View Full Version : Spark Plug Leads

Boost It Up
25-09-02, 11:26
What do u guys use or reccomend :?:

25-09-02, 12:59
I used to use Eagle 9mm leads... i got them from Hardcore Racing & Components down at Slacks Creek in Brisbane.

But 9mm leads seem to be common now.

25-09-02, 13:41
Any brand, as long as they are spiral wound and suppressed. (dont get carbon....will only last a few months)
Top Gun are a good price, thats what I run. the US brands tend to be quite expensive and you have to make most of them up out of a universal kit.

Red RB30 Jet
25-09-02, 17:37
"Magnecore" but a little too expensive but they are the better brand to chose from and are used by alot of racers.

Or a cheaper brand "Bosch" they are currently fitted to my car and doing alright, but next time I'm on the market for leads I will go the "Magnecore"s for sure. :D

Boost It Up
02-10-02, 16:22
;) ;) ;) Thanks everyone. ;) ;) ;)

02-10-02, 19:23
I use Top Gun myself and have done on all my cars. Never had a problem.

Careful handling of them and any other lead is important to prolong the life of them.

03-10-02, 09:49
I use Top Gun 10mm leads.

Very happy with them ;)