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22-04-07, 21:36
hey im lookin at gettin a kit very soon but tryin not to blow the budget, im pretty hands on with my car and was thinkin bout fittin the full kit myself. just wonderin if anyone on here has done it before? is it a 2 person job? did they have any problems? any advise you could give would b appreciated? thank guys

22-04-07, 21:45
test fit before you spray.. best advice i can give :p

1 person can do it, but it's easier with 2 for some parts..

22-04-07, 21:55
thanks mate thatl help...
oh yeah n what tools will i need?

22-04-07, 22:34
lots :p

your going to have to just see what you need to do when fitting it the first time.. take your time and ask questions as you go along..

Where are you getting the kit from?

And are you going to stick them on the doors (like the calais or LE stuff) or use the bolts method from Aero's/Directors?

Not sure how they go on original walky's but i'm assuming they are bolted on (the outer door parts)..

22-04-07, 22:39
hmmmm well id prefer to bolt them i spose... ill have to see how i go, ive found a few places that do em soo ill just see who will go the cheapest best i got so far was $2500 some joint in syd at ryde found in the tradin post i think it was

22-04-07, 22:44
watch out with the cheaper kits.. sometimes they make them too thin.. and they tend to warp to easily.. especially in the hot oven or on really hot days..

Make sure they are a nice solid thickness, and ask if they can make the edges a bit bigger so you can grind to fit :p


23-04-07, 14:15
There is a BIG difference between original walky kits and copies.

If your fitting an original kit, get the Holden VL service manual, vol 9, as it tells you how the kit bolts on.

If an aftermarket kit... It will be trial and error. They are very rough, and will need lots of sanding down, to make them fit nicely.

Good luck!

23-04-07, 17:35
At work i fitted a vl director body kit took 2 weeks to make it fit. That included taking and adding fiberglass in every panel of the body kit. From memory it was a 21 piece kit. I will never do it again what a nightmare!

23-04-07, 18:08
Dont put a walky kit on your car!

it looks so nice already!

23-04-07, 21:01
Dont put a walky kit on your car!

it looks so nice already!

hahah na im askin for my mate, he has the pink one GF 00 RC thanks for the help but guys