View Full Version : how do i clean/polish under the bonet?

10-09-02, 16:39
what do i use to clean the exterior of the engine and other metallic bits under the hood?
ie: to make it shiny and new looking like this
because mine is all dirty :(

10-09-02, 17:27
Steam cleaning is the go i've heard, but I suggest you cover up everything and anything liable to be damaged by water.

I can never be bothered, kind of sucks when your on a cruise and everyone pops their bonnets to reveal the beutiful shiny engine and sparkling bits... and then I pop mine, and quickly remove the cobwebs and try not to look at the 3 inch think build up on the battery terminals ;) will teach me not to be so lazy next time, heh

10-09-02, 22:33
best to do it carefully or leave it alone, If I had a dollar for every electrical problem I have had I'd be rich, vls are old and prone to rottoing looms, I wouldnt dare hosing or steam cleaning mine :D

11-09-02, 13:40
With mine i just used a wet rag with a bit of degreaser on it and wiped everything down. That way i didn't get all the electricals wet. Brought it up a fair bit better than when i got the car but i still wouldn't eat off it. It just depends how much time you want to spend on it. :P

11-09-02, 13:49
With the polishing use a very fine grit wet and dry to smooth off the surfaces. Autosol is what i used to polish the metal after rubbing it down.

11-09-02, 14:52
i love my autosol

11-09-02, 16:30
If u wanna just tidy it up so it looks respectable, my advice is to get a few cans of degreaser and a couple of rags.

Start by removing things in the engine bay that are hard to clean around.. things such as your battery, airbox and intake piping and other little bits that might be in the way. Spray over all the dirty surfaces with the can, avoiding important electrical connections. Once you've soaked everything.. go over it with rags... keep goin until u finish with a rag that has hardly anything on it...

If you are keen for the polished rocker cover look, as seen in Marks photo, all you have to do is take it off.. use some sellys 'quick strip' to remove the silver paint.. then get into it with a rag and a tube of autosol ($9.95) at most car joints.

You can paint the top of your radiator with new paint if ur after the whole clean glossy look, and a bottle of armoral (spelling?) goes good on plastic parts and hoses.

If you have the time, u might also want to paint ur radiator overflow bottle and ur window washer bottle.

goodluck bro !