View Full Version : umm group A body kits?

17-08-02, 10:32
how do you find one to purchase?
i have no idea.

17-08-02, 14:23
Not sure if this is in the right section, but the obvious thing would to be to try the Trading Post??

They usually have some ok stuff. Then you could look somewhere like Sydney Special Vehicles, but they're rip-offs apparently:

Finally maybe look in the phone book for car styling or a 'beaters might know.

17-08-02, 18:31
thx for the site
front spoiler = $350
is that expensive? or around the mark

19-08-02, 17:36
There was a guy selling one on the fullboost forums the other week. Full Group A kit (minus scoop) for $350 i think, but you had to trade him your front and rear bumpers as part of the deal.

Look at the fullboost forums ( in the for sale section, and it might still be there...long shot though. he was in geelong.

23-08-02, 17:13
I've been looking for the kit too

This is the cheapest i've found on the web anyway: