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Jet Pilot
16-09-02, 23:46
Hey guys,
i know this is probably one of the stupidest little things to be annoyin someone... but my drivers passenger door wont stay open by itself... all other doors do... i know it'd be something similar like the little barrel/pin lookin thing in the door hinge??? but yeah wondering how u fix it etc.. if u have had a similar prob or know how to go about it....
cheers fellas

17-09-02, 07:08
Both my front doors have always closed by themselves, pain in the tit when you are trying to extrude yourself out of a race seat and over the rollcage side intrusion bars. :?

Jet Pilot
17-09-02, 09:02
lol HSVSUX... man that'd piss u off.. all im worried about is the bitch stayin open when u go to put stuff in the car etc...
i know its little, but hell annoyin ;)

17-09-02, 09:18
I used to have this same problem in both doors I fixed the drivers door, but I dont give a **** about the passengers door :D

(I dont know how much sense this is going to make cause I dont think I described it very well)

On my car all it was, was the "bar" looking thing that slided in and out of the door, inside the door, that bar thing, bolts back into the inside of the door with 2 screw, it is a real ******* to do, but that is all that was wrong with mine.

The only thing is that once you reconect it, your door doesn't open as far, You might find it even more HSVSUX cause there will be less room to squeeze out of.

I hope this make some sort of sense
Good Luck

17-09-02, 11:50
both my vl's had this problem with the front doors. was pretty annoying sometimes but never got around to fixing it.

17-09-02, 12:48
only my drivers door does it. the spring latches in the arm that goes to the door are the cause - they get weak with use. I think u can get in and adjust it, but i never got around to it.

The reason for that is cos 2 weeks ago it seized open and wouldn't close in the middle of some big Morley carpark in the wet. I had to get out and slam it so hard the metal brace holding the arm on was pushed back into the bodywork. I threw myself at it again to close the bitch, and heard a 'bang', after further inspection i snapped that whole metal brace in half. Problem solvered. now it closes fine, but it still flops freely in the breeze, and i don't like the chances of fixing it now!

17-09-02, 14:25
hey guys,

i hav this problem too...yes in that little flat guide thing and i don't know how to fix it, also my passenger side door makes a cracking.clunk noise when opened...havn't bothered to fix that either!!!

Girl Torque
17-09-02, 14:45
Well the same haapens to our SLE's passenger door (my VL's fine though- LOL) - think I'll look into the 2 screw thingo )

19-09-02, 00:23
:D rob the same thing happened to my car. door wouldnt close but i pushed it so it wasnt too far open then drove to the panel beater roudn the corner with my gf holding the door 8O he just ripped that lil bar out completely, problem solvered

20-09-02, 21:03

i have the same problem with my VL drivers door not staying open... it used to stay open, until one day i opened it and i heard a noise.. ever since then it wont stay open.. makes it really hard to get out of the car sometimes if your cars on an angle and ur hands are full !! hehehe

im not sure how to fix it, but it seems its a common problem by the replies. a mate of mine said to fix it you needed to take the door off... im not sure how true it is, and haven't got around to fixing it yet

good luck with it

21-09-02, 01:00
talking the doors off, is a bitch of a job :)

anyway i have this problem with my drivers door, its cool sometimes if ur on a hill the door closes itself, but on a down point, its slamed my legs in it lots

24-09-02, 08:39
yeah its the little bar thing that stops them staying open. Its called a check strap and they are about $40 new from holden.

08-11-02, 20:12
does anyone know how to fix the drivers side door sag. It has fallen down at the back on basically all the vl's i've seen. When you close it it hits the frame and takes chunks out. If you know what i mean please help.

09-11-02, 00:49
yea my 2 front doors never used to stay open, but i took em off when i was installing my electric windows and now they stay i guess its got something to do with the pins in the hinges or the little pin that u hit up to take out.

09-11-02, 14:56
Same thing happened to mine, the door was opened and it went 'crack'. I took the door trim off and found that a piece of metal shaped like a flat "O" had snapped in half. Not sure what it takes to fix it :?: