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25-09-02, 21:51
Calling on everyones experience here.....

Whats the best sized swaybars to get (front and back) for a VL?
Is bigger better? I'm sick of the boating around the VL does :D

26-09-02, 00:46
depending on which one you get bigger it will make more oversteer or understeer right? so if you just put fat ass big old sway bars on both front and back does you car handle like a go kart? actually just wondering for my gtr in gran turismo 3 :D

26-09-02, 00:56
Get a fat one in the front... and a smaller or stock one in the back

26-09-02, 07:45
30mm whiteline adjustable is the best front 'off the shelf' bar IMO. piss the std urethane links off, and get some rod end links and set it to max.
On the road you dont want too much neg camber (1.5 degrees max) so by using the biggest front bar you can get you will be minimising the body roll, therefore you wont need any more camber than 1.5 degrees.

As for the rear, if your diff is an open wheeler, i would use the std bar, if you have a LSD or a Minispool, use a slightly bigger than std bar.
This is assuming that your spring rates are std or near std.
you can alter the handling balance of the car by changing the rear bar.

26-09-02, 11:27
Hey... i was sorta right :D