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04-09-02, 17:34
Ive succesfully installed a Calais middle light into my exec, but am having difficulty figuring out exactly where the rear light fittings are mounted. Ive removed the ceiling lining in the approximate area that I think they are located (above the middle triangle window) but cant find any sort of cutout in the body. Does anyone know if these rear lights are simply held in place by the ceiling material - or is there something Im missing? Any pics people might have that show the position would be of a great help also.
Thanks in advance.

04-09-02, 17:50
dude in the normal cars there is not a spot for theme what you have to do is get a peace of sheet metal 3'' by 2'' apoxx then cut a hole in it with tin snips pot rivert theme to the roof not the top of the roof but the rail under the lineing then push lights in to theme :D if you have to much trouble understanding what i mean then let me now have dig cam will take pics so you can see what i mean cheers :D :D

04-09-02, 18:05
Hi, I dont run any hood lining (fire hazard) so you can see what the scoop is. hope it helps.

04-09-02, 18:16
Thanks guys!

HSVSUX: your pics tell me exactly what I needed to know. Looks like Execs dont have the extra mounting at all. Your car looks pretty wicked from the inside dood... is it street legal with all the roll bars etc? Have you produced any good material with that cam?

04-09-02, 18:31
Fully streetable ;) Footage is not too bad, tells me what I do wrong .......... or sometimes right at the track.