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12-08-02, 14:58
Anyone put a converted 9" into their VL's?
How much did it cost you?
did you loose any power?
Do you think it was worth it?
Thanx for any replys

12-08-02, 15:16
Hey, The 9" will eat a little power but are VERY strong diff's.

Berlina_Turbo has one in his VLT he is the man to speak to about it.


12-08-02, 16:01
I don't really think you need one in a vlt...

The borg warner's in them are very strong... and u'd have to have alot of power to justify fitting one....

That's just my opinion tho...

How many rwkw do u have?

Whitemajic's right tho, they are VERY strong :P

12-08-02, 16:45
i did have a single wheeler in my turbo but it got very very noisy so i got a 9' put in with 3.89 gears it cost $1800 fitted. it did lose a little power but it went so much harder bcause of the ratio i didnt notice it

its probly a bit of overkill but at least it wont break :D

12-08-02, 16:49
are the 9" LSD? Are all 9" LSD???

Whats the best LSD to come into on a n/a with the usual mods?!

12-08-02, 17:25
I dont know exactly how many Rwk I got a the moment somewhere between 150-200 but Im aiming for bout 350rwkw eventually but that wont be for a while, do u think that it is worth strengthining the VL turbo diff or just going for the 9"?

12-08-02, 17:46
When i got mine done it cost $2500 fully fitted with 3.55's and lsd. So far no problems. The reason i chose to go for the nine inch was that there are stronger parts available if i decide to get a bit silly with the motor.

But the diff guy did say that for what i had done to my car at the time the std diff could cope quite well.

12-08-02, 19:19
vlts are running 9s on std diffs.

Red RB30 Jet
12-08-02, 19:56
A Ford 9 inch diff is not required on a VL Turbo, the standard Borg Warner diff can cope with the power and the 28 spline axels are damned strong, the only reason you would go a 9 inch is the ease of changeing ratio's.

VL's generally don't break diffs as they don't produce instant torque like some of the high horsepower V8's.

Also a engineer's report is required if a 9 inch has replaced the factory diff. And the TMU Police know what a 9 inch looks like.

Me I'd stick with the Borg Warner, I don't like the weight of the 9 inch ever changed a 9 inch centre by yourself, they are very heavy.

15-08-02, 02:14
the 9 inch comes from back in the day when the whole muscle wars started in america - they built their powerful V8s pretty quick but it kept munchin up the drivelines - every part in their bins was way too weak. So they went to see their truck people and voila - we have the 9 inch and 4 speed TopLoader which now are still extremely tuff pieces of equipment.

It's also why they're kinda heavy: they're old and used to be under trucks :)

15-08-02, 09:56
I would stick to the B/W diff if I was you, 9" diffs are good (31 spline is very strong and ratio choice is insaine 2.5 - 7.0), but you will go slower because of extra weight and less efficiency. unless you are poking out 600+HP don't bother.

15-08-02, 12:44
I think I'll stay with the turbo diff, Im gonna try a minispool center see how that goes, I think only trying it myself is the only way, some people love 9"s some love the borg warner.

15-08-02, 17:52
matt (PSI-03L) is running the standard diff but with 3.91:1 gears. the car is putting out well over 350rwkw and it handles the power well.