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29-08-02, 23:27
Hi, ive just replaced my distributor cos my CAS was stuffed in the old one. Only thing, my car idles really low and conks out when i start it. I didnt mark where the distributor is sposed to sit exactly so im guessing my timing is out. Can anyone tell me how to get it right??

I have an N/A btw...

Cheers guys


29-08-02, 23:35
Hey Ryan,

You replaced the whole dissy just for the CAS?

Anyway just grab a timing light, and a Max Ellery's manual. It should tell you exactly where to time it.

If its dying out still after that, check the air flow meter connections.

30-08-02, 09:09
Standard is 15deg...

Just grab a timing light as suggested, easy peasy.

30-08-02, 11:01
Yeah well some guy was selling the dissy in the quokka for $70, nobody wants to just sell you the CAS.

Damn i dont have a timing light :(

Anyone around north perth wanna do it for me for a bit of money or a few beers or somethin?


30-08-02, 17:54
Sounds like your a tooth out with the dizzy.

Find top dead centre and with the dizzy cap off make sure that the rotor in the dizzy is pointing in the middle of the no 1 lead. if it isnt then your dizzy isn't in right. Adjust it until it is..

The car should just crank into life when you start it. Then you will need a timing light to get it to 15 degrees.

If ya can't get it to work, give me a call and I'll come past and have a loook for ya. In in morley.


02-09-02, 13:28
cheers mate i really appreciate the offer. I ended up getting my mechanic to do it, only cost $30 cos i got a free tow there from the RAC, so its all sweet, but i really appreciate the offer...this board is awesome everyones real happy to help out each other.