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20-08-02, 04:18
Now i did try seacrching 4 this but got tired so dont cut sic n e 1,

Just a simple question really

How much for an auto turbo to be converted to a manual turbo
by someone who knows x-actly what there doing

And if any1 can refer me to a good place for the job

Also, depending on the knowledge of you ppl, does anyone know how much it would cost for the same but a 6 speed conversion

Sorry i couldnt find it.... any help appreciated :twisted:

23-08-02, 16:23
gday mate, i had my vl calais turbo converted from an auto to a manual just last week. it cost me $1200 to buy all the bits (mx7, flywheel pressure plate, clutch plate, spigeot bearing, slave and master cylinder, tailshaft, bellhousing, rear crossmember, pedal assembly, etc) and cost me just under $600 to install by a proffessional. i brought all the gear 2nd hand. it worked out cheaper than an auto rebuild. and alot more fun too.