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29-08-02, 15:10
Anyone know how to or tried to replace the electric aerial in the calais??

anyone know prices on new aerials??

29-08-02, 15:41
peice of piss, it under wheel arch, just turn wheels to allow room to move,
any fully auto aerial can be wired in and be made to work with dash up/down button, try autobarn/supercheap, usually around $120.

29-08-02, 18:03

I recently installed an aftermarket one to my N/A VL. Quiet easy to install actually. I dont have a switch to control it as it runs of the cd player, goes up when its on and down when its off. One mod i did to it was wrap the motor unit with an insulation material my mate had as it was wee bit loud going up and down for my liking, now i cant hear it at all. All up took about 1 hour to fit. Cost $95 from Autobarn. Now no bugger can snap my aerial off like the last 3 times. :)

29-08-02, 18:44
fair enough...
thanks for the reply's...
i will try my luck on the weekend :)

29-08-02, 19:57
Much as I've tried, I can't get the switch on the dash to work with the electric aerials.... any hints?

29-08-02, 21:25
did you wire it up to the control module, little black box above your ecu ?
the wires from the aerial connect to that. The aerial wire on your head unit is connected to the aerial wire in the radio harness which goes to the control unit. The dash switches tell the control unit what to do.
There is also an inline fuse for the control unit (red plastic thing) located just near it which can stop the aerial working but it will stop it completely.
If you connected the aerial straight to the head unit then it will just turn on and off with the head unit
umm hope this helps

30-10-02, 19:46
i have the same problem, can't get the dash switch to work. I wired the aeriel up to the control module but it still doesn't work. When i connect a multimeter to the aerial output you can hear the relay switch with the dash switches but if i connect the aeriel there is nothing. Any help would be good. Thanx

P.S. what is the voltage that is meant to go to the aerial?

30-10-02, 20:56
Does the HU wire have to be connected to make the ariel work. My switch works but the damn thing goes up then down again. I havent bothered connecting the HU wire, but i been told that when this 'black box' is shagged, this is what it does.

30-10-02, 23:09
you need the head deck connected or the aerial will just drop, same as what happens on mine if I raise it with stereo off.

01-11-02, 19:45
as i said above i connected the aerial and it doesn't work at all! The aerial definantly worsk normally but when i connect it to the control module it doesn't do anything. Please Help.

P.S Whats with all the relays, there is an electric aerial relay in the fuse box and another one in the control module?

02-11-02, 00:13
not too sure, just replaced mine wher it sat , didnt mess with anything else

02-11-02, 17:26
Does this control module come with the aerial you purchase?

02-11-02, 19:53
no it doesn't, you will only have a control module if you have a car that was fitted with a factory aerial ie. berlina and calais. Otherwise just connect the aerial straight to the head unit so it goes up when its on and down when its off, simple.

03-11-02, 22:49
But i want the eleet button to make my aerial go up and down :(

04-11-02, 14:07
But i want the eleet button to make my aerial go up and down :(
if you want the button on the dash you will also need the dash harness from a Berlina/calais and the control module.

04-11-02, 16:49
But i want the eleet button to make my aerial go up and down :(

Some aftermarket head units have this feature built in I think.

04-11-02, 19:30
Just about to buy one on the weekend ( fully automatic one ), my car is an exec. but i'm sure it will work because it comes with a switch to put it up and down that you just have to put in the dash somewhere. Maybe theres different models that have switches... just my 2 cents, cheers.

04-11-02, 23:07
K here's the deal-
My aerial doesn't go up or down if my radio is on/off.
My switch deosn't work.

How do I tell which one is stuffed?
Its' a calais.


07-11-02, 13:59
Check the earthing wire of your antenna underneath the guard...