View Full Version : Big Brakes. 330x32mm discs, 4 spot calipers

17-07-07, 09:48
I have some new brakes coming my way so I think I need to sell my front brakes off my VH. :(
This conversion hasn't even been driven on yet! Less than half the price of AP/Brembo/Alcon set up.

New RDA48 330x32mm floating discs
- Slight marks on them from sitting outside on the car and not being used

Nissan R32 GTR 4 piston alloy calipers
- Fully sand blasted, painted black/clear coat, new seal kits fitted.

DB1170 Race Brakes performance pads
- Designed for street use and very low dust

Laser cut steel adaptor brackets
- Gold zinc coated, silver zinc coated 12.9 grade bolts, all washers, new banjo bolts/copper washers. These are made so the pad does not overhang the disc.

Needs 17" rims for clearance, some 16" deep dish rims might fit eg. Simmons.
Uses standard hoses on VB-VS models (may fit VT hoses too?)
Uses standard master cylinder (1" recommended)

Will fit:

VR-VS (with hub adaptor sleeve)

VB-VP (with 'VT style' adaptor hubs)


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