ill post pics soon
remember 2 post photos of gauge holders u make....

25-05-10, 19:25
awesome to deal with def looked after me, and top looking product, def reccomend to every1 here, top service thanks ill post pics up soon mate =)

25-06-10, 16:35
My cover turned up today thanks Jeremy.

These are really well made and having a good look at it you can see you have gone the extra mile to make them faultless!

Anyway here is some pics for those interested.

02-07-10, 12:03
I will take one of those 3 gauge 2-5/8 gauge holders, they look trick!!!!!!!!!

Brushed satin non polished please.

+ postage price to Brisbane & your bank details please!



hey any chance you can do those radiator covers brushed satin as well?

10-07-10, 23:39
Hey Buddy me again

I cant remember if i asked you or not as its been a while,

Did you do or can you do an intake pipe from the standard turbo to the standard air box with no AFM?

17-07-10, 16:18

just some of mr vls work

20-07-10, 00:25
I was wondering can you PM me a price on a radiator & fuse box cover. Also does the fuse box cover clip on?

21-07-10, 14:17
With those airboxes, are you able to make them so that they sit further forward, and shaped so they fit in the corner more?

And would you be able to ship to NZ?


26-07-10, 10:04
Cheers bud, I just thought it would look nicer if it was tucked right up against the front of the support panel, so the gap is a lot less, but looking closely at the pic up there ^ I can see that its already very close to the corner. They still look mint tho :) I will get into contact with you more towards the end of the year, when my finances are (hopefully) better :P


26-07-10, 20:52
Free bump for the brushed gauge holder.

---------- Post added 26-07-10 at 20:53 ----------

P.S - I was err venting my boost gauge with my mouth to get the needle back and that's why the fluid is a little low. Didn't expect it to come out that hole lol.

06-08-10, 16:50
Received my radiator cover & fuse box cover today. Quick postage, excellent quality, package well & mirror finish. Very very happy.

08-08-10, 15:13
can u post a pic of ur radiator and fuse box cover please mate??
and do u sell strut tower covers?? and still do ur heat sheilds mate??

24-09-10, 19:47
pm sent about gauge holder

29-09-10, 08:32
hey bud where abouts are you located ?

29-09-10, 10:45
Huge thanks to the Brightline crew for generously supporting Street Commodores Cruise for Charity.

29-09-10, 14:15
pm sent :)

29-09-10, 16:26
I can vouch for the welding job of my seats. They do not budge, shake or rattle one bit. Very happy with the work done

Here are some better pictures of it. _n.jpg

Wouldn't mind a PM for how much fitting the fronts cost. I got 2 vt ss seats sitting at home, tossing up the idea of throwing them in, but the rails confuse the hell outta me.

Do you do the trimming too?

29-09-10, 16:33
The front needs the vl rails to be welded on as the vt rails dont line up with the holes on the vl and the trimming was done by Art Trim

Heres a photo of the radiator cover on mine... looks hot to trot... and also some free advertising for Brightline on my daily sh1tter _n.jpg n.jpg

29-09-10, 17:10
The front needs the vl rails to be welded on as the vt rails dont line up with the holes on the vl and the trimming was done by Art Trim

That explains why I stared at them for a whole day trying to work it out.

Well, then I guess I really want that pm now

Patch, your car is turning into rolling sex

29-09-10, 23:33
Hey mate im after one of them sick!! heat shields!. but with my setup i have a waste gate in place, would u be able to make a hole in it and customize it for my setup. This is my setup at the moment

30-09-10, 15:12
Patch, your car is turning into rolling sex

I (L) you Robbo

30-09-10, 22:48
Thanks for the mension Liam, it was my pleasure helping out Street Commodores and Cruise for Charity, I'm sure Brightline will have something to do with C4C again in 2011.

Thanks for the plug Patch :-) the radiator shroud and sticker looks great!

KING3L- I have fitted up many late model commodore seats into VL's, you are looking at around $350 (drive in, drive out fitted.) other aftermaterket seats like recaros etc are the same, however fitting some seats like WRX seats into a VL (yes i know its looked down upon, and it's not my first choice of seat) are a little bit more as there is a lot more time involved in modifying the seats and and the VL rails to make it all fit correctly.

RB30ET - I have sold a few heatsheilds to guys that are running aftermarket external wastegates, all you have to do is holesaw the sheild to suit the size/positioning of your gate once you get it.

12-10-10, 11:49
hey bud is there much of a wait on the products? im picking my car up in two weeks from melb and will def be fitting most of your gear to it, just wondering if i should order now or not? thanks mate, p.s where are you located ? im in the shire, thanks again.

14-10-10, 17:57

polished 2 5/8 gauge holder, very happy with it thanks heaps mate.

21-10-10, 16:17
Genuine red manual console insert... /drool

21-10-10, 23:04
im guessing you know how hard it was for me to find one then lol

18-11-10, 11:19
Ordered my heat shield and radiator trim yesterday, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh

22-11-10, 11:06
Received my radiator trim and heat shield. And is very mint! looking forward to putting them on the car now. Ill upload some pics of this all installed asap.

