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  2. New Sponsor - D.Vinci Computers
  3. Added bextor84's VL to the Other VL's section
  4. Added TroyVK's Twin Cam VL - EXP19 - to the VL Turbos Section
  5. Message Board Upgrade
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  7. Added Anarchy's Calais Turbo to the VL Turbos section
  8. Added [.nugget.]'s old man's supercharged VS GTS stroker to the Other Cars section
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  10. Possible Problem with Registering
  11. Added MickNQ's Calais Turbo to the VL Turbos Section
  12. Added VL25T's RB25DET VL to the VL Turbos Section
  13. Away for a week
  14. Added VL3LtrCalais's Converted calais to the VL Turbos section
  15. Added KILLAB's VX Supercharged Calais to the Other Readers Rides section
  16. Added 87VLT's Calais turbo to the VL Turbos section
  17. Moved JET-88C to the Insane Section!
  18. Added VLRB20DET's Technical Article on How to install a RB20DET into a VL
  19. Added coastvl's Technical Article on An Easy guide to Cold Air Induction.
  20. Added SirGeo's Technical Article on Lipping your guards
  21. Added EVLGURL's VL to the Other VL's section
  22. Added StockyMcStock's VL to the Other VLs Section
  23. Added creppervl's Technical Article on Changing your Diff Oil
  24. Attn: iPrimus Users
  25. Added Paul's Gas Research Calais to the Insane Section!
  26. Spoofed email coming from
  27. Added Boostedcal's calais turbo to the VL Turbo section
  28. Added 87VLT's 180SX to the Other Cars Section
  29. New Sponsor! - BiggerBrakes
  30. Outta Town Until Tuesday
  31. New Cars and Technical Articles
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  33. Attachments Turned On
  34. New Cars & Technical Articles
  35. Added RYNO's Turbo Wagon to readers rides
  36. Added speedracervl Series 2 Calais Turbo
  37. Added koOkie's VL Turbo Wagon 5sp
  38. Added JR84VK5L 5L VK Calais
  39. Added Loud'nLow's 1987 S2 NA VL Calais.
  40. Added calais2LT's "Vlrb20det Series II Calais"
  41. Added RB30-POWER's VL Calais Turbo Series II
  42. Added instinct's VL CALAIS 5L
  43. Added new sub-forum for the official car
  44. Added DioXidE's VK
  45. Added Tech Article "Easier Install for Central Locking" by Morgz85
  46. Added "bLoWdRy_vL"'s white vlt bt1
  47. Added New sponsor - AATEC OFFICE SUPPLIES ONLINE
  48. Added New sponsor - RACESPEC
  49. Added "osk's" "DFECTV" Calais (In Progress)
  50. Added "VLTWhite1's" "Complete Option/Paint/Accessory Code List for VL Commodores"
  51. Added "Dave G"'s "Double-coil Rear" thread
  52. Added 'calais2LT's NA Maroon Vl SL with 18s
  53. Added 'SPLIT's 1964 EH sedan
  54. Added 'DEVL25's RB25DET VL Calais
  55. Added [HITUR.G]'s 1988 VL Turbo
  56. Added Tech Article "Installing T-Piece Boost Controller." By "HYBRID VL"
  57. Added '5speed's VL to other VL's
  58. Added 'PReSTNBoY's in progress BT1
  59. Added "VLTXTC"s VL
  60. Added 2 new readers rides. phun & calais88
  61. Added "Building custom doorpods" by VL Commy
  62. Added "marks vl exec" by "Calais 902"
  63. Added "Exterior paint codes" by "jordy"
  64. Added halfhalf's "New Calais"
  65. Added ATMO_BT1's N/A BT1
  66. Added tech article FAQ's about Automatic Transmissions by transman
  67. Added a few new readers VL's
  68. Added Rubin's "HDT Calais Sport Turbo"
  69. Added Tach Article "Power Steering in a SL Guide" by BeeJay
