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04-01-04, 16:08
I am building a 1988 VL Calais, factory V8 with leather, air con, 4 wheel disc etc. Bought the car in "stock" condition except for yella terra heads, headers and big bore. Am in the process of fitting a Walkinshaw kit, that is the "genuine" one with multi-piece side skirts etc. Would appreciate any comments from people who have been through the same transformation.

(1) Any pictures of the underside of the bonnet? Have cut out the front to suit the vent, but do not know what is cut out further back to suit the fuel injection (mine will remain carby).

(2) My rear bumper is two-piece. The lower skirt does not fit on the left-hand side - it hits the bottom of the spare wheel well by about 4cm. The bumper is definitely in the right place. Anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?

(3) Is the correct positioning of the moulds on the doors, flush with the bottom of the doors?

Cheers - Scott

07-01-04, 10:34
Best way to find this out is to get a copy of the VL SS Group A Service manual - Vol 9.

It has all the dimensions for the bonnet scoop holes, and how to fit the door moulds, bumpers etc....

They go on ebay pretty often so try there...

Hope that helps


09-01-04, 00:43
1- You wont need to bother cutting any further back if remaining carby. It it fitted under a standard bonnet before it will still do it now.

2- I assume you are talking about the bottom flat section. Dont be afraid to cut a bit of it out. Or smack you tire well up.

3- Flush wish the bottom of the doors. Make sure you put your side skirts on first so you have something to line up to.