P.S Jeremy I'm still waiting for u to make up some strut tower caps!! :)

22-11-10, 12:39
how much for the air box plus the pipe to suit standard turbo??

25-11-10, 22:55
Pm sent

13-12-10, 21:40
Jeremy could you do the heat sheild for a ca18det manifold??

Ifso I'd take one, I could also supply the exhaust manifold for you to test.

04-03-11, 22:07
Got my gauge holder in the mail the other day, will get pics up as soon as my gauges arrive, Thanks Jeremy.

Here we go gauges arrived the other day, test fitted nothing hooked up yet

05-03-11, 17:24
hey mate do you make the exhaust heat shields to suit rb25's with all standard gear?'
cheers, mark

04-07-11, 17:10
hey champ i've got a plasmaman intercooler kit but it goes through the body work, what im asking is coud you give me a rough price on getting a no holes pipe from standard plenum to cooler like in your photos thanks.
02-10-11, 21:04
do you still make the air box in brushed and $ to tas

07-10-11, 10:39
hey mate been trying to contact you made no reply or fone calls answerd


07-10-11, 17:18
do you make intake pipes to suit standard airbox? 3" from low mounted turbo

07-10-11, 23:18
bump, pm sent

25-10-11, 18:31
PM Sent - No response????

25-10-11, 18:40
He has his mobile number on the first page, probably best to give him a call if he's not replying to pm's.

Big Lee
22-11-11, 10:07
Could I get a price for the undercar surge tank delivered to Adelaide 5014? Thank you.

15-03-12, 16:44
hey mate sent you a pm a while back but no reply or maybe it didnt go thru? anyways how much for a polished airbox and lid to suit 4" intake/pod no afm sent to 6163 WA thanks josh

19-03-12, 07:49
Riteo mate I'll put in an order for the airbox then can u pm me payment details
Cheers josh

16-05-12, 08:54
pm sent

06-07-12, 18:12
I'm excited to see the intercooler kits! Have You got a rough idea on price? What diameter pipe are you going to use, intercooler dimensions etc.?


07-07-12, 02:01
No holes cooler kit sounds great, will be waiting for the update on it :)

13-07-12, 15:02
Big Lee - Undercar surg tank $259 plus $15 standard postage to adelaide

JoshVLT - Airbox $210, add $60 for polishing and $60 for lid ($330) plus postage to WA $25

Mr_VL -> is this for the twin pump undercar surge tank?

17-07-12, 20:52
Mate i was just wondering wether u could send me the specs and or dimensions of the Airbox to see if it will fit properly reason being is I have a couple of bits and prices in the same area as the Airbox

10-08-12, 01:10
Are the prices on the heat sheild and chrome radiator top still the same? I ask because the price was posted over 1 year ago.
Thanks, Mus*

29-08-12, 21:49
sent you a pm mate

08-09-12, 16:54
Hi .... would the heat shield fit on a standard 6 cyl non turbo Calais ? If so what would the cost be for a heat shield and a fuse box posted to Lalor in Vic . Cheers

19-09-12, 11:38
Pm sent

29-09-12, 22:21
Hi there mate I'm after a Radiator Cover Trim how do I go buy getting one off u thanks

22-10-12, 12:45
Hey mate are you able to make up a polished radiator cover trim for my custom radiator pictured below.

Also may be interested in a cover made up to cover the channel where the windscreen wiper motors etc are in black. Give us a price on one of those if your up to the challenge

Also after some polished plates to stick to the underside of the bonnet in all the cut outs between the double skin... once again give me a price on these if your up to the challenge :)

15-11-12, 20:03
Did you get my PM mate?

16-01-13, 18:08
Hey mate, just wondering how you were getting on with the no holes intercooler kits? Was also wondering how much the piping alone would be?

21-01-13, 17:11
^^^^^^-------yeah some more info?

21-01-13, 19:53
Are those air boxes on the first page legal and still available ? I'd like to get one made but to suit an ls1 . Can you do this ?

16-02-13, 15:37
Hey. Is it possible to get measurements and dimensions of the airbox? I just need to make sure it's going to clear my intercooler piping.

22-05-13, 21:54
]i have all these on my car heat sheild air box radiortor cover fuse box cover will attach photo for you guys

27-05-13, 08:37
Pm sent!

27-08-13, 16:27
received my air box and gauge surround, work is top class great guy and NO HASSLE service thanks again Jeremy,

22-03-14, 19:15
Has anyone heard from jamie as ive tried a few times and cant get a hold of him

---------- Post added 22-03-14 at 20:16 ----------

Jeremy sorry

27-03-14, 19:18

27-03-14, 19:25
Best to call him mate hes a busy man

28-03-14, 09:27
yeah ive been trying but no answer and no replys

04-04-14, 19:13
Still cant get onto him anyone been able to?

05-04-14, 09:27
Add him on the book of faces. He's on that regularly.

Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk

05-04-14, 10:01
Dont have the face of book but had a mate try for me and still nothing

05-04-14, 14:57
I've got him on facebook mate... ill tell him to jump on here :)

05-04-14, 15:54
Thank you

13-10-14, 20:05
is brightline still around?

27-04-17, 23:29
Are these products still available? Is brightline still going?

02-05-17, 16:48