  70. Added "white_vl_bt1"s Icebt.1
  71. Added "Fatty`s VLT BT1" to Readers Rides
  72. Added Basic guide to installing a XF TB to a RB30
  73. Added "Antho's Calais Turbo"
  74. Added a few new Readers rides.
  75. Added ATMO_BT1 and Cya:50L VLCT's
  76. Added ITG-05Z VLT BT1 and billboy84 project VL
  77. Added "Respraying Your VL Turbo Rocker Cover" By Antho
  78. Added a whole bunch of rides.
  79. Added "Removing the Calais lower door strips" By: Sixes350
  80. Added a few new readers VL's
  81. Added a few new rides.
  82. New Rides and Tech Article, and Stroker rebuild added
  83. New Readers Rides and Technical Articles added
  84. Added readers Rides.
  85. Added DASBLITZ - 88 NA Calais
  86. Added new readers rides
  87. New readers Rides and Tech articles Added 22/06/05
  88. Added new Tech Article "Basic guide to installing a JSPEC cooler kit."
  89. New Threads Added
  90. Added AVSTER'S vlct
  91. Readers Rides Added
  92. Added Readers Rides
  93. Readers Rides Added
  94. Technical Article Added
  95. New Tech and Reader ride articles added
  96. New Readers Rides Added
  97. New Readers Rides Added
  98. New Technical Article Added
  99. New Readers Rides Added
  100. Added Sickvl80 highly modified vlt
  101. Added Duz10's
  102. Added some Tech Articles
  103. New Rides and Technical Articles
  104. added readers rides
  105. added car in high performance section
  106. New Readers Rides Added
  107. New Readers rides Added
  108. A Few More Readers Rides Added
  109. New Readers Rides Added
  110. Added Tech Article
  111. readers rides added
  112. Readers Rides and Tech articles added.
  113. Added some new Readers Rides.
  114. Added Technical Article "Removel of Steering Column" by [T]Matty
  115. BOOSTN added as an Official Insane Car
  116. New Readers Rides added.
  117. Drag Racing CLASS Explination
  118. New Technical Articles and Readers Rides.
  119. Away for the week 01/10/2006 - 08/10/2006
  120. New Readers Rides Added
  121. More Readers Rides Added!
  122. New Readers Rides added.
  123. New Readers Rides Added & Tech Article
  124. 6 New Reader's Rides
  125. 6 More New Reader's Rides
  126. 7 New Readers Rides
  127. Bresciani Racing Advertising Thread Updated
  128. New Tech Article and 9 New Readers Rides
  129. 8 New Reader's Rides
  130. 2 New Tech articles added.
  131. 2 new readers rides
  132. New Readers Rides Added
  133. New Tech Article and Rides added.
  134. New Tech Article. Restoring Your HeadLights.
  135. New Readers Rides - 13th July 07
  136. New Tech Articles - 13th July 07
  137. 10x New Misc Readers Rides - 17th July 07
  138. 13x New Readers Rides - 20th Sept 07
  139. 14x New Misc Readers Rides - 4th Oct 07
  140. 9x New Readers Rides - 26th Nov 07
  141. 18x New Misc Readers Rides - 11th Jan 08
  142. 34x New Readers Rides, 2x New Tech Articles - 8th March 08
  143. 2 x new readers rides 14/03/08
  144. 31x New Misc Readers Rides , 1x New Tech Article - 9th June 08
  145. Changes to CT?
  146. New Tech articles added, and a heap of new reader rides!
  147. Forum Upgrade Possible Downtime This weekend. 13/03/2010
  148. Added 2 new Reader Rides.
  149. Scheduled Down Time 29/05/11 @8pm (EST) - Moving Server
  150. CT Sticker Special offer. 2 weeks only. Ends 26/07/12
  151. CT Stickers are BACK!.... as Promised and we have white!
  152. iTrader Rating issue fixed!
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