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04-09-02, 18:12
This is from the latest Zoom mag :D , hope u can read it.

04-09-02, 18:57
haha i cant see the article but lauching a jatco on 20psi + boost haha NO THANKS

Red RB30 Jet
04-09-02, 21:30
Yeh Hugo was telling me about the development of the 3 speed Jatco when he was building my 4 speed Jatco, He did say it will break with alot of power in front of it as they are a fairly weak auto and really should not be boosted past 15psi as the internals can't cope with the power, and it does'nt matter who builds it or what "bull****" they try and tell you has been done internally to strenghten it.
If you are serious about raceing don't waste your money on a Jatco go straight to a Tri-matic or Powerglide, Trust me do it once do it right and don't waste your money like me haveing been through 3
Jatco's in the long run the money I spent I could have done a drive in and drive out "Race-Matic" at Raceglide's.
But as the ad states it is aimed at a mild streeter ie.Stocker produceing good power. 8)

04-09-02, 23:48
isnt HSVSUX proof that jatcos can handle decent power outputs, remember readin that he has done something like 400 laps of his local race track with his modified jatco, obviously trimatics can be made stonger but jatco may be up to for some, especially if you want a 4th gear for cruising

05-09-02, 07:32
You would think that circuit racing a Jatco @ 19-20PSI for 5 years would destroy it really quick, but it just keeps going, the fact that I dont generally sit the car against the brake trying to do a hard launch all the time (ie drags) is probably the difference and I never use 4th. I do take it down the strip, but only about once a year. also I always adjust the bands and run synthetic fluid (change it often)